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«Installation Guide 10300302-000 Revision A Copyright Copyright © 2002 Kofax Image Products. All Rights Reserved. Printed in USA. The information ...»

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Ascent Capture 5.51

The Operating System of Capture

Installation Guide


Revision A


Copyright © 2002 Kofax Image Products. All Rights Reserved. Printed in USA.

The information contained in this document is the property of Kofax Image

Products. Neither receipt nor possession hereof confers or transfers any right to

reproduce or disclose any part of the contents hereof, without the prior written

consent of Kofax Image Products. No patent liability is assumed, however, with respect to the use of the information contained herein.

Trademarks Kofax, Ascent Capture, Ascent Capture Internet Server, Ascent Capture Web Validation Server, ImageControls, and Adrenaline are registered trademarks; and VirtualReScan and VRS trademarks of Kofax Image Products.

All other product names and logos are trade and service marks of their respective companies.

Disclaimer The instructions and descriptions contained in this document were accurate at the time of printing. However, succeeding products and documents are subject to change without notice. Therefore, Kofax Image Products assumes no liability for damages incurred directly or indirectly from errors, omissions, or discrepancies between the product and this document.

An attempt has been made to state all allowable values where applicable throughout this document. Any values or parameters used beyond those stated might have unpredictable results.

Contents How to Use This Guide


How This Guide is Organized

Related Documentation

Other Documentation

1 Overview


Key Terminology

Important Installation Notes

Upgrading/Reinstalling Your Installation

Administrative Privileges

Folder Access on an NTFS Partition

TEMP and TMP Environment Variables

Support for Kofax KF-Series Boards Discontinued

Ascent Capture Web Validation Server Compatibility

Software VirtualReScan Compatibility

2 Operating Requirements


Server System Requirements

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Certified Operating Systems

Client/Standalone Workstation System Requirements


Minimum Hardware Requirements


Certified Operating Systems

iiiKofax Image ProductsContents

Other Requirements and Supported Options

Database Management Components

Network Components

Browser Support

Database Support

Adobe Acrobat Capture

Hardware Key Requirements

Ascent Capture Requirements

Optional Upgrade for High Performance OCR/ICR Engine

Enhanced Bar Code Engine

Adrenaline Support

Scanner Support

Development Environment Support

3 Installing Ascent Capture


Installing Ascent Capture for the First Time

Step 1: Set Up Your Hardware VRS Scanner

Step 2: Install Ascent Capture 5.51

Overview of Installation Process

Server Installation

Client Installation

Standalone Installation

Step 3: Install Adrenaline Hardware

Adrenaline 850 and 1700 Image Processing Accelerators

Adrenaline 450, 650, and 650i Scanner Controllers

Step 4: Install Software VRS

Upgrading/Reinstalling Ascent Capture

Backup Copies

Important Notes about Upgrading

Upgrading Client/Server Configurations

Upgrading Ascent Capture 3.x, 4.x, or 5.0 Server

Upgrading Ascent Capture 5.5 Server

Upgrading Client Workstations

Upgrading Standalone Configurations

Updating an Existing Installation

Updating Server or Standalone Configurations

Updating Client Workstations

–  –  –

4 Setting Up Source Devices


Creating a Source Device

5 Distributed Server Configurations


System Requirements for Server Software

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Certified Operating Systems

System Requirements for Server Files

Recommended Hardware

Certified Operating Systems

Novell NetWare Limitations

Distributed Installation

Upgrading or Updating Distributed Configurations

Upgrading Ascent Capture 5.5

Upgrading Ascent Capture 3.x, 4.x or 5.0

Updating an Existing Distributed Server Configuration

A Kofax Technical Support


First Line Support

Internet Support

E-Mail Support

Pay-As-You-Go Support

Kofax Scanner Configurator

Contact Numbers


–  –  –

Introduction This Ascent Capture Installation Guide contains essential information about installing

Ascent Capture, including:

• Operating requirements for installing and using Ascent Capture 5.51

• Instructions for installing Ascent Capture 5.51 in a client/server configuration

• Instructions for installing Ascent Capture 5.51 as a standalone installation

• Basic information about installing other Kofax products, such as VirtualReScan (VRS) and Adrenaline products, for use with Ascent Capture 5.51 This guide assumes that you have a thorough understanding of Windows standards, applications, and interfaces. This book is for system administrators and developers who are installing Ascent Capture, or who need a description of the Ascent Capture installation procedures and requirements.

How This Guide is Organized

This guide is divided into the following chapters and appendices:

Chapter 1 – Overview, provides critical information about settings and precautions that may be required prior to installing or upgrading Ascent Capture.

Chapter 2 – Operating Requirements, describes hardware and system requirements and recommendations for installing and using Ascent Capture.

