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«​ The ​Undergraduate Student Handbook​ your guide to the policies you are is expected to maintain as a student at Babson College. You should ...»

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Babson College is committed to educating highly qualified students from diverse backgrounds, and we encourage students to apply for financial aid.

Financial aid is awarded primarily on the basis of financial need, and comes in the form of grants, student loans, and work-study. A student who applies for assistance will be considered for all available financial aid programs from federal, state, and institutional sources depending on eligibility and citizenship.

Merit-based scholarships are offered at the point of admission. Babson also offers financing options, including parent loans and a payment plan, to help cover all or a portion of educational costs. Most families draw on a combination of programs to meet college expenses. Information concerning financial aid programs, the application process, and financing options is available at ​ www.babson.edu/ugradaid​.

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All financial aid applicants will be required to submit supplemental documents verifying the information supplied on the application forms, including federal tax returns, W-2 forms, and a verification worksheet, to the College Board Imaging and Documentation Service (IDOC). Students who are eligible for federal student loans are required to complete a promissory note and entrance counseling prior to receiving their loans, as well as an exit interview prior to graduation. Students must make satisfactory academic progress to continue receiving financial aid. More specific information about the availability, terms, and conditions of the financial aid programs can be found at ​ www.babson.edu/ugradaid




Each resident is issued a key to his or her room and a OneCard, which serves as the key to the exterior residence hall doors. Students are expected to pick up their room key at designated check-in. All students have access to the residence halls Monday to Sunday, noon to 9pm After these hours, students visiting friends in other residence halls will be expected to call their friend to let them in and escort them through the building.

Remember, in addition to all of its current functions, the OneCard is the key to your residence hall, so do not be careless with it. Keys and OneCards can be possessed only by the person to whom the key/card was issued.

Students should at no time give their keys or ID cards to anyone, nor should they be in possession of an ID or key that was not expressly issued to them by the College. The following guidelines concerning room keys are in


1. Lockout services are provided by Public Safety. Call 781-239-5555 if you are locked out of your room.

Your Babson OneCard must be presented to the responding staff member before he/she opens the door to your room or immediately thereafter if your OneCard is locked in your room. If it is determined by Residence Education and/or Public Safety that a student(s) is abusing the lockout service (i.e. excessive number of lockout calls during a specified period of time), he or she may be subject to a service charge for each subsequent lockout request and could be held responsible through the student conduct process.

2. Whenever a key is lost, report it as soon as possible to Facilities. Keys for the same lock will not be issued; a new lock core will be installed and new keys will be issued. The cost for a lock change is $100.

3. Keys will be given only to students who show proper identification and are officially assigned to the room by Residence Education and Housing. The same policy applies for lockout services.

4. Only Facilities is allowed to duplicate a key. Possession of an unauthorized key duplicate will subject individual students to a fine of not less than $100 and/or other disciplinary action. These penalties do not discharge or preclude the imposition of civil liability or criminal sanctions.



DRUG POLICY (medical marijuana) In accordance with Babson’s Drug Policy (outlined in the Community Standards section of this Handbook), each student who resides on the Babson campus is responsible for the contents of their room/suite and the actions of those present in the room or suite. The use, possession, sale, or distribution of drugs and/or drug paraphernalia is strictly prohibited and could result in removal from housing, separation from the College, other sanctions as deemed appropriate, and referral for criminal prosecution. Please note that while possession of under one ounce of marijuana has been decriminalized in Massachusetts, it is nonetheless a violation of Babson College policy to be in possession of any amount of marijuana. In addition, the possession, use, or distribution of prescription drugs by a student for whom the medication was not prescribed is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action. Finally, although Massachusetts state law permits the use of medical marijuana for certain medical conditions, the possession and use of marijuana remains illegal under federal law. Consistent with federal law, including the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989, the use and/or possession of marijuana continues to be prohibited by Babson College. Thus, use and/or possession of marijuana, even for medical use, is considered to be a violation of Babson College policy.

Students who obtain a registration card from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for medical marijuana use should contact the Associate Dean of Students for Wellness for more information regarding College policies and resources. To request a medical housing accommodation for a documented disability, students should contact the Director of the Learning Center (link). See http://studentportal.babson.edu/content/medical-housing​.


