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«10. THEosophY THEosophY has come up again and again. The reader is referred to Section 3j. of “The THEorY of LIVEvolution” for a discussion of ...»

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In trying to re-create his so-called “Master Race” via the practice of “race hygiene” under the influence of the American Progressive eugenics movement and pursing occult artifacts in the Far East for establishing his own heaven on earth Adolf Hitler was directly opposed to God, the real One. In other words, he was “anti-Christ” to the core. “Tula” was located in northern Europe…somewhere. Yet Hitler was also sending SS intelligence types to the Far East. These gems of wisdom from the “New” Age Madame

herself explains Adolf Hitler’s obsession with “The Secret Doctrine” of Theosophy:

This would account for the great difference and variation between the intellectual capacities of races, nations, and individual men. While incarnating, and in other cases only informing the human vehicles evolved by the first brainless (manasless) race, the incarnating Powers and Principles had to make their choice between, and take into account, the past Karmas of the Monads, between which and their bodies had to become the connecting link. (17) Gradually, mankind went down in stature, for even before the real advent of the Fourth or Atlantean race, the majority of mankind had fallen into iniquity and sin, save the hierarchy of the “Elect”, the followers and disciples of the “Sons of Will and Yoga” called later the “Sons of the Fire Mist” Then came the Atlanteans; the giants whose physical beauty and strength reached their climax, in accordance with evolutionary law, toward the middle period of the fourth sub-race. But as said in the commentary – The last survivors of the fair child of the White Island (the primitive Sveta-dwipa) had perished ages before. Their (Lemuria’s) elect, had taken shelter on the sacred Island (now the “fabled” Shamballah, in the Gobi Desert), while some of the accursed races, separating from the main stock, now lived in the jungles and underground (“cavemen”), when the golden yellow race (the Fourth) became in its turn “black with sin”. (18) And how can we ignore this gem of wisdom (that also found a place on the

Environmental UFO link):

The intellectual difference between the Aryan and other civilized nations and such savages as the South Sea Islanders, is inexplicable on any other grounds. No amount of culture, nor generations of training amid civilization, could raise such human specimens as Bushmen, the Veddhas of Ceylon, and some African tribes, to the same intellectual level as the Aryans, the Semites, and the Turanians so called. The ‘sacred spark’ is missing in them and it is they who are the only inferior races on the globe, now happily – owing to the wise adjustment of nature which ever works in that direction – fast dying out. Verily mankind is of ‘one blood’, but not of the same essence. We are the hot-house, artificially quickened plants in nature, having in us a spark, which in them is latent. (19) Huh. It turns out that Adolf Hitler and the UFO weirdoes have a lot in common; a commonality rooted in Theosophy.

And devil worship.

iii. Nazi “Archetypes” and “Holy Grail” In the Archetypes link in this series I described the ultimate ‘archetype’. It was none other than our new friend RC Christian. And of course RC Christian was in the middle of the whole discussion on “The Holy Grail”. For example, it turned out that the Indiana Jones competitor of Hitler’s Nazi types in the Far East was the Franklin Roosevelt administration. And FDR’s occult minded Agricultural Secretary was Henry Wallace who corresponded with a “Master M”. This “Master M” as fate would have it is a code name for our new friend, RC Christian. To avoid redundancy the reader is referred to The Holy Grail link in this series.

There are multiple books that document Nazi obsession with the occult. One, “The Nazis and the Occult” is written by Marc Roland, an author who absolutely does not see the blatant implications of the spiritual war being waged as you read this and described by

the Apostle Paul in the Book of Ephesians:

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Nonetheless Mr. Roland documents Hitler’s obsession with all kinds of occult related objects and societies that have been thoroughly discussed in this very series of articles on my candidate for Lucifer/Satan, our new friend RC Christian. In the Holy Grail link I documented the Knights Templar were essentially a real life manifestation of the exploits of King Arthur’s Knights of the round table. One of the more prominent of these was a knight know as “Percival” or “Parsifal”. One of Adolf Hitler’s obsessions was “spear of destiny” supposedly on display in a German Museum (whether it was the physical spear that pierced the side of Jesus Christ, the real One, was never really established). This

passage establishes Hitler’s mindset:

Wagner provided the musical setting for Hitler’s vision of global domination. His epic melodrama are a granite monument in music to the grandeur of Aryan superiority and sacrifice. Without Wagner’s Sturm and Drang (storm and sress) tempered with personal interludes, Nazism would not have acquired its mythic undertones.

…By drawing on Teutonic mythology and its Aryan archetypes, Wagner was able to attribute heroic qualities to German manhood and motherhood while demonizing their enemies. Parsifal, for example, which celebrated Christian mysticism in the tale of a knight’s search for the Holy Grail, was conceived as a sacred ‘mystery play’… Hitler acknowledged the magical element n the music when he remarked, “For me, Wagner is something Godly and his music is my religion. I go to his concerts as others go to church.” When listening to Parsifal, Hitler admitted to being ‘transported’ into an ‘extraordinary state, a mystical dream world’ in which he could endure the tensions of his turbulent nature. (20) The Teutonic Knights were a group that was derived from the Knights Templar after that group was essentially dissolved by the King of France and the Catholic Church in 1307.

