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«Abstract This essay argues that the state of Israel may have only 5 years of existence left, before it is wiped off the map by a democratically ...»

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(I’m currently reading up on an extraordinary claim by some, which if true, will change my view of the Nazi holocaust profoundly. The claim is that European Zionists approached the British government in the middle of WW1 (1916), when Britain was losing the war, and made a deal with them. The European Zionists claimed that they would have their Zionist Jewish friends in the US, who owned the newspapers etc, whip up an anti German frenzy to bring the US into the war and tip the balance in favor of the British/French. The deal was that the British who were the major colonizing power at the time, would give the Zionists the land of Palestine, so that the Zionists could fulfill their Zionist dream of giving the Jews finally, after 2000 years of Diaspora, their own precious homeland. In 1917, the Brits made their infamous “Balfour Declaration” stating that the British government was in favor of allowing Jews to settle in Palestine, and adding that the incumbents (i.e. the million Palestinians) were not to be disturbed. IF THIS IS TRUE, then no wonder the Germans hated the Jews. It meant that the Germans had to fight on for a further 2 years, killing millions of them. I need to follow this up. If readers know more about this, please send me data. This could be a bomb shell, if true. But if it is true, why doesn’t the world know about it? I’m fascinated, but skeptical. ) (Back to the main topic -- ) The western “reservoir of sympathy” for the Jews as a result of the holocaust of WW2 is drying up. A new generation has no first hand memory of the holocaust and concentrates more today on the brutal behavior of the Jews towards the Palestinians and is becoming increasingly disgusted with the Jews for their callousness and arrogance.

But callousness and arrogance towards other peoples is probably the main reason why Jews are so hated worldwide. Some social group has to be the world’s most hated people, and it’s a fairly easy case to make that that group is the Jews. The more one informs oneself on what the Jews have done in Palestine, thanks to YouTube, Wikipedia, and documents readily downloadable from emule.com the greater is the anger I feel towards them – I and millions of others, including many American intellectuals who increasingly are “seeing Israel (as Chomsky famously puts it) as the next South Africa,” i.e. the next apartheid regime to be brought down by world opinion. The tide is turning. Sympathy towards the Jews that was common place several decades ago in the west is turning increasingly towards disgust, and world opinion will be heard. Thanks to the internet, world opinion is turning against Israel, and in time will force American politicians to drop its support for Israel. Once that happens, Israel will not survive. It will go under.

But, and here lies the second problem, the Jewish lobby (AIPAC, American Israel Public Affairs Committee, aipac.org) is very strong in the US, and American politicians fear it.

The average IQ of Jews in the US is 115, a full standard deviation above the mean of the whites in the US. Prior to the holocaust, Jews were as much disliked in the US as elsewhere and only the very smartest were allowed to migrate to the US. Thus US Jews were intellectually filtered. Once installed in the US they took up positions of power, due to their higher intelligence (the Jews have won a third of the Nobel Prizes) especially in the media (newspapers, movies, etc) to shape US public opinion and to influence powerful rich Jewish business men.

American politics is today so corrupt, so in need of reform, that AIPAC has a powerful lever to get US politicians to do what AIPAC (and hence the Zionist Jews, i.e. Israel) wants. The US political system is an old fashioned “presidential” system, where the people vote (more or less) directly for the president, rather than the more modern “parliamentary” system, that most of the world’s 130 something democracies are. In a parliamentary democracy, the people vote for a given party. The winning party then selects its leader (i.e. selected only by the party politicians, who know something about the qualities needed to be a good leader, not just popular fools, as is too often the case in the US) who then becomes the leader of the country. In today’s US, to be elected by the people directly, costs a fortune in TV ads, so the richest candidates tend to win. This old fashioned system is now terribly open to corruption, since large donors, e.g. corporations, are able to bribe politicians to get them to do what the bribers want, in return for their donations.

A substantial proportion of US political donations come from rich Jewish business men.

For example, just before the UN (United Nations) voted for the partition of Palestine in 1947, into a piece for Palestine and a piece for Israel (thus robbing the Palestinians of about half of their land and their most fertile land), the Jewish community bribed President Truman $2M for his reelection campaign. The bargain was that Truman would vote in favor of a US dominated UN, accepting the creation of the Jewish state. The US then voted in favor of the creation of Israel.

So, as I see it, the Jewish lobby AIPAC, will remain powerful until the US public gets so fed up with its corrupt politicians that it puts enormous pressure on the US government to reform itself into a parliamentary system. Today’s American political system is so corrupt, and so in the hands of the corporations, who pay for the advertising costs of politicians to get reelected, that the US government does what the corporations want and not what the people want. We now have a US population where the richest 1% is getting considerably richer, and the rest, are seeing their real purchasing power decrease over the past few decades. This cannot continue. Americans are becoming increasingly angry and informed about this corruption and are pushing with growing force for reform.

So, once the US changes its government to a parliamentary system, and comes into line with most of the world, then AIPAC will lose its influence. It will not be able to bribe US politicians to do what Israel wants. The current support of the US in favor of Israel has reached ludicrous proportions. Each year the US gives about half of its total world wide foreign aid to Israel (and Egypt), i.e. about $3B a year, plus other credits amounting to about $10B a year. Whenever a UN resolution comes up damning Israel, the US uses its veto in the UN Security Council to block its adoption by the UN. As world wide anger increases against the Israelis, so too is growing contempt of the world for the US in continuing the massive injustice that the Jews are committing against the Palestinians, trying (and succeeding) to destroy Palestinian culture, pushing 4 million of them out of their land. There have been 4 wars by the Palestinians/Arabs against Israel, and each time the Jews have won, largely due to the financial and military support of the US, i.e. from the US Jews and especially AIPAC. This makes Palestinians and Arabs in general hate both the Zionist Jews and the US for supporting them with such blatant bias.

