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«​ The ​Undergraduate Student Handbook​ your guide to the policies you are is expected to maintain as a student at Babson College. You should ...»

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Student Groups Student groups (including but not limited to registered student organizations, varsity athletic teams, club sports, Greek letter organizations, and special-interest living communities) may be held accountable either through the Office of Community Standards and/or by the office that oversees the group. The officers or the leaders of the student group are usually expected to represent the group during the student conduct process. The College’s policies do not preclude holding certain members of an organization accountable for their individual acts committed in the context or in association with the group’s alleged violation of College policy.

How To Report Violation of the guidelines and requirements contained in this handbook and other College policies and pronouncements constitutes grounds for a valid complaint by any member of the Babson community. Reports of alleged violations of these standards can be submitted in writing to the assistant dean of Community Standards or to the Office of Public Safety by any member of the Babson community. A standard student conduct incident report, Office of Public Safety report, or a personal letter are all appropriate means by which referrals are made.

The vice president for student affairs and dean of students, or designee, reviews the alleged misconduct in order to determine whether the conduct in question is a violation of College policies, rules, or regulations, and identifies those specific charges that may be brought against the student. If appropriate, the vice president for student affairs and dean of students, or designee, may refer certain matters to the Office of Public Safety and/or   

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Record Retention Policy Student conduct files are maintained separately from any other academic or official file at the College by the Office of Community Standards. Generally, records will be retained for seven (7) years after the date of an incident unless: 1. we are mandated to maintain the record in compliance with federal, state, or local law or College policy; 2. the case resulted in an expulsion or a rescission of acceptance, in which case the student’s entire conduct file will be retained indefinitely. Every student may review, upon written request, all non-confidential contents of their conduct file to the extent permitted by law. Audio recordings of hearings are used for the request for reconsideration process only and are not considered a part of the student conduct file.

Audio recordings are generally retained until the end of the reconsideration process, after which they are destroyed.

Accommodations For Students With Disabilities Reasonable accommodations will be provided to students with disabilities in accordance with applicable law. A student with a disability who desires an accommodation for any student conduct-related meeting must follow the procedure for requesting an accommodation through Disability Services. Disability Services will make a determination regarding the request and notify the appropriate parties. A student will not be considered to have a disability unless the student registers with Disability Services. Please contact the Disability Services at 781-239-4508, by email at mpowell@babson.edu or on the ​ Babson Hub​ further information.

for Policy Definitions The following list of behaviors is intended to represent the types of acts that constitute a violation of Babson’s community standards. Although the list is extensive, it should not be regarded as all-inclusive. All community members are responsible for knowing and observing the College’s policies and procedures.

Students and/or student groups that are found to have violated College policy are subject to disciplinary action.

Any attempt to violate College policies is considered sufficient information for having committed the violation itself. Students are responsible for the consequences of their actions even when the conduct may have been influenced by their physical or emotional state (irrespective of any medical or clinical diagnosis) and/or by their use of alcohol and/or other drugs.


Students who demonstrate a lack of regard for College regulations or policies through behavior that includes but is not limited to: accumulating an excessive number of parking tickets or excessively locking themselves out of their assigned residence hall may be subject to the disciplinary process. Please note that the Departments of Residence Education and Public Safety reserve the right to determine what constitutes an excessive number of parking tickets or lockouts.


Essential to the mission of Babson College is the commitment to the principles of intellectual honesty and integrity. Academic integrity is important for two reasons. First, independent and original scholarship ensures that students derive the most they can from their educational experience and the pursuit of knowledge. Second, academic dishonesty violates the most fundamental values of an intellectual community and diminishes the achievements of the entire college community. Accordingly, Babson views academic dishonesty as one of the most serious violations of the code of conduct that a student can commit while at Babson College.

All members of the Babson College community—students, faculty, and staff—share the responsibility to bring forward known acts of apparent academic dishonesty. Any member of the academic community who witnesses or otherwise becomes aware of an act of academic dishonesty should report it to the appropriate faculty member or to the assistant dean of Community Standards. The charge will be investigated, and, if sufficient information is presented, the case will be referred to the student conduct process for adjudication. The specific procedural guidelines for handling academic dishonesty complaints are outlined in the ​ Guide to the College Student Conduct Process ​ published by Community Standards and Student Affairs. Students will not be permitted to    withdraw from a course while they have a pending academic integrity complaint.

