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«Preis: 10, DM Herausgeber: Institut für Bürgerrechte & öffentliche Sicherheit e.V. Verlag: CILIP, Malteserstr. 74-100, 12249 Beriin Redaktion + ...»

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Opladen (Westdeutscher Vig.) 1993, 274 S., DM 48,Sind die Spuren der Krawalle auf den Straßen beseitigt, schlägt die Stunde der Untersuchungskommissionen. Ihr staatlicher Auftrag: Ursachen von sozialen Protesten und Konflikten zu ergriinden und Maßnahmen vorzuschlagen, wie Ordnung und Friede wiederhergestellt werden können. Derartige Kommisionen im internationalen Vergleich (USA, GB, BRD) sind Thema der Studie, wobei Kommissionsberichte, wissenschaftliche Literatur und Interviews mit ExpertInnen, die 2.T. an solchen Kommissionen teilgenommen haben, ausgewertet werden. Die AutorInnen beschreiben die Kommissionen (u.a. Kemer - USA 1967, Scarman - GB 1981, Enquete-Kommission JugendProtest - BRD 1983), hinterfragen deren politische, gesetzliche und administrative Auswirkungen und verorten ihre Funktion im politischen Prozeß.

Dabei definiert vor allem die politische Großwetterlage, ob sie hemchaftliches Instrument einer symbolischen Politik, schlichter Legitimationsbeschaffer fiir längst getroffene staatliche Entscheidungen bleiben oder wissenschaftlich fundiertes Mittel einer (gemäßigten) Reformpolitik werden. Leider wird die umstrittene Gewaltkommission der Bundesregierung (1990), f i r die die AutorInnen Gutachten geschrieben haben. in der Studie nicht diskutiert.

(Martin Winter) Gössner, Rolf: Die vergessenen Justizopfer des kalten Krieges. ober den unterschiedlichen Umgang mit der deutschen Geschichte in Ost und West.

Harnburg (Konkret Literatur Verlag) 1994, 224 S., DM 32,Man muß die staatliche Verfolgung von AntifaschistInnen und KommunistInnen in der BRD der 50er und 60er Jahre nicht unbedingt gleichsetzen mit den Machenschaften der STASI und DDR-Justiz, um zu erkennen, daß in der aktuellen 'Bewäitigung' der jüngsten deutschen Vergangenheit mit zweierlei Maß gemessen wird. Daran zu erinnern, daß auch in der BRD die Aktivitäten einer politischen Sondejustiz, des polizeilichen Staatsschutzes und der Geheimdienste zur kollektiven Kriminalisierung von über 200.000 Menschen gefiihri haben, dies allein ist in Zeiten einer allgemeinen Geschichtsverdrängung ein wichtiges Anliegen. Gössners Plädoyer f i r eine staatsfeme und unabhängige Aufarbeihmg der politischen Repression in beiden deutschen Staaten im Interesse der Opfer und einer demokratischen Entwicklung ist vorbehaltslos zuzustimmen.

(Britta Grell) An Editorial Comment by Otto Diederichs Now that the CILIP editorial staff has dealt in detail with specific aspects of domestic security in the Federal Republic of Germany over the past three years, the general question of 'domestic security' policies once again Comes under review - last but not least in as much as this is an important national election year and 'domestic security' has or will play an important role in the elections to the European parliament and local and state elections throughout the country. Due to the fact that the performance records of each of the parties contending for election is 10 come under scrutiny, CILIP has made a conscious effort to engage the services of authors as distant as possible from party affiliations.

The 'Domestic Security System'by Wolf-Dieter N r ar

Since the initial differentiation between the state institutions of the police and the military in the course of the creation of the state monopoly on violence in the nineteenth century the police as an institution have been continuously developed. Despite numerous organizational changes and changing pattems of legitimation there is an amazing degree of continuity and linearity in the development of the police - particularly in the concomitant legislation. The author, a professor of political science at the Free University of Berlin, provides a critical review of the 'domestic security system' as it was initially named by the federal conference of Germany's Secfetaries of the Interior in 1972.

Rghting Crime in a State Governed by Lawby Eggert Schwan

Police responsibilities in resolving crimes and protecting against dangers to public law and order are the task of the state's attomeys offices and the police forces in accordance with currently existing laws. T e e activities are hs (still) subject to stnct legal control mechanisms. On the other hand the increasing willingness of Germany's domestic security policy-makers to grant secret police and intelligente powers and authority to the police or to even integrate the intelligence services into such cnme-fighting activities threaten to increasingly undermine these baniers. The author, a professor of law at Berlin's College of Public Administration and Law Enforcement, traces the history of police law enforcement development in Prussia from its inception to the present (albeit interrupted by National Socialism). At the Same time he points to the dangers to the state govemed by law through deviation from this path.

The Electoral Parties on 'Domestic Security'by Norbert Piitter

"Security instead of fear" was the promise made by one of the major popular parties during the EU election campaign. One of the other major parties praised itself as the guarantor against violence and tenor. Domestic secunty has become an exceedingly popular issue in this year of multiple elections. While the election posters reflect the slogans chosen by the election psychologists, the prograrns and platfonns of the various parties tend more to reflect the internal states of the respective parties thernselves. The author's cntical study of their programs causes him to draw the conclusion that they are little more than a potpoum which reflect either the specific desires of the secunty forces or are simply tailored to meet the expectancies of their respective voting clientele.