The Templars main goal was the pursuit of “The Holy Grail” in the form of the Baphoment or head of the Egyptian sun god Osiris. Of course Osiris is yet another manifestation of our new friend, RC Christian (see Holy Grail link in this series). And recall the concept of Archetypes (see link) that was discussed in the beginning of this series.

So what’s the connection? Here’s author Marc Roland in a section entitled “Archetypes”:

Archetypes are universal figures which personify


qualities, characteristics or ideals such as the Hero, the Villain, the Mother, the Father, the Magician, the Witch (or the Seductress). They are common to all cultures around the world and feature in myths and folk tales… …By invoking certain archetypes the Nazis appealed directly to the nation’s deepest fears and aspirations.

Similarly, the Nazi propagandists only had to invoke the image of Siegfried who was the personification of Teutonic manhood, to awaken the latent hunger for comradeship, adventure and combat in every young German male whenever they needed more volunteers for the SS or Wehrmacht.

Carl Jung, the father of modern psychoanalysis, believed Hitler had the ability to address Teutonic archetypes who symbolized the primal forces in the German psyche – Wotan (aka Odin), Thor and the Lords of Chaos. Jung suggested that these gods were revitalized by contact with Hitler and erupted from the Collective Unconscious to lead the nation to war. (21) And in the previous Odin/Quetzalcoatl the Return of THEM link I equated the Norse ‘gods’ led by Odin with the Nefilim or the very same “Master Race” from the “White Island” of Tula/Atlantis. And of course, once again, Odin was equated with our new friend RC Christian, the “archetype” example of one who is directly opposed to Jesus Christ, the real One, or “anti-Christ”.

Adolf Josef Lanz who used the pseudonym Lanz von Liebenfels, was a late eighteenth century German “intellectual” who helped get the ball rolling on the concept of a god-like

Aryan race. And guess what that means for the non-Aryans:

…In a fit of pique he formed his own religious order, the Order of the New Templars, which was built on the belief that Good and Evil were at war in the world, the former being embodied in the Aryan, and the latter in their racial inferiors, the ‘apelings’. The Aryans, said Liebenfels, worshipped the god Fraja Christus (a Gothic name for Jesus) who demanded the sacrificial slaughter of the sub-humans to purify the world. Once again, the parallels with the Nazis are striking.

…In Liebenfels’ scheme the Aryans were God incarnate, whose esoteric teachings and sciences had been lost. (22) Essentially what the Nazis believed in was Charles Darwin’s THEorY of LIVEvolution edict of “survival of the fittest”. So it’s no shocker that two of the prominent leaders of the early American eugenics movement that allied itself with the German Aryan types included Charles Darwin’s son Leonard and second cousin Francis Galton. The literal translation for the Nazis was “national socialism” and its mantra would become “National Socialism is nothing but applied biology”. The “biology” of course was rooted in The THEorY of LIVEvolution.

iv Genocide: Common Goal of Nazism and Radical Environmentalism

And with the tens of millions of deaths they caused between outright genocide and the battles of World War II they were the heroes of not only the evolutionists but today’s radical environmentalists. A few examples include Ted Turner, Gaia hypothesis theorist and so-called scientist James Lovelock and French marine biologist Jacques Cousteau.

Ted Turner and James Lovelock are on record advocating an 80 to 90 percent population reduction for Mother Earth (Gaia). And of course “Gaia” is a Greek form of the Ancient

Egyptian female goddess Isis. Here’s Mr. Lovelock in his own words:

I reckon there are about 80 percent more people than the world can carry,” he says sanguinely...

Yet Lovelock contemplates catastrophe almost with excitement. I ask why he is not terrified.

He answers that he has never lost a single night’s sleep over the future. Scientific interest overcomes self-interest....He talks not of people but of “our species”...He passionately wants “the best of our species to survive, and is philosophical about the majority who won’t...(23) (Of course he vehemently supports the UN-dead’s IPCC, the pseudo scientific group of ‘modelers’ that somehow have figured out how to best the local weatherman’s predictions by 50 years. And one of his “solutions” for “global warming” is to spray 20 million tons of sulphur in to the atmosphere. For more of this type of thinking see Their Lists and the new age pages on this website.) So are the crackpots that make up most of today’s radical environmental movement outright Nazis? No. But their proposed ‘solutions’ to the various ‘environmental crisis’ thrown out there achieve the same objectives: mass genocide and dictator like control of the masses to save “Mother Earth” from the “climate crisis”. For example, the reader is referred to Section 2e and Appendix A of “The THEorY of LIVEvolution” for the outright genocidal results of the ozone hole scam of the 90s and today’s corn based ethanol idiocy to solve “the climate crisis”. Also, Section 3o. of “The THEorY of LIVEvolution” documents the common religious roots of the Mother Earth Gaia weirdoes and The THEorY of LIVEvolution. Continuing, the modern day nexus of all these weirdoes was documented on the new age page of this website. “Kosmos” Magazine was presented as a direct example of the Mother Earth weirdoes combined with the eco wacko crackpots, all centered at the Rockefeller founded UN-dead. That’s “Kosmos” as in “cosmos” as in “cosmic messengers” as in “Ascended Masters” that once ruled over Tula/Atlantis.

This nexus is none other than the UN-dead, a creation of numero uno of the criminal American gang bankers, the Rockefeller Family complex.

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