Rooms are furnished with a bed and mattress (extra long twin), dresser/set of drawers, closet or wardrobe, desk and chair, bookcase, trash bin, and recycling bin. All furniture assigned to the student’s room must be in the room and undamaged at the end of the school year. Students will be billed for any furnishings that are lost or damaged. The replacement cost is assessed for any college-owned property from rooms or lounges that is not present at checkout. Additional furnishings (e.g., easy chairs, lamps) are at the student’s discretion. The College does not provide storage for furniture or personal belongings. Residence hall furniture (whether provided by the college or purchased by students) is required to meet appropriate state and local fire code. Furnishings on the Babson campus must meet the CAL 133 standard. Furniture that does not meet that requirement will be removed from the residence hall and discarded. Furniture that meets the CAL 133 standard must have an attached tag indicating that it meets such code. Any furniture purchased by students must be removed at the time of checkout. Students who leave personal furniture will be charged for removal.

Shades are provided for windows, and students may install curtains or drapes, provided they conform to fireproofing standards and do not damage walls. Any student-installed curtains or drapes must not cause any damage to the walls or other facilities. Drilling curtain rods into the wall is not allowed; tension rods or command hooks supports are recommended as an alternative.

Lofted beds of appropriate construction are allowed within the following dimensions: 67” high x 39” wide x 84” long. Due to issues of safety, the College prohibits the use of cinderblocks by students in residence halls. The College does recognize the need for in-room student storage and, therefore, will supply bed risers upon request in order to lift a student’s bed. Risers can be requested by submitting a Facilities work order. Waterbeds are not permitted.

LOUNGE FURNITURE (College Owned) College-owned furniture is placed in lounges and other locations/common areas on campus for the benefit of all students. Theft, removal, damage or possession of, and relocation to student rooms is prohibited. Students found responsible will face disciplinary actions and/or criminal prosecution. Removal of College furniture or property from public areas or student rooms will result in a fine equal to the cost of the missing furniture.


PETS No pets are allowed in the residence halls or in student apartment buildings on Woodland Hill, with the exception of a guide dog that accompanies a visually impaired or other disabled person or fish in five-gallon aquarium tanks. The College reserves the right to contact the humane society to facilitate the removal of unauthorized animals from campus.


Students can bring televisions for their residence hall room and/or suite common room. However, televisions may not be mounted to room or suite walls.


All first-year students (freshmen) entering Babson are guaranteed housing if they meet all stated deadlines.

​ Note:​tudents who fail to occupy their assigned room by 5pm on the first day of classes and who S have not notified Housing Operations of their intended late arrival may be reassigned or have their residence hall license canceled at the discretion of Housing Operations.

INSURANCE (STUDENTS’ PERSONAL/AUTO) The College assumes no responsibility for items lost, damaged, or stolen from students at any time, including students’ cars. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain adequate insurance coverage for personal belongings and automobile insurance. Students may elect to purchase insurance coverage for their personal belongings through their parents’ homeowner’s policy. It is strongly recommended that students carry appropriate insurance to cover all of their personal property. The College assumes no responsibility for damage to student property due to fire, theft, water, vandalism, or other damages that occur in the student’s room or elsewhere on campus. At the end of the College year, residents must remove all personal possessions from their rooms. This includes personal furniture, carpets, pictures, decorations, articles of clothing, and equipment. Anything found in a vacated room or public area is considered discarded, and the College is not responsible for personal effects left in rooms.


In accordance with the Undergraduate Housing License and Meal Plan Agreement, except as specifically outlined below, a meal plan is required for all undergraduate students who live in a residence hall. Returning students have the option to select a meal plan exempt residence on campus during the room selection process, if available. Meal plan exempt residences on campus include Woodland Hill 9, Woodland Hill 10, and select rooms in Bryant (107, 108, 109, 208, 209, 210). There are no other exceptions to this policy.


It is expected that residents and their guests will be respectful of others’ need for quiet, specifically between 11pm and 8am Sunday to Thursday, and 1am and 8am Friday and Saturday. ​ 24-hour quiet hours are in effect during reading days and final exams.​ Common courtesy is in effect 24 hours a day, in addition to the following

guidelines regarding stereo use:

Stereo speakers may not be placed in windows, aimed outside;

• Stereos should be played at a reasonable decibel level, and doors to the rooms must be shut.

• (“Reasonable level” shall be defined and interpreted by peers and, if necessary, by the residence hall staff, Public Safety, or members of the Office of Residence Education staff.) There will be minimal or no stereo use during those hours of the day or night designated as “quiet hours” • by the residence hall community or during 24-hour quiet hours.

In the event that a conflict arises between two or more parties, each party should seek out the assistance of their resident assistant and area director. The residence hall staff will mediate and help students reach an agreement in resolving the noise issue.



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