The following is a broad overview of what constitutes academic dishonesty, but is not meant to be an all-encompassing definition.

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Students should be aware the College makes available for use the plagiarism prevention software resource Turnitin by Blackboard to both faculty and students. Those with questions about how they can use this resource or what services it can offer should contact their faculty member or the IT Support Desk (dial HELP).

Participation in Academically Dishonest Activities Intentionally or knowingly seeking to create an unfair advantage for a student, oneself, or others over other community members.

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Unauthorized Collaboration Instances when students, all claiming sole authorship, submit or attempt to submit separate reports or other materials that are substantially similar to one another or which contain duplicate or paraphrased passages. While several students may have the same source material (as in group case write-ups), the analysis, interpretation, and reporting of that data must be each individual’s original work.

Faculty members and other college officials reserve the right to use the turnitin.com or SafeAssign by Blackboard software programs or other programs as an educational tool in his or her classroom or otherwise to detect academic dishonesty.

Outcomes For Academic Integrity Violations Each case involving an academic honor violation is evaluated on the unique set of facts and circumstances. The Babson College Undergraduate Honor Code does not use a single-sanction approach for academic honor violations. The current list of possible sanctions for academic integrity violations include, but are not limited to, the following: expulsion; suspension; failure in a course, paper, project, or examination; or grade reduction in final course grade. Grade penalties are coupled with a transcript notation indicating an academic integrity violation was committed involving that class. Students can petition for removal of the transcript notation after the successful completion of an educational project focused on ethical decision making.


Any act or action that supports and/or facilitates a violation of College policies is prohibited, whether before or after the actual violation. A student may be held responsible as though they were a direct participant in the violation, even if information indicates that they were not directly involved in the committing of the violation.



Babson College is committed to encouraging and facilitating responsible student decision-making. The College recognizes that responsible decision-making concerning alcohol use is especially crucial to the health and safety of students, respect for college property, and the educational mission of the institution. Alcohol abuse among students has been shown to have serious negative effects on the students’ abilities to reach their educational goals. While students have the primary responsibility for maintaining their academic progress and their overall health, Babson College seeks, in its programs, services, and activities, to enforce the responsible use of alcohol on its campus and among its community members. To achieve this goal, and to monitor and regulate alcohol-related behavior, Babson has adopted the following policy and regulations.

Students at Babson College must be aware that their behavior with respect to alcohol is constrained by three sets of rules: Massachusetts state law, the town of Wellesley’s bylaws, and the College’s own policies that reflect its concern for the health and well-being of its students. In Massachusetts, an individual must be 21 years of age to possess, consume, transport, and/or carry alcohol.

Massachusetts State Law Massachusetts state law subjects an individual to fines ranging from $300 to $2,000, loss of driver’s

license, and/or imprisonment for the following acts:

● Sale or delivery of alcohol to anyone under 21 years of age.

● Possession, purchase, delivery, or transportation of alcohol by anyone under 21 years of age.

● Misrepresentation or falsification of identification in order to purchase alcohol.

The law further states that anyone who wishes to purchase alcohol must show, upon request, a valid Massachusetts driver’s license, Massachusetts Liquor Identification card, passport, or Military Identification card indicating that he or she is 21 years of age or older. Individuals who operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol are subject to criminal prosecution in addition to disciplinary action by the College.

In addition to the above, courts are increasingly willing to hold those who serve intoxicating beverages liable for damage or injury caused or suffered by the individuals to whom the beverages were served.

This could include the College; organizations that sponsor events where alcohol is served; the officers, members, and advisers of such groups; and the individuals who serve the beverages. This also could include liability for alcohol served at private parties and/or in residence halls. The College community should be aware that Public Safety officers are sworn officers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and thus may make arrests for state law violations.

Medical Amnesty Policy The Babson community values the health and safety of its members and supports an environment that encourages students to help others who are in need of assistance. This policy has been established to encourage students to take responsible action when another student or guest is at-risk due to the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs.

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