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«10. THEosophY THEosophY has come up again and again. The reader is referred to Section 3j. of “The THEorY of LIVEvolution” for a discussion of ...»

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10. THEosophY

THEosophY has come up again and again. The reader is referred to Section 3j. of “The

THEorY of LIVEvolution” for a discussion of the more ‘surficial’ aspects of Madame

Blavatsky’s philosophy not the least of which is a worldwide “Universal Brotherhood”

minus the “misfits”, “morons” and “imbeciles” like you and me as you shall see. Also,

the 322, the Georgia Guidestones and the eco wackos link on the new age page

provides useful background information. It makes the direct tie of THEosophY to Skull and Bones, our very own Freemason ILLUMINATI criminal elite as THEY fully employ Nazi genocidal eugenics under the umbrella of protecting ‘Mother Earth’ (or the Greek ‘Gaia’) with interference being provided by the “useful idiots” of today’s radical environmental movement.

How’s that for a quick summary?

This section dovetails with the previous ‘X’ link that discusses crosses like the Swastika and the concept of the ‘celestial virgin’ and ‘her’ marriage to none other than our new friend, RC Christian. As usual I will try to avoid redundancy but as I’ve repeatedly stated trying to make logical sense of this whole “New” Age mess is literally impossible. So I will do my best to provide background along with new information according to the

following outline:

I. “Ascended Masters” II. The Darwinian Dumbos III. Satan Worship IV. Hitler – Satan Worship as Reality i. Devil Worship ii. The “Secret Doctrine” of Theosophy and Nazism iii. Nazi “Archetypes” and the Holy Grail iv. Genocide: Nazism and Radical Environmentalism v. The American Gang-Bankers: Genocidal Maniacs vi. American Progressives: The Nazi’s Best Friends a. Eugenics b. Birth Control V. Conclusion I. “Ascended Masters” An important aspect to keep in mind as you proceed is to be aware of is that Ms.

Blavatsky claimed to ‘channel’ the “Ascended Master” known simply as Koot Hoomi or simply KH (In various parts of Section 3 of “The THEorY of LIVEvolution” I established the equality of “Ascended Masters” with “cosmic messengers” and UFOs.

This concept will come up again soon on the Environmental UFO link). Now KH here had contact with Alice Bailey’s “Ascended Master” known as Djwhal Khul. Recall Ms.

Bailey was the founder of Lucifer’s Publishing Company that is today, 2009, Lucis Trust an NGO of the UN-dead. This isn’t “conspiracy theory” my friends, yours truly is even on their mailing list and I must admit quoting “THEM” is one of the more bizarre things I have ever done. In fact let’s quote “DK” as “he” alludes to “his” “Ascended Master”

friends “KH” and “Master M”:

The Master Dkwhal Kuhl, or the Master DK as he is frequently called, is another adept on the second Ray of Love-Wisdom…His body is not a young one and He is a Tibetan…He is profoundly learned, and knows more about the Rays and planetary hierarchies of the solar system than anyone else in the ranks of the Masters…He occupies himself with various pupils of different Masters who can profit by His instruction, and within the last ten years has relieved both the Master M. and Master KH of a good deal of Their teaching work, taking over from Them for certain stated times some of Their pupils and disciples. He works largely too with certain groups of the devas…in the work of healing some of the physical ills of humanity. (1) This passage was useful in the Holy Grail link as well since there I traced the other “Ascended Master” mentioned here, Master M, to the Count of Saint Germaine (i.e., none other than our new friend RC Christian). And of course ‘The Count of Saint Germaine’ was channeled by “New” Age loon Elizabeth Claire Prophet who runs something called Summit University that is attended by all kinds of “New” Agers.

But just to be sure here’s yet another source that ties the concept of ‘channeling’ the “Ascended Masters” like RC Christian and Koot Hoomi with live “New” age big wigs

like Helena Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner in a nice tidy package:

–  –  –

The transmission of this path of Rosicrucian wisdom occurred along two lines, in two dimensions. Historically, a continuous lineages of personalities and texts – from the founders through the eighteenth century to HP Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner at the turn of our own “new age”- transmitted a historical Rosicrucianism shot through with human frailty. At the same time, intersecting with this and guiding it (more or less), an invisible transmission has been continuously occurring through the spiritual reality of F.R.C., the periodic incarnations of the individuality of “Christian Rosenkreutz”. (2) So this “invisible transmission” from the “Ascended Masters” has been occurring for quite some time. Is it me or does someone else recognize a pattern here? (So as not to get too off track this question will be addressed in the Environmental UFOs link.).

Continuing, take notice of this “periodic incarnations” bit. Basically this is why anyone has a hard time tracking this guy down from Oxford historian Mark Booth to yours truly.

So as not to get too off track refer to Sections I thru IV in this series as I try, probably in vain, to identify the real RC Christian unless “he” is in fact an incarnation of Satan himself.