So, in the coming years, thanks to Glomedia (global media, especially TV channels such as Aljazeera) and to the internet (especially to Wikipedia and YouTube videos on the Palestinian occupation) one can predict the rise of, the return of anti-Semitism. The Jews are simply continuing their age old habit of “pissing on other peoples” and making themselves hated. They have been doing this for decades with the Palestinians, and now are really starting to pay the price. The world is waking up and the tide is turning.

American public opinion is turning against AIPAC, against US support for Israel.

Americans are increasingly thinking “Drop Israel. Israel doesn’t have any oil. The US should be friends with the Arabs, who have the oil, not apartheid mongering Jews.” There would not have been a 9/11 if the US had not supported the Jews. Travelling through airports would be as easy as it was decades ago if it weren’t for US support of the Jews.” So, simultaneous and growing anti-Semitic and anti corruption movements in the US should be making Israeli politicians very scared. Once the tide turns, and the US public sees Israel the way it finally saw South Africa, i.e. both as brutal, contemptible, apartheid regimes, then US support for Israel will dry up. Public US opinion will turn so strongly against US backing for Israel that even AIPAC corrupted US politicians will have to bow to the gale and drop their support for Israel.

If the US drops its old fashioned presidential democracy for a more modern, saner, parliamentary system, then AIPAC would disappear almost overnight. In Scandinavian countries for example, their politicians don’t have to worry about campaign funding at all, since their political system does not require it. Their system is structured in such a way that campaign funds are not needed. America needs to have such a “money free” system. As Glomedia becomes stronger, Americans will be influenced by the way things are done outside the US. Americans will be able to learn from the superiorities of other countries.

Glomedia has already started. With the phenomena of BRAD (bit rate annual doubling), i.e. the speed of the internet doubles every year, it is already possible for me today to have apps on my iPad with literally 1000s of radio channels from all over the world. This world wide audience means that more radio station owners are choosing to transmit their programs in English to reach a world audience, to have a more global (literally) impact.

TV is going the same way, but since a TV image requires a lot more bandwidth than a radio channel, today’s iPad apps can only group together several 100 TV channels. But BRAD in time (and internet satellites) will allow TV channels in their 1000s to be received by cell phones all over the world. Within a decade, most of the world will have a cell phone, and most of the world will have access to the internet. Once all that happens, the world will be able increasingly, to express itself in a single language, the world language, English.

World opinion then will express itself across the world, and will be incredibly powerful, irresistible. The court of global public opinion will push aberrant regimes out of existence, including Israel, (and the straggling dictatorships, such as China.) Glomedia in time will wipe Israel off the map, if the Arabs don’t do it militarily before that, once the US withdraws its support for Israel. The Israelis have the bomb, but don’t dare us it, because if they do, overnight, the world will become rabidly anti-Semitic and will force Israel to move somewhere else, using an economic embargo. Israel cannot fight the world. If it tries to use nuclear bombs against the major powers pushing it out of Palestine, it will be vaporized by these major powers.

For all these reasons, I give the Israeli Zionists less than a decade of existence. The Palestinian occupation has been a major sore in world politics for too long. This problem needs to be solved so that the planet can become a more civilized place. The Zionists are not civilized. They are brutal, selfish, “fuck you Palestinians” colonists, and are increasingly hated by (increasingly better informed) world opinion.

You Jews who are reading this, need to do some heavy soul searching. You need to ask yourselves why you are so hated world wide, and by so many centuries. What are you doing to everyone, wherever you go, country after country, century after century, that makes people not just dislike you, but hate you enough to kill you, to pogrom you, to holocaust you. You can’t deny global opinion. The 99.99…% of the world that is growing increasingly angry at Zionist injustice against the Palestinians cant be all wrong headed as seen by Zionist zealots. The power of global opinion in an era of Glomedia will be the undoing of Israel. Israel will have to give Palestinian land back to the people it stole it from, and start looking for a new Israel, but this time, it will have to have the agreement of the sellers of the land to the “New Zionists.” But such sellers may be difficult to find, since world opinion against the Zionists, against the Jews, will be negative.

But the Jews need a country. Most people accept the first main idea of the Zionists (i.e.

that the Jews should have their own country.) Sooner or later, the UN, or Globa (the global state) should organize a state for the Israelis. It won’t be in Palestine, since that land was stolen, by force of arms, from the Palestinians. It will have to be somewhere else. The planet is large, and housing a mere 6 million Israelis should not be so hard.

At the exponential rate that humanity is pumping CO2 into the atmosphere, global warming will open up the southern fringes of Greenland, north Canada and north Russia huge land masses - to human habitation, so maybe the Zionists can move there fairly soon. The cold temperatures will suit their cold hearts. Wherever the Zionists end up, one thing is for sure, the current brutal displacement of the Palestinians by the Jews cannot continue. World opinion is getting fed up with it. Israel will be South Africanized.

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