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«Abstract: Two new genera of Cossidae (Cossinae) of the Palaearctic fauna are described: Kotchevnik gen. nov. (type species Cossus modestus ...»

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Atalanta (Dezember 2004) 35(3/4):357-368, colour plate XVIII, Wurzburg, ISSN 0171-0079

Two new genera of Carpenter Moths from the Palaearctic

(Lepidoptera, Cossidae)


Ro m a n V. Ya k o v l e v

received 11.VI.2004

Abstract: Two new genera of Cossidae (Cossinae) of the Palaearctic fauna are described:

Kotchevnik gen. nov. (type species Cossus modestus Staudinger, 1887) and Vartiania gen. nov.

(type species Vartiania zaratustra spec, nov.), and three new species: Kotchevnik durrelli spec, nov. from Armenia, Kotchevnik schablyai spec. nov. from Tadjikistan, Vartiania zaratustra spec, nov. from from S. Iran. New combinations are proposed: Kotchevnik modestus (Staudin g er,

1887) comb. nov. and Kotchevnik tapinus (Pungeler, 1898) comb. nov. A key for males of the species of the genus Kotchevnik gen. nov. is suggested; up-to-date knowledge on their distribu­ tion is summarized.

Pe3KMe: B CTaTbe onHCbiBamcfl 2 HOBbix poaa Cossidae (Cossinae) na/ieapKTMHecKOii JayHbi:

Kotchevnik gen. nov. (thh poaa: Cossus modestus Staudinger, 1887) e Vartiania gen. nov. (Tun pofla: Vartiania zaratustra spec, nov.), 3 hobwx BMfla: Kotchevnik durrelli spec. nov. M ApMehmm, Kotchevnik schablyai spec. nov. M TaaKMKMCTaHa, Vartiania zaratustra spec. nov. M KD.

MpaHa. ycTaHaB/iMBaHTCfl HOBbie KOMbMHauMM: Kotchevnik modestus (Staudinger, 1887) comb, nov., Kotchevnik tapinus (Pungeler, 1898) comb. nov. TIpMBOflMTcn onpe/je/iMTe/iHHafl Tab/iMua Akin caMUOB BMflOB poaa Kotchevnik gen. nov., paccMOTpeHbi coBpeMeHHbie aaHHbie o pacnocTpaHeHMM Bcex MCc/ieaoBaHHbix bmaob.

As a result of my study of the Palaearctic Cossidae, I describe here two new genera from Asia ranging in Iran, W. China, Armenia, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrghyzstan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, and three new species.

List of abbreviations JLR - Collection of Dr. J. A. W. Lucas (Rotterdam, Netherlands) MHUB - Natural History Museum at Humboldt University (Berlin) MWM - Thomas Witt Museum (Munich, Germany) MNHW - Naturhistorisches Museum (Wien, Austria) RYB - Collection by Roman Yakovlev (Barnaul) ZMKU - Zoological Museum at Kiev State University, Kiev ZMMU - Zoological Museum at Moscow State University, Moscow ZSSM - Zoologische Staatssamlung (Munich, Germany) Kotchevnik gen. nov.

Type species: Cossus modestus Staudinger, 1887.

Description Moth of intermediate size. Wings grey or brownish. Forewing with reticulate pattern more ex­ pressed in central and marginal wing area. Hindwing without pattern. Both wings have no closed cell. Antennae unipectinate with very small processes on articles. Female abdomen very long.

Male genitalia. Uncus triangular, gnathos arms of intermediate width, gnathos composed of two parts fused along common margin. Valva lack sclerotized crests and sharp processes on costal margin. Transtilla processus thin, pointed, fang-shaped. Juxta with a wide incision in its upper part and long lateral processes. Saccus semicircular; aedeagus thin, vesical opening oc­ cupies about half of aedeagus length in dorsal position.

Female genitalia transformed into an ovipositor.

Diagnosis of the genus The genus belongs to the subfamily Cossinae Leach, [1815] and is closest to two genera, Cossus Fabriciu s, 1793 and Holcocerus Staudinger, 1884.

From the genus Cossus Fabriciu s, 1793 it differs by:

1. small size.

