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«Abstract This essay argues that the state of Israel may have only 5 years of existence left, before it is wiped off the map by a democratically ...»

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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis




This essay argues that the state of Israel may have only 5 years of existence left, before it

is wiped off the map by a democratically unified Arab Union, and unsupported by an

increasingly pro Palestinian US. It also discusses the growing impact of YouTube videos

against the Zionist occupation of Palestine, and the growing American anger against the American Jewish lobby AIPAC.

Glomedia and the US The world is becoming increasingly globist and less nationalist as the years pass. The annual doubling speed of the internet is a major factor in this process. Another is the rise of international satellite television, which uses English increasingly as the world language. These phenomena are having a significant effect on the attitudes of ordinary Americans towards Israel.

The Jews in the US comprise about half of the world’s Jewish population. They were highly filtered in entering the US in the first place, because prior to the Holocaust, the Jews were very unpopular in the US, so only the very brightest were allowed in. The average IQ of American Jews is 115, a full standard deviation above the white American average of 100. If one shifts up the IQ distribution Bell curve by 15 points, one expects that the proportion of genii in the US who are Jews will increase markedly. The Jews have won a third of the Nobel Prizes. They are the smartest cultural group on the planet.

(If one looks at a world map of IQ distribution, one finds that the lowest group are the Australian aborigines with a 60 IQ average, then the black Africans at 70, the American natives, North Africans, and Indians at 85, the Europeans and Russians at 100, and the East Asians (Japanese, Chinese) at 105. Intelligence has one of the highest heritabilities, at about 60-80% according to separated identical twin studies.) After the Holocaust (in which 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis), the western countries felt rather guilty towards the Jews and supported the Jewish Zionists (who wanted their own country, and wanted that country to be in Palestine, their ancient homeland). The American Jewish community bribed Truman, the US president in 1948, $2M for his reelection campaign so that the US would vote in the UN for the establishment of the state of Israel in Palestine.

The Palestinians, who had been living in the area for 2000 years, since the Jews were defeated by the Romans in 70AD, and dispersed all over the world, were obviously not in agreement with this western dominated decision at the UN and went to war against the Jews, the Zionists, whom they saw as colonialists, thieves of Palestinian land. The Jews were a far better organized and developedculture, and with American aid, won all their wars against the Arabs, resulting in several million Palestinians becoming refugees, and earning the bitter hatred of the Arabs, who felt humiliated and vengeful.

Brainwashed Americans In the US, the Jews congregated at the centers of power in Washington DC and New York, and with their superior intelligence, took hold of a large proportion of the reins of power in government and the media. With their media control, they brainwashed the American public to be pro Israeli and to look down on the Arabs who were painted as an anti democratic inferior people. The state of Israel was the only democracy in the region, and (according to the Jews and their supporters) should be supported as a powerful ally of the US. The Jews in government were spectacularly successful at persuading the US tax payer to support Israel, to the tune of about $3B a year in direct aid, plus another $10B or so in indirect trade deals etc. Whenever a war broke out between Israel and the Arabs, the Israelis would rush to the US to drum up financial and military support from the American Jews.

So, for 60+ years, a massive injustice against the Palestinian people has been committed by the Zionist Jews, a great festering sore that will not go away, until either the state of Israel is destroyed, or the Arabs come to some political agreement with the Zionists that creates a Palestinian state, and returns to the Palestinians their land.

Al Jazeera

How might this come about? The Arabs, thanks largely to the internet savvy young, are now finally in the process of democratizing. (This article was written in March 2011.) Let us assume in the next few years, that the major Arab oil states such as Saudi Arabia and Libya become democracies and modern technological states, who are able to create their own global satellite television stations, in English, and broadcast them to the world. The first major example of this was Al Jazeera, based in the tiny Arab state of Qatar, which has used its oil wealth to modernize its people and to create a counter force to the pro Israeli brainwashing of the American public by the Jewish dominated US media.

Al Jazeera started their English speaking world wide satellite and internet broadcasting service in 2007 and are having a significant impact around the world. In the US, the media is almost exclusively under the control of corporations, who maximize profits by selling advertising aimed at the IQ majority, i.e. the “peakers” (people of average IQ situated in the peak of the Bell curve). The content of the television shows dished up to the American TV viewing public is dumbed-down to appeal to the peaker majority. The intellectual minority (the “sages”) are ignored, who then don’t watch much television, and hence are poorly informed about the world compared to their European counterparts who are able to benefit from government run media who cater to both peakers and sages (and “subs”, i.e. people with IQs lower than the peakers.) Al Jazeera is financed by one of the sheikhs of Qatar, who wants to get the Arab message out to the world, and has hired BBC style British journalists, operating to traditional high BBC journalistic standards to broadcast to the world, and especially to America’s sages.

