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«Edited and Annotated by John Costella The Lavoisier Group March 2010 About the Author John Costella was born in East Melbourne in 1966. After being ...»

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Dr Boehmer-Christiansen states that it is beyond her expertise to assess the claims made. If this is the case then she shouldn’t be sending malicious emails like this. The two Canadians she refers to have never developed a tree-ring chronology in their lives and McIntyre has stated several times on his blog site that he has no aim to write up his results for publication in the peer-review literature.

I’m sure you will be of the same opinion as me that science should be undertaken through the peer-review literature as it has been for over 300 years. The peer-review system is the safeguard science has developed to stop bad science being published.

And what is to safeguard us against Jones’s corruption of the peer-review process?

Haughton rejects Jones’s tactics:

Dear Phil, sorry to hear this. I don’t see much of her these days, but when I do see Sonja next I’ll try and have a quiet word with her about the way the affiliation to us is used, but at the moment in fairness she is entitled to use it in the way she does. Fortunately I don’t get to see many of these email exchanges but I do occasionally hear about them or see them and frankly am rarely convinced by what I read. But as with all academics, I’d want to protect another academic’s freedom to be contrary and critical, even if I personally believe she is probably wrong. I agree with you that it’d be better for these exchanges to be conducted through the peer review process but these forms of e-communication are now part of the public debate and it’s difficult to do much about it other than to defend your position in this and other fora, or just ignore it as being, in your words, malicious.

Jones accepts defeat:

You are probably aware of this, but the journal Sonja edits is at the very bottom of almost all climate scientists’ lists of journals to read. It is the journal of choice of climate change skeptics and even here they don’t seem to be bothering with journals at all recently.

I don’t think there is anything more you can do. I have vented my frustration and have had a considered reply from you.

And lest it be thought that Haughton’s rightful defence of academic freedom is due to

his being a “skeptic”, his final reply dispels any doubt:

I know, I feel for you being in that position. If it’s any consolation we’ve had it here for years, very pointed commentary at all external seminars and elsewhere, always coming back to the same theme. Since Sonja retired I am a lot more free to push my environmental interests without ongoing critique of my motives and supposed misguidedness—I’ve signed my department up to the “10:10 campaign” (cutting 10% of emissions in 2010) and have a taskforce of staff and students involved in it…. Every now and then people say to me under their breath with some bemusement, “and when Sonja finds out, how will you explain it to her…!” Free to push environmental interests without ongoing critique?

Thank you, Climategate whistle-blower, for saving us from such a fate.

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http://www.assassinationresearch.com/climategate/1/FOIA/documents/ The Lavoisier Group Inc The Lavoisier Group is named after the founder of modern chemistry, Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, who discovered oxygen, identified carbon dioxide as the product of combustion of carbon in air, and who laid down the theoretical basis of modern chemistry. He was also an ingenious experimenter and instrument-maker who insisted on the highest possible accuracy when taking measurements. He was executed by the French Revolutionary Government in 1794.

The Lavoisier Group was incorporated in April 2000. At that time, the founders were concerned that the Australian Government might ratify the Kyoto Protocol without proper understanding of the scientific claims on which it was based, or of the economic implications of the decarbonisation regime which ratification would have required.

During the federal election campaign of 2007, ALP Leader Kevin Rudd campaigned passionately on the need to manage “climate change”, and after winning the election he went, as Prime Minister, to Bali to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. Since then, he and ‘Climate Change’ Minister Penny Wong, supported by the then Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull, strove indefatigably to get the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Bill through the Parliament. It failed in the Senate twice, and now sits as a trigger for a double dissolution election and possible passage through a joint sitting of both Houses.

At Copenhagen, in December 2009, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) held its most important meeting since the Kyoto Conference of November

1997. At this conference a successor Protocol to the Kyoto Protocol (which expires in

2012) was supposed to have been finalised.

The Copenhagen conference resulted in the humiliation of the European Union and its allies (including Australia), and the recognition by the USA that the developing countries, notably China, India, Brazil and South Africa, were going to reject any attempt by the West to curtail their rapid progress to the complete electrification of their countries.

Copenhagen was the point at which “Warmist” ideology was overwhelmingly rejected by the developing world. In Australia, the debate over “climate change” has vanished from sight, as it has in the USA. Nevertheless, the Warmists are striving to get it back on to the political agenda.

The Lavoisier Group provides a network and a Website which enables Australians who are concerned about this issue to keep abreast of developments here and overseas. Those who sympathise with our aims, and wish to join, can apply for membership through the Website: www.lavoisier.com.au The Lavoisier Group’s Board comprises President Hugh Morgan AC; Vice-President Ian Webber AO; Treasurer Harold The Lavoisier GroupAM; Bob Foster; Tom Bostock;

Clough AO; Bruce Kean George Fox AM; Philip Wood; Peter Chew; and Secretary Ray Evans.


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