Let’s continue.

II. The Darwinian Dumbos

The absolutely horrible, and I really shouldn’t use the word, “science” of evolution was discussed in Section 2f. of “The THEorY of LIVEvolution”. It’s so bad that one must define it as “religion” because its only logical purpose is the abolition of a Creator God under the name of...of....of... “science”. Additionally, I noted how many “New” Agers regarded Newtonian physics (i.e., three dimensional space and one dimensional time) as “mechanistic”. I also noted that many of the high level Freemasons, who definitely believe in a creator god albeit the wrong one, regard Darwinian evolution for the absolute idiocy that it is. In the beginning of the X link I referenced what “THEY” really meant by ‘evolution’ as explained by German writer/philosopher Rudolf Steiner. And it has a lot more to do with becoming like the ‘cosmic messengers’ and ‘Ascended Masters’ than any idiocy about fish springing legs and blond hair or monkeys learning how to build cities. Let’s go right to the horse’s mouth, the mother of the “modern” “New” Age movement, Helena Blavatsky herself. Here are some choice excerpts from the “New Age

Madame’s” book of the occult known as “The Secret Doctrine”:

To know what is light, and whether it is an actual substance or mere undulation of the “ethereal medium,” Science first has to learn what are in reality Matter, Atom, Ether, Force. Now, the truth is, that it knows nothing of any of these and admits it. (3) Here Ms. Blavatsky becomes even more disrespectful of the “science” of “evolution” and

those that try to make something coherent out of complete idiocy:

A “theory” is simply a hypothesis, a speculation and no law. To say otherwise is only of the may liberties taken now-a-days by scientists. They enunciate an absurdity, and then hide it behind the shield of science. Any deduction from theoretical speculation is no better than a speculation on a speculation.

…Materialistic philosophers and Idealists of Europe and America may be agreed with the Evolutionists as to the physical origin of man – yet it will never become a general truth with the true metaphysician, and the latter defies the materialists good their arbitrary assumptions. (4) Here Ms. Blavatsky makes a relatively simple point, so called “Ancient” societies like

Egypt belittle the idiocy of linear (or improvement with time) evolution:

(Author) Donnelly has proved fact from the clearest premises, but Evolutionists will not listen. A Miocene civilization upsets “the universal stone age” theory and that of a continuous ascent of man from animalism! And yet Egypt, at least, runs counter to current hypotheses. There is no stone-age visible there, but a more glorious culture is apparent, the further we are enabled to carry our retrospect. (5) How ironic that the icon of the “New” Age would be castigating the scientists of her day.

The best part is it hasn’t gotten any better today, 2009. The so-called “Big Bang” purported by today’s so-called scientists relies on complete faith of how things came to be. Watch any show on “evolution” and you’ll hear a lot of words like “speculate”, “somehow”, “mysteriously”, etc. (To avoid redundancy refer to Section 2f of “The THEorY of LIVEvolution” for a complete dissection of the idiocy of evolution and/or take the Evolution Challenge on top of the home page). Isaac Newton himself never delved beyond the world of his very own “materialistic” or “Newtonian” science. He discovered gravity but never answered how it didn’t literally draw everything in to it. In other words another “force” has to be present or matter would collapse on itself (Yes, this is in direct violation of the supposed “Big Bang” or large explosion that the “experts” purport started the Universe). Instead of ‘pushing the envelope’ Newton became an astute student of the Christian Bible; he spent more time studying it than actual science.

Perhaps today’s quantum physicists and even those who would try to create life in a petri dish should try to emulate Isaac Newton and not God, the real One.

In summary, on this point I will agree with the “New Age Madame”: Biological evolution is beyond complete idiocy and she definitely believed in a god. But she also is directly opposed to God, the real One. So that kind of narrows the field.

III. Satan Worship In Section 3d. of “The THEorY of LIVEvolution” I established the physical impossibility of an “Ancient” culture such as the Egyptians having built the “Great” Pyramid of Giza both in terms of sheer physical magnitude and the exactness of their layout. For example, the four sides of the base are aligned with perfect north, south, east and west and the angle of any one of the sides yields numerical “pi”, the constant at the base of mathematics and “modern” technology. The Bible claims this help came in the form of “giants” or “nefilim”, literal genetic combinations of humans and ‘fallen angels’

discussed in Genesis 6:

And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. 4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. 5 And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. 6 And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. (Verses 3-6) (Note the mention of 120 years. In Links I-IV discussing RC Christian it was noted he was ‘dead’ for 120 years before he ‘arose’. This will be revisited in the Sun of god link) These fallen angels (i.e., the ‘sons of God’ who became ‘mighty men’ or giants) are none other than those that chose, freely, to rebel against God, the real One, under the leadership of the angel of Light (or ILLUMINATION or Enlightenment). Here are a couple of passages from the focal point of the “modern” “New” Age Movement, Helena


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