2. very small processes on antennal articles.

3. reduction of pattern in forewing basal area.

4. specific shape of juxta.

5. distinct subdivision of valva into sclerotized proximal and membranous distal parts.

6. absence of robust sclerotized crasts on valva costal margin.

7. disposition of spores on hind legs (medial spore situated almost at Vi of tibia length, while at 2 in Cossus) (figs. 11, 12).


8. swollen epiphysis on front tibia (figs. 13, 14).

From the genus Holcocerus Staudinger, 1884 the new genus differs by:

1. an unipectinate antenna.

2. thin and long processes of transtilla.

3. absence of sharp processes on valva costal margin.

4. a much longer vesical opening.

5. a specific shape of juxta.

Range The representatives of the new genus have been recorded in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, W. China, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrghyzstan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, Armenia and Daghestan (Russia).

Etymology "Kotchevnik" - 'nomad' in Russian, genus masculinum.

The new genus includes two species groups.

The group Kotchevnik modestus (Staudinger, 1887) includes three species with a light hind­ wing and having a smooth projection on the valva costal margin: Kotchevnik modestus (Staudinger, 1887), Kotchevnik tapinus (Pungeler, 1898), Kotchevnik durrelli spec. nov.

The group Kotchevnik schablyai spec. nov. includes one species with a darkened hindwing and a practically straight valva costal margin.

Key for species of the genus Kotchevnik gen. nov. based on outer characters and male genitalia

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Species review Kotchevnik modestus (Staudinger, 1887) comb. nov. (colour plate XVIII, figs. 1, 2; text figs. 1, 2; map 1).

Cossus modestus Staudin g er, 1887, Stett. Ent. Ztg. 48 : 88.

Dan iel (1956): 274-275.

Schoorl (1990): 50-51.

H ua e ta l. (1990): 122.



Typus: d, Kuldja.


1 d, Kazakhstan, Almaatinskaya oblast', Uigurskij Distr., Charyn R., Chundzha env., 26.-28.VI.

1990, Pljusch leg.; 2 d d, SO Kazakhstan, Charyn River valley, at Chundzha, lum., 25.VI.1990, I. Kostjuk leg.; 2 d d, 29.VI.1992, SO Kazakhstan, Charyn River valley, at Chundzha, lum., I. Kostjuk leg; 1 d, 1 9, 12.VI.1992, SO Kazakhstan, Charyn River valley, at Chundzha, lum.,

25.VI.1990, I. Kostjuk leg; 2 dd, 7.-9.VI 1.1994, SO Kazakhstan, Charyn River valley, at Chundzha, lum., I. Kostjuk leg; 3 d d, Kazakhstan E., S. Altai, Narymsky Mt Range., 2100 m,

21.VI.2000., leg. Klim en ko ; 1 d, 1 9, "Kazakhstan, Zaisan-Stadt-See, 15-30.VI.1990., ex coll.

Schintlm eister; [Saison]'; NE Kazakhstan, "Panfilov - N geb.', 44.10° N, 80.00° E, 21.VI.1988, i ex coll. Schintlm eister; SE Kazakhstan, 50 km S-W of Dzharkent, at H River, lum., 19.VII.1994, i I. Kostjuk leg.; 15 d d, 9 $9, "S Kazakhstan, Syr-Darja Fluss, 50 km W. Aris', 25.-26.V.1996, Lukhtanov leg.; 5 d d, 3 $9, *S. Kazakhstan, Tchimkent, Tshardara, Syr-Darja Fluss, 200 m, 22.VI.1996, leg. Lukhtanov, ex coll. Schintlm eister"; 1 9, Kazakhstan, Tshimkent Ditrict, SyrDarya river, Bairkum, 250 m, 22.-30.V.1994, Lukhtanov; 19 d d, "Kazakhstan, Taldy-Kurgan reg., Ili fluss, Borochudsir, 500 m, 7.-12.VI.1996, leg. Lukhtanov, ex coll. Schintlm eister"; 2 d d, "Kazakhstan, Ili geb., Bakanas, 20.V.1992, 100 km N. Alma-Ata, 500 m, ex coll. Schintl­ m eister*; 7 d d, 4 99, Kazakhstan, Bakanas, 6 0 0 nn, 24.V.1992, M. Danilevsky leg.; 2 d d, Kazakhstan, Zailiiskii Mts, Karaturuk gorge, 90 km E. of Alma-Ata, 1500 m, 10.V. 1999., Z hdanko leg.; 4 d d, 1 9, Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata prov., 22 km N of Masak, 78.27° E, 43.17°N,