This is having a revolutionary effect on them. They are now getting the Arab and particularly the Palestinian view point, which is making America’s sages become a lot more conscious of the enormous injustice that the US and particularly America’s Jews have committed towards the Palestinians, robbing them of their land and causing several million of them to become refugees.

Pro Palestinian America

So, in the coming few years, I consider the following scenario will become very plausible. The American sages will become hostile to a Jewish dominated indoctrinating media and lash out against it. Their awareness of the massive crime and injustice committed by the Israelis against the Palestinians will be used to change US foreign policy towards Israel. America’s sages will take a much more positive attitude towards the Arabs, once they have become democracies, and especially towards those that have oil, particularly towards the newly democratic states of Saudi Arabia and Libya. Israel has no oil, so can be ignored, and the clamoring American Jewish Zionist lobbyists will be seen in an unfavorable light. The word Zionist will take on negative connotations, in the American public as American sages launch a counter offensive against the Jewish dominated media. Anti Semitism, which is strongly correlated to anti Zionism, will increase markedly. After all, the Jews are history’s most hated people. In Europe for example, the Brits threw them out, the French threw them out, the Spanish threw them out, the Poles hated them, the Russians pogrommed them, the Germans holocausted them. The “reservoir of western sympathy” towards the Jews as a result of the holocaust will dry up and the Jews will be treated as they have always been treated, i.e. with the same level of contempt that they have for other peoples. Zionism is essentially a “screw you Arab” philosophy, a “we Jews are going to take over your land”, colonialist ideology. The Jews are deeply racist. For example, it is illegal (i.e. against the law) in Israel for a non Jew to marry a Jew.

Once America’s sages become unsupportive, even hostile to the very existence of Israel, the US will withdraw its financial and military support. Once that happens, the Arab Union will then wipe Israel off the map in a quick war. The Israelis have the bomb, but if they use it against the Arabs, the world will become powerfully anti-Semitic overnight, and world opinion will force the Jews to give up their territory. Then the Jews will become refugees again, and a new round of Zionism will have to be invented. Perhaps the Jews will be able to buy up some land somewhere where the sellers agree to the bargain, rather than the Zionist Jews stealing it, colonizing it, the way they did to the Palestinians.

Maybe a piece of Australia might be sold to the Jews. If millions of them migrate to “Ausrael” their superior intelligence will create an economic trade boom with their Australian neighbors. Ausrael could become a member of the Asian Union when it is finally formed after the democratization of China and Vietnam, etc.

Postscript I see two further aspects related to the increasing probability that Israel will need to move, i.e. that the Jewish population will probably have to pack up and leave.

One is the growing influence of YouTube videos on the Palestinian Occupation, and the other is the growing alarm of the American public concerning the corruptive power of corporations and AIPAC (the Jewish lobby in the US) on American politicians.

Lately, I’ve been watching videos on YouTube concerning the Jewish (Zionist) occupation of Palestine, and am becoming increasingly disgusted by what the Jews have done. In essence, putting it crudely, what Jewish Zionism, as a philosophy, boils down to is “Fuck you Palestinians, we Jews are going to steal your land and push you out of it.” This philosophy was explicitly stated in the original plan of the intellectual founder of Zionism (i.e. that the Jews should have their own country, and that that country should be in Palestine) namely Theodor Herzl who said over a century ago that the Jews would push the Palestinians outside the new borders of Israel. There were a million Palestinians living in Palestine a century ago, so it was not the case, according to the catchy Zionist slogan, “A land without people for a people without a land” that Palestine was sparsely populated.

Historically, it is clear that the Jews are the planet’s most hated people. As mentioned earlier, in Europe, the Spaniards threw them out, the Brits threw them out, the French threw them out, the Poles hated them, the Russians pogrommed them, the Germans holocausted them. The Jews make themselves hated wherever they go, and the German holocaust is not so exceptional in qualitative terms, but was so in quantitative terms, characteristic of German thoroughness and modern technology (Zyklon B gas).

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