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«​ The ​Undergraduate Student Handbook​ your guide to the policies you are is expected to maintain as a student at Babson College. You should ...»

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Please note that a Babson student who requires medical or staff assistance due to being dangerously    intoxicated and/or under the influence of drugs on more than one occasion may be subject to disciplinary action. Students involved in an alcohol and/or drug-related emergency for which amnesty is granted are subject to mandatory educational or developmental interventions. A Babson student/guest who summons assistance for a student in need will receive amnesty on an ongoing basis consistent with the terms of this policy. The College’s response to these incidents is independent of any action taken by local law enforcement.

Medical amnesty applies only to alcohol or other drug-related medical emergencies but does not apply to other conduct violations such as, but not limited to, assault, harassment, hazing, vandalism, driving under the influence, property damage, or distribution of illicit substances.

Possession or Consumption of Alcohol by an Underage Individual The College strictly prohibits the possession and/or consumption of alcohol by individuals under the Massachusetts legal age of 21 years old. Additionally, it will be considered a violation to transport and/or carry alcohol if the individual is under the legal age of 21 years old.

Excessive Consumption of Alcohol The College strictly prohibits intoxication requiring medical or staff attention.

Providing Alcohol to Underage Individuals The College strictly prohibits students from providing alcohol to individuals under the Massachusetts legal age of 21 years old. The policy includes allowing underage students to consume alcohol in an on or off-campus residence. Please see the Guest Policy to understand the College’s expectations for students who host guests in their residence.

Drinking Paraphernalia / Drinking Games Drinking paraphernalia constitutes items that are being used, or could be used in connection with any drinking game or the rapid, mass, or otherwise dangerous consumption of alcohol of any type. This includes, but is not limited to, items such as funnels and table tops used in conjunction with drinking games. Students found in possession of drinking paraphernalia or participating in any drinking game will be referred to the College student conduct process. The College reserves the right to immediately and permanently confiscate all drinking paraphernalia.

Open Container Policy Alcohol may not be possessed and/or consumed in outdoor areas of the College. Additionally, open containers of alcohol may not be possessed and/or consumed in residence hall hallways. On occasion, special authorization for specific locations may be obtained for outdoor or indoor consumption using the event registration process.

Unauthorized Locations for Alcohol Consumption Regardless of age, alcohol may not be consumed at athletics events, or with meals at Trim Dining Hall, the Crossroads Café at the Reynolds Campus Center, Starbucks, the Olin Cafe or any other unauthorized locations.

Permissible Quantities of Alcohol The College prohibits the possession of quantities of alcohol that are larger than what is reasonable for personal consumption. The following are the general guidelines for the maximum amount of alcohol permitted in on-campus residences for those 21 years of age or older: twelve 12-ounce coolers, malts, or beers; ​ two 750 ml. bottles of wine; ​ one liter of hard liquor up to 80 proof. The total amount of or​ or​ alcohol in a residence hall room or suite may not exceed the total amount permitted for the residents of    the room or suite, age 21 or older. The College reserves the right, in its sole discretion, and given the specific circumstances of a given incident, to determine the volume of alcohol which constitutes a violation of this policy.

Central Source The College prohibits the possession, use and/or distribution of any central source of alcohol.y. A central source may include (but is not limited to) such items as a keg, pony keg, beer ball, or punch bowl. The College reserves the right, in its sole discretion, and given the specific circumstances of a given incident, to determine the volume of alcohol which constitutes a central source. Factors including, but not limited to, an excessive number of students in a given area using the same source of alcohol and/or the intent to consume and/or distribute alcohol for the purposes of mass and/or rapid consumption.

Alcohol Delivery The commercial delivery of alcohol to Babson College, to individual students and/or student groups is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to College residence halls and/other College buildings.

Exceptions to this policy may only be made for events that have been approved for the delivery of alcohol by the Office of Student Activities and Leadership and/or the Events Management Office. These approved and College-sanctioned events must take place in previously approved College venues.

–  –  –

Knight Auditorium Any event held in Knight Auditorium where alcohol is being served must be registered with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership at least seven days prior to the event. Maximum alcohol allowed is determined by the Office of Student Activities and Leadership. TIPS-certified alcohol servers and Public Safety officers must be present. Program planning packets are available in the Office of Student Activities and Leadership. For additional information on registering your event, please go to the Student Activities and Leadership website.