Chapter 3 – Installing Ascent Capture, provides instructions for installing Ascent Capture, as well as installing other Kofax products for use with Ascent Capture.

viiAscent Capture 5.51 Installation GuideHow to Use This Guide

Chapter 4 – Setting Up Source Devices, provides information about setting up source devices for use with Ascent Capture.

Appendix A – Distributed Server Configurations, describes an alternate method for setting up the server files for Ascent Capture.

Appendix B – Kofax Technical Support, lists the technical support options provided by Kofax Image Products.

Related Documentation

Ascent Capture 5.51 includes the following printed and online documentation:

Getting Started with Ascent Capture 5.5 This guide is a good place to start learning Ascent Capture. If you are new to Ascent Capture, be sure to read Chapter 3, which describes the basic tools you will need to use the product. In addition, work through the tutorial in Chapter 4, which introduces the basic steps for setting up a batch class and processing a batch.

If you are familiar with Ascent Capture, make sure you read Chapter 1, which includes a list of new features added since version 5.0.

Ascent Capture 5.5 Advanced Features Guide This guide gives you information about customizing Ascent Capture. It covers the

following topics:

• Writing your own scripts to add custom processing to Ascent Capture

• Using the Ascent Capture COM interface to add custom menus and panels to the standard processing modules or to create custom applications

• Registering and using custom modules

–  –  –

Release Notes Late-breaking product information is available from release notes. You should read the release notes carefully, as they contain information not included in other Ascent Capture documentation. In addition, updates to the release notes and other productspecific information are available from the Kofax Web site at www.kofax.com.

–  –  –

Other Documentation For additional information about other Kofax products, such as VirtualReScan and Adrenaline products, please refer to the documentation that came with your Kofax product or visit the Kofax Web site at www.kofax.com.

For additional information about Windows standards, applications, and interfaces, refer to your Microsoft documentation.

Note For additional technical information about Kofax products, visit the Kofax Web site at www.kofax.com and go to the Technical Support page. The Kofax Technical Support pages provide product-specific information, such as current revision levels, the latest drivers and software patches, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and technical tips. In addition, updates to product documentation (if any) are available from the Technical Support page. Documentation available from the Technical Support page may supercede the documentation that came in your product package.

–  –  –

Introduction This chapter provides critical information about settings and precautions that may be required prior to installing or upgrading Ascent Capture.

–  –  –

Ascent Capture 5.51 Installation Guide Chapter 1 Important Installation Notes This section contains important notes that you should review before installing Ascent Capture 5.51.

Upgrading/Reinstalling Your Installation If you are upgrading from a previous version of Ascent Capture, or want to update or completely reinstall your installation, read through the important installation notes in this chapter, and review the system requirements in Chapter 2. Then, refer to the section Upgrading/Reinstalling Ascent Capture on page 32 for instructions.

Administrative Privileges To install Ascent Capture 5.51 on a Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows NT machine, the logged in user must have full administrative privileges.

Folder Access on an NTFS Partition If you install the Ascent Capture server files on an NTFS partition, you must make certain that the users who will be installing and/or using the client workstations have Full Control permissions for the destination folder of the Ascent server files located on the server. (The default name for the folder is AscentSV.) In addition, the user installing and/or using a client workstation must have Full Control permissions for the Windows folder (i.e., WinNT) on the client workstation.

To set folder permissions, right-click the folder name from Windows Explorer and select Properties | Security tab. Refer to your Windows documentation for more information about assigning folder permissions and setting up users and groups of users.

–  –  –

Warning If your TEMP or TMP environment variables do not comply with these guidelines, you will not be able to install or run Ascent Capture 5.51.

–  –  –

For additional information regarding the TEMP and TMP environment variables, refer to the documentation for your operating system.

Support for Kofax KF-Series Boards Discontinued Effective with version 5.5, Ascent Capture no longer supports KF-Series boards.

These boards are not compatible with the newest drivers shipped with Ascent Capture, so KF-Series boards must be removed from your computer before you install or upgrade to Ascent Capture 5.51. There is no need to uninstall the KF-Series board drivers, as they will be replaced when you install Ascent Capture 5.51.

Ascent Capture 5.51 Installation Guide Chapter 1 Ascent Capture Web Validation Server Compatibility Ascent Capture Web Validation Server 5.0 requires Internet Explorer 5.5. While Ascent Capture 5.51 has not been certified with Internet Explorer 5.5, there are no known issues with this combination.

Upcoming releases of Ascent Capture Web Validation Server will support Internet Explorer 6.0. Visit the Kofax Web site at www.kofax.com and go to the Technical Support pages for information about the released versions of Ascent Capture Web Validation Server and other Kofax products.

For a complete description of Ascent Capture Web Validation Server, refer to the documentation that came with your product.

Software VirtualReScan Compatibility Ascent Capture 5.51 is compatible with Software VRS 2.0 and Software VRS 2.1. See the section Step 4 - Install Software VRS on page 31 for more information about installing Software VRS for use with Ascent Capture 5.51.

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