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«USER’S MANUAL MANUEL D’UTILISATION BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG GB Dear Customer, Thank you for choosing a Teuco whirlpool bath. The whirlpool, or water ...»

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Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing a Teuco whirlpool bath.

The whirlpool, or water massage, uses the combined action of water and air to offer pleasurable moments of relaxation

and well-being for mind and body.


GENERAL INFORMATION...................................................................3



INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE..................................................................6











This manual provides a guide for the safe use of your Teuco whirlpool bathtub. As such, it should be read through carefully and in its entirety before using the product.

This manual constitutes an integral part of the product and must be kept for future reference.

Teuco Guzzini Spa reserves the right to make such changes as are deemed appropriate without prior notice and without any obligation to update.

General Information GB


In short, a modern technique based on a principle as old as time itself: the mechanical capacity of water to benefit the organism. Many positive effects can be generated from a massage combining air and water, elements essential to our existence.


The Teuco water massage is a source of pleasant relaxation, a matchless medium for restoring vitality, well-being and joie-de-vivre.

The functional principles tending to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body have been researched and applied to the design of the Teuco whirlpool, studying the way people live their lives today, often under stress, and the need to have their spirits fully restored.

The Teuco whirlpool performs important functions in maintaining bodily harmony and beauty: relaxing the skin and strengthening its defences against hostile elements, toning the muscles.

It also has an optimum stimulating effect on blood circulation, metabolic activity and the lymphatic system, and is of help in the treatment of rheumatic conditions and trauma.

The massaging action of the water can be made still more effective by adding special Teuco essences: these are natural water-soluble extracts of aromatic and medicinal herbs supplied in bottles of 250 ml (5 measures), available from Teuco Dealers.

If a more localized treatment is desired, these essences can also be applied directly to the body, preferably using a horsehair mitten. They relax and moisturize the skin, stimulating cell renewal, creating a firmer tissue structure and helping the body to look slimmer from head to toe.


Teuco takes the greatest care over the materials used in its products, making technological improvements continuously both to the plastics utilized, and to details of construction. All tubs are fashioned from cast acrylic resin. The frame is steel, with antivibration mounts. Pipelines are of high strength material.

whirlpool bathtubs carry from Teuco have marking to state that they have been designed and built in compliance with the essential requirements of European Directives.

The safety of Teuco whirlpool systems is also certified officially by (Italian Quality Mark Institute) as being in compliance with the application of current European standards.



Given the relaxing and invigorating effects of a water massage, doubtless the best time to take a whirlpool bath is after sport or physical exercise, although not on a full stomach and never before food has been properly digested.

The temperature of the water needs to be around 37 °C to obtain maximum benefit from the massage.

In the case of new users, most especially, whirlpool sessions should be restricted to just a few minutes. Thereafter, the duration can be increased gradually to 15-20 minutes, but always subject to the user’s general physical fitness.


All Teuco whirlpool bathtubs are designed to offer unmatched quality, safety and hygiene.

Drainage system The reason for incorporating this technical feature is to ensure that any water left in the system after emptying the tub will be eliminated, avoiding the formation of lime scale and leaving the bath perfectly clean after use.

Semi-Automatic disinfection The whirlpool system can be disinfected automatically by activating a relative cycle from the electronic control panel;

this generates a flow of cleansing fluid that sterilizes the pump, the jets and the surface of the tub.

System shutoff In the event of the jets or suction valve being blocked by any part of the body or by an object in the bath, this safety system will deactivate the whirlpool immediately.

Level switch This device prevents the whirlpool system from starting up until the bath has filled to a minimum level.

–  –  –

To ensure the appliance is correctly installed, follow all the instructions in the accompanying installation manual with due care. Incorrect installation may result in injury to persons and animals or damage to property. The manufacturer declines any liability for injury or damage attributable to incorrect installation.

For proper use of the appliance, follow the instructions given in this manual. This appliance must be used only for the purpose for which it was designed. The manufacturer declines any liability for injury or damage attributable to improper use.

