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«ICCL Summer School 2008 The logic of generalized truth values. A tour into Philosophical Logic Heinrich Wansing Heinrich Wansing The logic of ...»

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ICCL Summer School 2008

The logic of generalized truth values.

A tour into Philosophical Logic

Heinrich Wansing

Heinrich Wansing The logic of generalized truth values


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Heinrich Wansing The logic of generalized truth values

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Heinrich Wansing The logic of generalized truth values


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Heinrich Wansing The logic of generalized truth values


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Heinrich Wansing The logic of generalized truth values


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Heinrich Wansing The logic of generalized truth values


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Heinrich Wansing The logic of generalized truth values


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Heinrich Wansing The logic of generalized truth values


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Heinrich Wansing The logic of generalized truth values


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