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«​ The ​Undergraduate Student Handbook​ your guide to the policies you are is expected to maintain as a student at Babson College. You should ...»

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Note:​ Babson College reserves the right to make changes in the courses offered and to cancel or reschedule any class where low enrollment or other considerations warrant. Babson does not offer every course every semester.

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Course registration takes place in the fall term for spring courses and in the spring term for fall courses.

Registration for winter and summer courses occurs before the start of those terms. Students may register online if they were registered in the previous semester and are continuing their coursework in the next term as well as those students who have been on an approved Leave of Absence with an Expected to Return date of the coming semester. Registration opens by group, which are assigned by the Registrar’s Office based on students’ progress toward graduation and computed total credits (earned credits plus enrolled credits). These may also include AP, IB, transfer, and advanced standing credits. Students can find their registration group ​ and corresponding registration date on the Registrar’s webpage​.

Once matriculated, students must take their course work on campus or through a Babson-approved program (e.g. cross-registration programs, approved institutions abroad, off-campus work) with limited exceptions.

Students who wish to accelerate their program of study should take coursework at Babson during the summer or winter sessions or take approved course overloads.

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Students may elect to pursue a specific concentration, to provide additional focus of study within the Babson curriculum. Students who choose this option will receive notation on their final transcript. Specific concentrations have been developed by the College’s academic divisions and offices, in order to assist students in choosing a coherent set of courses for their academic development and external recognition.

Concentrations are purely optional.​ Students who have questions about whether they would like to pursue a concentration should speak with the Office of Academic Services ​ the ​ ​ and Center for Career Development​.

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The following guidelines apply to independent research projects:

● The supervising faculty member must come from the area from which the student seeks credit; i.e. to receive liberal arts credit, the supervising faculty member must be from a division that awards liberal arts credit.

● Up to 4 credit hours per project in a semester may be granted for an approved independent research project.

● Students may complete no more than two independent research projects while at Babson, and must complete all work by the last day of classes of the semester for which the project is approved.

● Babson does not consider Honors Program projects as independent research projects for this purpose.

–  –  –


Courses taken while participating in approved education abroad programs through the Glavin Office of Multicultural & International Education (Glavin Office) will be evaluated through a process outlined by your ​ education abroad advisor. Please check the​lavin Office website​ more information on the course G for evaluation process. Unlike off-campus courses that must be evaluated to ensure no overlap with Babson courses, approved education abroad courses taken at a host institution/program may be similar or equivalent to active Babson courses. Core Babson courses - denoted by a full Babson course code (e.g., ASM3300) - must be completed at Babson College.

Note:​ Students participating on Education Abroad programs (with the exception of Babson-sponsored programs like BRIC and Semester in San Francisco) must earn a Babson grade equivalent of C or higher to earn academic credit. Grades earned on education abroad programs do not factor into a student’s cumulative Babson GPA.

International students with F-1/J-1 immigration status who wish to enroll in course work at a school other than Babson College (except during the annual summer vacation) should consult with an international student adviser in the Glavin Office to review eligibility for concurrent enrollment.





All undergraduate students at Babson College are expected to maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA to be in good

academic standing. Exceptions to this include:

1. First-year students, who are expected to maintain a minimum 1.8 cumulative GPA at the end of both of their first two semesters at Babson; and

2. transfer students, who are expected to maintain a minimum 1.8 GPA for their first semester at Babson.

–  –  –

The College holds students responsible for knowing and understanding all policies and procedures with regard to academic standards. Class Deans will notify students being reviewed by the Academic Standards Committee. Students reviewed should submit a letter of explanation to the Academic Standards Committee before the review meeting. The letter provides students the opportunity to inform the Committee of any extenuating circumstances that contributed to their performance in the prior semester.

Students placed on academic probation must complete an academic contract with their Class Dean. Failure to complete this contract may result in a review by the Academic Standards Committee. If students have questions or concerns during this process, they should contact the Office of Academic Services for clarification on the policies and the procedures of academic standards.

Given the short time between fall and spring semesters, students whose cumulative GPA falls below the minimum necessary to remain in good academic standing should prepare for a decision that would require a quick vacancy from Babson housing. For information regarding your student account in association with a suspension, contact Student Financial Services at 781-239-4219.