The use of this appliance is strictly for people. It is not intended for use by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or by persons with a lack of experience or knowledge, unless they are supervised or have been given instructions as to the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children must be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. In special cases (the elderly, people suffering with high blood pressure or heart problems, and pregnant women), always seek medical advice before using the product.

When using the whirlpool bath it is advisable to utilize the special essences made by Teuco; these are available at points of sale and from Teuco authorized service centres. It is important never to use bubble bath or other foamable toiletries when the whirlpool is in operation;

these can be added to a normal soaking bath, when the whirlpool is not in use.

Take care, with the whirlpool system in operation, that the suction valve is never obstructed by any object or part of the body, and in particular, keep hair well clear.

Do not block the air intake (on panelled versions, the space between the floor and the panel; on built-in versions, the vents of the inspection panel).

When not in use, isolate the whirlpool system from the electrical power supply at the thermal-magnetic RCD switch installed up-line of the appliance.

In the event of breakdown or malfunction occurring during the warranty period, contact a Teuco technician or approved service centre only.

The manufacturer declines any liability for damage or injury caused by appliances that have been tampered with or incorrectly repaired.

–  –  –

The disinfection function is activated using the control panel button backlit by the luminous yellow ring.

To ensure correct operation, use the cleansing liquid supplied by Teuco.

Run the disinfection cycle every time the whirlpool is used, and whenever the appliance is going to stand idle for any length of time.


–  –  –


Drain the bathtub if you do not want to run the disinfection cycle.

If you wish to use the whirlpool again, follow the steps described previously.

–  –  –

In the event of breakdown or malfunction (e.g. system fault, replacement of lamp for underwater light, problems with pump, control unit, power unit... ) contact the nearest Teuco Authorized Service Centre (see list attached).

The company will acknowledge no liability for damage to appliances that have been tampered with.

F Cher client, Nous vous remercions d’avoir choisi un Hydromassage Teuco.

L’hydromassage, à travers l’action combinée de l’eau et de l’air, est à même de vous offrir d’agréables moments de relax et de bien-être pour le corps et l’esprit.

–  –  –

Ce manuel représente un guide qui vous permettra d’utiliser l’Hydromassage Teuco en toute sécurité. Lisez-le attentivement avant de mettre en route l’appareil.

Ce manuel doit toujours accompagner l’appareil. Le conserver pour toute consultation future.

Teuco Guzzini Spa se réserve le droit de modifier ses produits sans préavis ni remplacement.

–  –  –

L’hydromassage est une technique moderne basée sur un principe ancien : la capacité mécanique de l’eau de faire du bien à l’organisme. Par un mélange d’air et d’eau, éléments essentiels pour notre vie, il est possible de déclencher une cascade d’effets positifs.


L’hydromassage Teuco offre d’agréables moments de relax, une possibilité sans pareille de retrouver fraîcheur, bien-être et joie de vivre.

Les principes fonctionnels qui jouent un rôle bénéfique sur le bien-être psycho-physique ont été étudiés et appliqués aux baignoires d’hydromassage Teuco en pensant à l’homme d’aujourd’hui et à son style de vie souvent marqué par le stress, dans le but de lui redonner toute sa vitalité.

En matière d’harmonie et de beauté corporelle, l’hydromassage Teuco joue un rôle important : il détend l’épiderme, renforce ses défenses contre les attaques extérieures et tonifie les muscles.

C’est également un excellent stimulant pour la circulation sanguine, le métabolisme et la circulation lymphatique ;

il est recommandé pour traiter les formes rhumatismales et traumatiques.

L’action de l’hydromassage peut devenir encore plus efficace si l’on utilise les produits phytocosmétiques Teuco :

il s’agit d’essences à base d’herbes aromatiques et curatives contenues dans des flacons de 250 ml, soit 5 doses à dissoudre dans de l’eau ; disponibles auprès des revendeurs Teuco.

Vous pouvez également les appliquer directement sur le corps en les faisant pénétrer sur les parties à traiter, de préférence avec un gant de crin. Elles jouent plusieurs rôles : relaxant pour la peau, stimulant pour le renouvellement des cellules et hydratant pour tonifier les tissus et amincir tout le corps.


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