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«LED LP-6 Logo Projector © Copyright Für weiteren Gebrauch aufbewahren! Keep this manual for future needs! Nachdruck verboten! Gardez ce mode ...»

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This device must never be operated or stockpiled in sourroundings where splash water, rain, moisture or fog may harm the device. Moisture or very high humidity can reduce the insulation and lead to mortal electrical shocks. When using smoke machines, make sure that the device is never exposed to the direct smoke jet and is installed in a distance of 0.5 meters between smoke machine and device. The room must only be saturated with an amount of smoke that the visibility will always be more than 10 meters.

The ambient temperature must always be between -5° C and +45° C. Keep away from direct insulation (particularly in cars) and heaters.

The relative humidity must not exceed 50 % with an ambient temperature of 45° C.

This device must only be operated in an altitude between -20 and 2000 m over NN.

Never use the device during thunderstorms. Over voltage could destroy the device. Always disconnect the device during thunderstorms.

- - -m The symbol determines the minimum distance from lighted objects. The minimum distance between light-output and the illuminated surface must be more than 0.1 meters.

This device is only allowed for an installation via the mounting bracket. In order to safeguard sufficient ventilation, leave 50 cm of free space around the device.

The housing must never touch surrounding surfaces or objects.

Make sure that the area below the installation place is blocked when rigging, derigging or servicing the fixture.

Always fix the fixture with an appropriate safety-rope.

The maximum ambient temperature Ta = 45° C must never be exceeded.

Operate the device only after having become familiarized with its functions. Do not permit operation by persons not qualified for operating the device. Most damages are the result of unprofessional operation!

Never use solvents or aggressive detergents in order to clean the device! Rather use a soft and damp cloth.

Please use the original packaging if the device is to be transported. Make sure that you pack the device in the original state.

Please consider that unauthorized modifications on the device are forbidden due to safety reasons!

If this device will be operated in any way different to the one described in this manual, the product may suffer damages and the guarantee becomes void. Furthermore, any other operation may lead to dangers like shortcircuit, burns, electric shock, crash etc.

–  –  –

If you wish to use other forms and patterns, please follow the instructions


Unscrew the knurled-head screw and remove the logo holder. The foil/slide is located in the logo holder.

Remove the foil/slide and insert the foil/slide with a new motif.

Please make sure that the new foil/slide is upside down and the mirrorinverted side points to the lamp.

Replace the logo holder and tighten the knurled-head screw.

Overhead rigging

–  –  –

The installation of the device has to be built and constructed in a way that it can hold 10 times the weight for 1 hour without any harming deformation.

The installation must always be secured with a secondary safety attachment, e.g. an appropriate catch net.

This secondary safety attachment must be constructed in a way that no part of the installation can fall down if the main attachment fails.

When rigging, derigging or servicing the device staying in the area below the installation place, on bridges, under high working places and other endangered areas is forbidden.

The operator has to make sure that safety-relating and machine-technical installations are approved by an expert before taking into operation for the first time and after changes before taking into operation another time.

The operator has to make sure that safety-relating and machine-technical installations are approved by an expert after every four year in the course of an acceptance test.

The operator has to make sure that safety-relating and machine-technical installations are approved by a skilled person once a year.


The device should be installed outside areas where persons may walk by or be seated.

IMPORTANT! OVERHEAD RIGGING REQUIRES EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE, including (but not limited to) calculating working load limits, installation material being used, and periodic safety inspection of all installation material and the device. If you lack these qualifications, do not attempt the installation yourself, but instead use a professional structural rigger. Improper installation can result in bodily injury and or damage to property.

–  –  –

If the device shall be lowered from the ceiling or high joists, professional trussing systems have to be used.

The device must never be fixed swinging freely in the room.

Caution: Devices in hanging installations may cause severe injuries when crashing down! If you have doubts concerning the safety of a possible installation, do NOT install the device!

Before rigging make sure that the installation area can hold a minimum point load of 10 times the device's weight.

–  –  –

Mount the device to your trussing system using an appropriate clamp.

For overhead use, always install an appropriate safety bond.

You must only use safety bonds complying with DIN 56927, quick links complying with DIN 56926, shackles complying with DIN EN 1677-1 and BGV C1 carbines. The safety bonds, quick links, shackles and the carbines must be sufficiently dimensioned and used correctly in accordance with the latest industrial safety regulations (e. g. BGV C1, BGI 810-3).

Please note: for overhead rigging in public or industrial areas, a series of safety instructions have to be followed that this manual can only give in part. The operator must therefore inform himself on the current safety instructions and consider them.

The manufacturer cannot be made liable for damages caused by incorrect installations or insufficient safety precautions!

Pull the safety bond through the attachment eyelet and over the trussing system or a safe fixation spot.

Insert the end in the quick link and tighten the safety screw.

The maximum drop distance must never exceed 20 cm.