Legislative Infiationism and Party Cartelismby Heiner Busch

It is well known that the permanent printing of bank notes leads to the devaluation of cunencies. Similar inflationary symptoms are caused by a machinery that for more than 20 years has constantly produced new secunty bills and laws providing police and secret services with far-reaching nghts and competences. Immediately after their publication in the Federal Law Gazette new debates are raised about the usefulness and qualification of the new legislation just passed. In the presence of such an haphazard approach a further wave of new bills can expected for the next legislative penod.

Refugee Asylum and Alien Citizens' Policies and their Party Political Significance in Gaining Popularity by Bntta Grell Newroz, the Kurdish festival of the new Year which takes place in the middle of March began in the FRG in the midst of numerous state prohibition orders on public ceremonies and massive police demonstrations of state power and also involving two voluntary sacnficial self-cremations, hundreds of injured demonstrators and more than 500 arrests. Immediately after Newroz a new campaign swept through the political parties and the newsprint media. Kurdish Protests were braaded as a "new dimensiod of terror" and imrnediately incorporated into on-going election campaign strategies. Principles once arrived at on a consensus basis by the leading parties such as not to extradite refugees not having been granted recognition station into the persecuting countnes were sacnficed in the struggle for the popuiar vote currently being waged by the CDUICSU and the SPD.

Final Risk Reserve Elements in Germany's Security Systemby Jiirgen Gottschlich

One of the dubious services performed by Germany's CDU whip, Wolfgang Schäuble, in the Bundestag was his causing numerous concemed citizens to consult Germany's Basic Law, particuiarly the Emergency Acts passed during the 60's. Out of an ostensibly blue sky, he ferreted deep into the basement chests of the old Gennan authoritarian state and presented proposals for using the German Armed F o r m (Bundeswehr) in times of domestic emergency - as a sort of police reserve force. The ensuing debate could uitimately result in the further expansion of the police and the Federal Border Guard.

Possibly, this was what Schäuble intended from the very beginning.

On the Political Treatment of the Right-Wingby Eberhard Seidel-Pielen

It took an exceedingly long time until initial senous measures were undertaken to deal with the incrtxsing escalation of nght-wing violence concomitant with the unification of the country in the past five years. This lack of decisiveness is not in small part due to the current topical discussion in the media as to the causes of this phenomenon. Even to this date this discussion assumes the appearance of a desperate attempt to descnbe nght-wing radicalism as a phenomenon which suddenly swooped down over the FRG from outside.

The author proves conclusively that the reverse is true.

The Security Debate in the Context of the GDR Experienceby Vollunar Schöneburg

The key topic currently being discussed in the national debate on domestic security is the promise that by stiffening police activities, using intelligente services in the war on crime, passing tougher laws and placing restrictions on civil liberties in favor of enhancing state powers the s u p p o d loss of security can be regained. Our author, a crimiwlogist with 'GDR experience' analyzes the national debate on domestic security and the implicit concept of the state and law through the eyes of a former citizen of the GDR and in doing so suddenly discovers a number of similarities to the former other German state.

Political Instrumentalization of Security Statisticsby Werner Lehne

Police Crime Statistics (PCS) annually published by the state crime bureaus of the individual German states as local state statistics and by the federal crime bureau as national statistics are Germany's sole source of on-going and continuous information on the current state and development of crime in the country. PCS figures and trends thus form the basis for all political discussion of crime and domestic security in general. And it is here that the PCS become instnimentalized, over-interpreted and misinterpreted. The difficulties involved in amving at interpretable figures and other sources of emor.

well-known to the police and in many cases explicitly mentioned in the statics provided are simply ignored in the political debate.

The New Vigilantesby Ronald Hitzler

Wherever the protection of life and property or even merely a feeling of security appears to or actually is (no longer) be guaranteed by those responsible for the maintenance of public safety, new coalitions and associations attempting to fill this gap arise. Yet such determination of ordinary citizens to take the law into one's own hands beneath the threshold or adjacent to - or even under questionable circumstances in competition to - the promise of official public safety, Comes into conflict with the concept of the state monopoly of violence in principle. Attempts to integrate the activities of such groups into policing concepts must be viewed as an attempt to discipline the phenomenon into a soft of "common effort" in the interest of the community.

A Century of Switzerland as a Security Havenby Catherine Weber

in June of 1889 Switzerland gave in to the German Imperial chancellor'o calls and established a standing state's attorneys bureau, thus creating a politicnl police force. The executive, the Federal Council, took immediate advantage of the situation and used it to conduct surveillance on its own citizens. Today, a century later it is once again to a high degree extemal pressures which are being brought to bear on and appear to be welcomed by the Swiss govement to expand and strengthen their surveillance structures: In a Europe comprised of signatories to the Schengen Accords, nobody wants Switzerland to become a 'security haven'.

W e i - iiiclit 1)equeiii ist, sollte W

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Datum. Untewhrift Seit 1978 dokumentiert und analysiert der Informationsdienst Bürgerrechte & P o W C I L I P die gesetzlichen, organiaatonschen und taktischen Veriinderungen innerer Sicherheitspolitik in der Bundesrepublik. Uber diesen Schwerpunkt hinaus liefert Bürgerrechte & P o W C I L I P Berichte, Nachrichten, Analysen zur

- Polizeientwicklung in den Ländern Westeurops

- Polizeihilfe für Länder der Dritten Welt

- Arbeit von Bürgerrechtsgruppen Bürgerrechte & P o W ü C I L I P erscheint jährlich mit drei Ausgaben und einem Seitenumfang von ca. 100 Seiten.

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Datum, Unterschrift

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