21.VI.1996, Fabian & Nadai leg.; 1 9, Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata prov., Kamenka, 1360 m, 76.73° E,

43.15°N, 22.VII.1995, leg. Fabian ; 9 d d, Kyrghyzstan, Syrdarinsky Karatau Mtr., Belekul' lake,

23.VI.1999; 4 d d, Kyrghyzstan, Alai Mts., 70km S. of Kyzyl-Kiya, Maidan, 12.-30.VII.1997, Do lin, Puusch leg.; 2 d d, Kyrghyzstan, Dzhelal-Abad reg., 10 km Efr. Kalmak-Kirchin, Kok-Art river, 9.-14.VI.1999; 21 d d, "Kirgisien, Naryn-Suusamyr Mts., Kokemeren, 1500 m, 6-7.07.

1996., leg. Lukhtanov, ex coll. Schintlm eister"; 5 d'd', 1 9, Kyrghyzstan, S. Issyk-Kul', Kadzhi-Sai, 1.07.2000., 1800 m, C hurkin S. leg; 2 d d, 2 99, "Kirgizstan, Naryn fluss, Ak Tal Tschat, 1610 m, 1.VII.1996, leg. Lukhtanov, ex coll. Schintlm eister"; 1 d, Inn. Tian-Shan, Naryn valley, Kazarman vie., 1400, 21.VII.2000, S. C hurkin leg.; 3 d d, "Kirgizia, Suusamyr Mts., Kobyk fluss, 2200 m, 9.VII.1996, leg. Lukhtanov"; 2 d d, Kirgizia, Fergansky Mts, Alash valley, 1100 m,

6.VII.1999, Dolin & Puusch leg; 5 d d, Kirgiskii Mts, S slopes of Karakul, Balykty River, 2500 m,

17. VII.1999; 2 d d, Inn. Tian-Shan, 15 km E of Naryn, 2250 m, 21.VII.2000, Kenesh vill.; 2 d d, S. Kyrghyzstan, Toktogul lake, 15 km NE Karakul vill, 1300-1400m, 17.VI.2000, S. C hurkin leg.; 3 d d, Kyrghyzstan, Alai Mts., Tengizbai river, 3500 m, 10.-20.VII.1997, S. Toropov leg.;

1 d, Kyrghyzstan, Alai Mts., 20 km E Uch-Kurvan, 13.VII.1993, 1300 m; 2 d d, Uzbekistan, Chatkal Mts, Arkit, 1400 m, 5.VIII.1983, M urzin leg.; 1 d, Uzbekistan, Chimgan Mts., 800-2000 m, 18. -25.VII.1990, Gyulai & H reblay leg.

ZMMU (Tzvetaev coll.):

5 d d, Kazakhstan, Alma-Atinskaya oblast', Ili River, llijsk; 3 d d, Kyrgyzstan, Alaiskii Mts, Gul'cha River, 95 km on Osh;


2 d d, SE Kazakhstan, Ketmen, Tuyuk, V.1993, A. Saldaitis leg.; 8 d d, 1 9, SE Kazakhstan, Bakanas, V.1993, Saldaitis leg.

Fig. 1: Male genitalia of Kotchevnik modestus (Staudinger, 1887) frontal projection.

Fig. 2: Aedeagus of Kotchevnik modestus (Staudinger, 1887) lateral projection.

Fig. 3: Male genitalia of male of Kotchevnik tapinus (Püngeler, 1898) frontal projection.

Fig. 4: Aedeagus of Kotchevnik tapinus (Püngeler, 1898) lateral projection.

Fig. 5. Male genitalia of Kotchevnik durrelli spec, nov., frontal projection.

Fig. 6: Aedeagus of Kotchevnik durrelli spec, nov., lateral projection.