A safety bond which already held the strain of a crash or which is defective must not be used again.

Adjust the desired inclination-angle via the mounting-bracket and tighten the fixation screws.

–  –  –

The device must only be connected with an electric installation carried out in compliance with the IECstandards. The electric installation must be equipped with a Residual Current Device (RCD) with a maximum fault current of 30 mA.

Lighting effects must not be connected to dimming-packs.


After you connected the effect to the mains, the LED LP-6 Logo Projector starts running.


The operator has to make sure that safety-relating and machine-technical installations are inspected by an expert after every four years in the course of an acceptance test.

The operator has to make sure that safety-relating and machine-technical installations are inspected by a skilled person once a year.

The following points have to be considered during the inspection:

1) All screws used for installing the devices or parts of the device have to be tighly connected and must not be corroded.

2) There must not be any deformations on housings, fixations and installation spots (ceiling, suspension, trussing).

3) The electric power supply cables must not show any damages, material fatigue (e.g. porous cables) or sediments. Further instructions depending on the installation spot and usage have to be adhered by a skilled installer and any safety problems have to be removed.

–  –  –

The objective lens will require weekly cleaning as smoke-fluid tends to building up residues, reducing the light-output very quickly.

The interior of the device should be cleaned at least annually using a vacuum-cleaner or an air-jet.

There are no serviceable parts inside the device except for the lamp and the fuse. Maintenance and service operations are only to be carried out by authorized dealers.

Please refer to the instructions under "Installing/Replacing the lamps".

Replacing the fuse If the lamp burns out, the fine-wire fuse of the device might fuse, too. Only replace the fuse by a fuse of same type and rating.

–  –  –


Step 1: Unscrew the fuseholder on the rearpanel with a fitting screwdriver from the housing (anticlockwise).

Step 2: Remove the old fuse from the fuseholder.

Step 3: Install the new fuse in the fuseholder.

Step 4: Replace the fuseholder in the housing and fix it.

Should you need any spare parts, please use genuine parts.

If the power supply cable of this device becomes damaged, it has to be replaced by authorized dealers only in order to avoid hazards.

Should you have further questions, please contact your dealer.

–  –  –

Pour votre propre sécurité, veuillez lire ce mode d'emploi avec attention avant la première mise en service.

Toute personne ayant à faire avec le montage, la mise en marche, le maniement et l’entretien de cet appareil doit

- être suffisamment qualifiée

- suivre strictement les instructions de service suivantes

- considérer ce mode d'emploi comme faisant partie de l'appareil

- conserver le mode d'emploi pendant la durée de vie de l'article

- transmettre le mode d'emploi à un éventuel acheteur ou utilisateur de l'appareil

- télécharger la version ultérieure du mode d'emploi d'Internet


Nous vous remercions d'avoir choisi un EUROLITE DEL LP-6 Projecteur Logo. Si vous respectez les instructions de service suivantes, vous allez profiter longtemps de votre achat.

Sortez le DEL LP-6 Projecteur Logo de son emballage.


–  –  –

Cet appareil a quitté les ateliers dans un état irréprochable. Pour assurer un bon fonctionnement, sans danger, l'utilisateur doit suivre les instructions contenues dans ce mode d'emploi.


Tout dommage occasionné par la non observation des instructions de montage ou d'utilisation n'est pas couvert par la garantie.

L'appareil ne devrait pas être mis en service lorsqu'il à été transporté d'un endroit froid à un endroit chaud. Il se forme de la condensation qui pourrait endommager l'appareil. Laissez celui-ci atteindre la température ambiante avant de le mettre en service.

–  –  –

La construction de l'appareil correspond à la classe de protection I. La fiche secteur doit être connectée uniquement à une prise secteur à contact de protection. La tension et la fréquence doivent correspondre exactement à la plaque signalétique de l'appareil. Des tensions inappropriées et des prises secteur inappropriées peuvent mener à la destruction de l'appareil et à des électrocutions mortelles.

Toujours connecter la fiche secteur en dernier. Il faut inserer la fiche secteur de maniére non-violente. Faites attention à une position bien fixée de la fiche secteur.

Ne laissez pas entrer le câble secteur en contact avec d'autres câbles! Soyez prudent lors de la manipulation des câbles secteur et des alimentations secteur. Ne touchez jamais ces parties avec des mains mouillées! Des mains mouillées peuvent causer des électrocutions mortelles.

Ne pas modifier, plier, charger de manière mécanique, charger de pression, tirer, chauffer et ne pas positionner des câbles secteur à proximité de sources de chaleur ou de froid. En cas de non-respect des dommages du câble secteur, des feux ou des électrutions mortelles peuvent en résulter.

L'insertion de câble ou l'accouplement à l'appareil ne doit pas être chargé par tension. Il faut toujours avoir une longeur de câble vers l'appareil, sinon le câble peut être endommagé, ce qui peut mener à des électrocutions mortelles.

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