–  –  –

Students must meet these deadlines in order to ensure participation in the registration process for the semester in question. Students may return to Babson after missing such deadlines, however Babson College does not guarantee course selection or housing for students returning from an academic suspension.

–  –  –

Education must report this suspension to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. United States law requires that international students must transfer immediately to another U.S. institution; apply for a change ​ of immigration status; or leave the United States immediately. International students must consult with an international student adviser in the Glavin Office of Multicultural & International Education to discuss the immigration implications of a suspension before any action is taken.

*Members of the Academic Standards Committee include the Undergraduate School Dean, the Director of Academic Services, a Student Affairs representative, and four faculty members. The Committee convenes after the close of the fall, spring, and summer terms. The Committee may, at its discretion, consider any Incomplete (I) as an ‘F’. The Undergraduate Dean’s Office and/or the Office of Academic Services will send the results of the Committee’s decision to students’ Babson email address and physical address of record.

The Committee will make every effort to deliver timely notification of decisions. Responsibility lies with the student to read the electronically delivered notification letter. In the case of an academic suspension, Babson College will send a copy of suspension notification to the student’s parents’ or guardians’ address as posted on the Babson Hub. Failure to receive timely notification due to an inaccurate or outdated address, or other situation that inhibits the delivery of the notification letter by the delivery service, is not the responsibility of the Committee.

–  –  –

Students can compute their cumulative GPA by multiplying the number of credits from each specific course by the points associated with the grade received in the given course, adding those numbers for the period they wish to compute, then divide the total by the total number of letter-graded credits taken in that same period. ​ Numbers should be rounded after carrying figures to the third decimal place.

–  –  –

Incomplete is not a grade; rather, it indicates a status wherein the grade will be determined later. Students must make the necessary arrangements with their instructors to resolve an incomplete grade. Undergraduate students must resolve the Incomplete by making up the necessary work or taking needed examinations in the timeline agreed upon with the instructors, with a deadline of no later than the end of the add/drop of the following semester. Requests for exceptions to this timeline must be submitted in writing to the instructor(s) with a copy sent to the student’s Class Dean by the end of add/drop. Instructors will make a determination on the exception.

   All incompletes will be changed to a grade following the end of the next semester’s add/drop period. The Academic Standards Committee may, at its discretion, consider any listed incomplete as a failed grade.

Incomplete courses that are required prerequisites for the following semester must be completed ​ hours before the end of the add/drop period​. This earlier deadline provides instructors time to grade the outstanding work or exam and submit the final grades to the Registrar’s Office before the end of add/drop period. In the case of students who do not make up the work within the periods specified above, instructors will award the grade based upon the normal requirements for the course. In effect, instructors will give an F for the work not made up, then calculate the final course grade.

Grades are available online through the Babson Hub. No formal grade report will be sent at the midterm or end-of-term. Instructors will notify the registrar of those students who are at or below C- around the midpoint of each fall and spring semester. At that time, the Registrar’s Office will notify students that they received a mid-semester warning, via their Babson email account, along with any comments the faculty member provided. The Registrar’s Office issues these warnings approximately one week before the end of the course withdrawal period. Students who receive warnings should make an appointment with their faculty member to discuss their academic standing and ways to improve in the class. The Office of Academic Services also encourages students to take advantage of SPARK Peer Tutoring, the Math Resource Center, Speech Center, and Writing Center for additional resources and support.



Students who receive an F in a required Babson course must repeat the course at Babson. Students who receive an F in a non-required Babson course must make up the credits, but may choose to take a different course. Any failing grade for a Babson course remains on the Babson transcript permanently.

Students may attempt to pass a course a total of three times. Students who receive a grade of F for the same required course three times or for three courses that all would satisfy the same academic requirement will be academically dismissed and may not return to Babson College.

Students may not repeat a course for which they received a passing grade.

DEAN’S LIST The Dean’s List recognizes outstanding scholarship among those students enrolled in the undergraduate program. Eligible students must have a semester average of at least 3.30 based on a minimum of 12 semester credits taken at Babson or through cross-enrollment. The grades may not include more than one C+, a grade below C+, or Incompletes. Babson College bases Dean’s List eligibility upon a student's semester GPA as of five weeks following the conclusion of final exams in the given semester.


Graduation Honors are awarded to students who have achieved distinction in their undergraduate work as evidenced by their final cumulative Babson College GPA.

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