Fig. 7: Male genitalia of Kotchevnik schablyai spec, nov., frontal projection.

Fig. 8: Aedeagus of Kotchevnik schablyai spec, nov., lateral projection.

Fig. 9. Male genitalia of Vartiania zaratustra spec, nov., frontal projection.

Fig. 10: Aedeagus of Vartiania zaratustra spec, nov., frontal projection.


1 d, Kazakhstan - W, Ustyurt plateau, 3 km S from the Aktau-Beineu road, 25.-26.V.2002., leg. Karauus V. and M iatleuski J.; 1 d, 1 9, Kazakhstan - W, Mangystau dist., 40 km SE from the Beyneu, 20.V.2002., leg. Karalius V. and M iatleuski J.; 1 d, SW Kazakhstan, Uigur distr., 15 km SW Chundzha, Yasenevaya Rostcha village, 28.V.1992, Ustyuzhanin P., leg.; 7 d d, S Kyrgyzstan, Alaiskii Mt. range, Isfraim-Sai, 1700 m, 3.VII.1998., I. Plyustch; 1 d, Kyrgyzstan, Naryn river, near Kara-Kul', 15.VII.1996,1. Plyustch.

Kotchevnik tapinus (Pün g eler, 1898) com b. nov. (colour plate XVIII, fig. 3; text figs. 3, 4;

map 1).

Cossus tapinus Pün g eler, 1898, Soc. ent. 13: 57.

Dan iel (1956): 273.



Typus - d, 'Transcaspien, Merw, Sefir-kuh, 1895'


1 d, 'Transcaspien, Merw, O. G atnar"; 5 d d, Turkmenia, Kopet-Dag Mts., 800-1500 m, valleys of the rivers Ipay-Kala and Point-Kola, 59'54-57E, 38'13-15’N, 30.VI.-04.VII.1992, B. Fabian, B. H erczig, A. Podlussany and Z. Varga leg.; 3 d d, 1 $, Turkmenistan, Kopet-Dagh Mts., 1000m, Sayvana valley, ca. 5km SW of Saivana, 56o50'E,38o17'N, 28.VI.1992, B. Fabian, B. H erczig, A. Podlussany and Z. Varga leg.; 1 d d, Turkmenistan, Kopet-Dagh Mts., 10 km S of Aidere, 27.VI.1992, 600-1000 m, 56°46'E, 38°14'N, B. Fabian, B. H erczig, A. Podlussany and Z. Varga leg.; 1 d, Turkmenistan, Kopet-Dagh Mts., 400-600 m, Firyuza, 58°05'E, 37059'N,

25.VI.1992, B. Fabian, B. H erczig, A. Podlussany and Z. Varga leg.; 3 d d, Turkmenistan, W. Kopet-Dagh, Kara-Kala, 14.-17.VI.1993, ex coll. Schintlm eister; 2 d d, Turkmenia, KaraKum desert, 200-300 m, SE of Tedjen, 38°56'N, 60°53'E, 12.V.1991, Danilew sky leg.; 1 d, Tadzhikistan, „Tigrovaya Balka", 1.-10.VIII.2000. 1 d, 'Iran, Beloudzhistan, Strasse Khach Zahedan, Fort Sengan, 1800 m, 1938, coll. Brandt. GenPr Het 9104 (MWM). 1 d, Iran, Fars, Firouzabad, Afzar, 16.IV.1953., leg. Kosch Kouli, GenPr Het 9249 (MWM); 1 d, Afghanistan, Kabul Umg., 29.IX.51, leg. Derele, H eydemann Kiel, GenPr Het 9105 (MWM); 2 d d, Afghani­ stan, Iran Grenze, Umg. Kohsan, 1000 m, 13.V.77., de Freina; 3 d d, Iran, Semnar prov., 28 km S of Meiamel, 1560 m, 7.V.2000, Szabo & H entschei leg.


1 d, West Pakistan, Salt Range, Chingi, 4.111.1956, C h. Lindemann leg. Tzvetaev coll.; 2 d d, SW Tadzhikistan, Tigrovaja Balka reserve; 3 d d, SW Tadzhikistan, Vaksch Valley;


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