Alcohol Policy Violations The tables on the following pages contain the violations and accompanying sanctions for individuals and organizations on the Babson College campus. This policy is subject to change based upon a review of its effectiveness by the vice president for student affairs and dean of students.

General Considerations:

● Any subsequent violation will be considered no less than a second violation.

● A third violation of the Babson Alcohol Policy may result in a removal from housing or a suspension from the College housing for at least one full semester.

● Seniors whose probation extends beyond the end of spring semester may lose College housing for Senior Week and Senior Week activity privileges.

● The length of disciplinary probation period is at the discretion of the hearing officer or board, and is based upon the student’s previous disciplinary record and the circumstances surrounding the incident.


–  –  –

Alcohol Policy Violations Table

Violations and their sanctions include, but are not limited to, those listed below:

The sanctions specified above are minimum sanctions. They may include additional sanctions as deemed appropriate given the specific circumstances of a particular violation/incident. Previous disciplinary history will be taken into consideration and may result in more severe sanctions.


Any act constituting a violation of College policy that is directed at any person and/or group and is motivated by race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, genetics, physical or mental disability, and veteran or other protected status.

–  –  –


Any activity on campus undertaken for the purpose of sales, sales promotion, or political canvassing is strictly prohibited without advance authorization from the approving authority.

Postings may be displayed in designated spaces in campus buildings according to each building’s specific guidelines. Please contact staff in the building for more information on their guidelines. Outdoor advertisements are permitted by special approval of the Office of Student Activities and Leadership. Postings from individual    students and external vendors are permitted only in specifically designated areas of campus buildings. These activities are generally prohibited in the residence areas, unless the Office of Residence Education and Housing grants special authorization. Promotional activities by external groups are restricted to designated bulletin boards and must be approved by the Office of Student Activities and Leadership or by paid advertisement in the ​ Babson Free Press/FREEP​.

Individuals who post any item are responsible for the removal of the posting once the date has expired. All postings in the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business must be approved by the Graduate Student Affairs.

The Messy Board is located in the front of Reynolds Campus Center. This space is open to postings. The board is cleaned on a periodic basis. We ask that you exercise respect for all members of the Babson community when adding your postings to the Messy Board.

The Say It All Wall is a dry-erase wall space located across from the Information Desk in Reynolds Campus Center. It serves primarily as a place of expression to share ideas and start conversation. Please exercise respect to all members of the Babson community when adding your messages to the Say It All Wall. Any member of the Babson community may remove items on the Say It All Wall at any time.

External solicitors or vendors including religious professionals and political organizers must register with the Student Activities and Leadership, 781-239-4500, to sell items on the Babson College campus. Vending is restricted to the Reynolds Campus Center and Trim Dining Hall carts Student Activities and Leadership provides special authorization. The College reserves the right to prohibit or condition access to the campus and to all College buildings.


Computer abuse affects everyone who uses computing facilities and results in significant expense to the College.

The same moral and ethical behaviors that apply in the non-computing environment apply in the computing environment. Babson College treats access and use violations seriously. Access to the College computing facilities and information resources is a privilege granted to the College’s students, faculty, administrators, and staff. Access to the College’s computing facilities and information resources may be restricted or terminated at the College’s sole discretion based on the following factors: failure to comply with relevant laws and contractual obligations (including the terms of any license agreements); the risk of damage or loss to the College; the impact of a violation upon the community or third parties; and costs incurred by the College in responding to abuses of the system.

It is the responsibility of each community member to use the services provided by the College’s campus network and computing systems appropriately and in compliance with all College, town, county, state, and federal laws and regulations. Furthermore, users are expected to use computer, electronic mail, and network services in an effective, ethical, responsible, and efficient manner consistent with the instructional, research, public service, and administrative goals of the College. This policy covers all persons accessing a computer, telecommunications, or network resource at Babson College, including the campus data network, electronic mail, file sharing, printing, Web services, telephone services and cable television. College computing systems are college resources and may be provided to employees for business purposes. Computers and the information contained on them are the property of the College and may be accessed by College officials at any time.

College policy and relevant laws apply to use of the College’s network and computing services. Actions that are unacceptable in the College community also are unacceptable on the network, computing systems, and other

electronic services including:

–  –  –

In addition, these policies specific to Babson’s network and electronic services apply:

● College systems, networks, and electronic services may be used only for legal purposes and to    access only those systems, software, and data for which the user is authorized.

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