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«INNOVATION ANGE CH d n a ST 2N1VERSITY IN RIVING TH THE I URY U CENT 16-17 APRIL 15 A Summit Focused on Black Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students in ...»

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A significant body of research on gender inequity in the academy has focused on women in majority institutions. Women faculty at minority-serving institutions, such as Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), experience many of the same types of barriers as women in other institutions with some additional dynamics. The unique history of these academic institutions in advancing racial equity has in many ways limited discussions on the status and success of women within them. Consequently, gender issues, especially those at the interface of race and gender, often receive minimal attention. In 2012, North Carolina A&T State University (NCA&T) initiated a baseline climate study of the university in preparation for a NSF ADVANCE Institutional Transformation proposal. Salient findings illustrated the underrepresentation of women faculty in STEM and the need to address representation of women at the full professor level. Underrepresentation of women in senior professorial roles at HBCUs, like NCA&T, chronicles significant inequities in the system and a need to advance the status of women within these institutions. Female faculty also indicated the need to address issues related to workload balance, marginalization, support for scholarly productivity, mentoring, and professional development. This presentation will discuss the genesis of efforts to catalyze gender equity at NCA&T and the initiatives being implemented for institutional transformation to improve the success for women in STEM at a HBCU.

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TITLE Demystifying Information Technology in the Undergraduate Classroom: Tech Tip Takeaways to Innovate Teaching and Personalize Learning


Across the country, from Secondary to Higher Education, personalize learning has become the teaching methodology of the 21st century. The primary resource to effectively implement this strategy is technology. Ideally, since students have access to a 1:1 environment, then they can conveniently access information and create products based on their own voice and choice. However, based on my Secondary experiences as a Personalized Learning Environment Coordinator and Instructor at the collegiate level, there is a need to demystify how educators can simply integrate information technology into the classroom or course in order to personalize learning.

In this session, I will model a few strategies that I use in the courses that I teach at NC A&T State University. Below are a few of the tech tip takeaways

that I will show to help others personalize learning with technology integration:

1. Take Student Attendance with Google Forms/QR Code

2. Organize and Share Research using Symbaloo

3. Digitize your Lectures with VoiceThread and Screencasting

4. Create a Virtual Classroom and Backchannel using Todaysmeet.com

5. Instant Message with Remind Me

6. Collaborate with Google Drive

7. Create a Virtual Poster Board or Live Current News on Padlet.com

8. Create Digital Answer Sheets for On-Line Assessments using Edmodo

9. Create On-Line Peer Observations for Presentations using Google Forms or SurveyMonkey

10. Your Voice... Your Choice... (Participant On-Demand Activities) Bonus: Develop an App for your course with Tasker or Appy Pie Prior to attending the session, an optional survey will be available to post questions or requests for specific technology.

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TITLE Implementation of a Screening Protocol to Assess Knowledge and Sickle Cell Trait Among Minority Athletes Enrolled at a Historically Black College and University


Introduction: Sickle cell trait (SCT) is a hereditary condition in which the individual has one normal and abnormal gene for hemoglobin. Approximately 3 million people living in the U.S. have SCT and are unaware of their status; the condition affects 1 in 12 African Americans (AA) in the U.S. Athletes with SCT are potentially more vulnerable to exertional heat stroke, severe muscle breakdown and sudden death when participating in strenuous exercise in intense environmental conditions. The study screened minority athletes for SCT and assessed their knowledge about the disease.

Methods: The study recruited 112 student athletes who were screened for SCT. The athletic department aided with recruitment by asking student athletes to report for SCT screening following their orientation. Athletes were consented and asked to complete a brief 14-item survey that included demographic and specific questions about their knowledge and beliefs about SCT. Finger blood stick samples were conducted by Clinical Laboratory Science professionals and were sent to the lab for testing. Results: Among student athletes, males were 86%, Freshman (38%), Sophomore (21%), Junior (16%), and Senior (21%). None of the athletes knew what SCT was, and 64% had never been tested for SCT; 67% did not know SCT can be inherited and 74% did not believe they would be removed from the team if they tested positive for SCT; 9 athletes tested positive for SCT. Conclusion: Institutions should screen athletes based on the potential to provide key clinical information and targeted education that may save lives among those who need it most

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TITLE Association between Race/Ethnicity and Depression Symptoms Among Participants in a Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Study (CJ-DATS) Collaborative Behavioral Management (CBM)


INTRODUCTION: Policy initiatives on recidivism typically focus on substance abuse treatment, while data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics show that approximately half of all inmates suffer from mental illness (MI), and the prevalence and type of MI varies by race/ethnicity. The purpose of this study was to examine the association between race/ethnicity and depression symptoms among CBM participants. METHODS: Inclusion criteria included: being ≥18 years, English speaking, drug dependence prior to incarceration, substance use treatment – parole condition, moderate-to-high-risk drug relapse and/ or recidivism. Exclusion criteria included: psychotic symptoms, leave prison without parole or probation, special parole caseload, and non-participating supervision officer. Of the 569 men and women in the dataset, 288 were part of the treatment group – analytic sample. The outcome variable was depression and the exposure variable was race/ethnicity. Descriptive, bivariate, and univariate and multivariate logistic regressions were conducted using SPSS 21 and Stata/SE 13.1. Bivariate analysis was used to estimate prevalence of depression symptoms with various study characteristics. Multivariate logistic regression assessed the association between race/ethnicity and depression adjusting for other covariates. RESULTS: Prevalence for depression symptoms among participants in the CBM program was 36.1% (83 men and 21 women); representing 44.1% Whites, 41.2% African Americans (AAs), 10.7% Hispanics, and 3.9% other races, (X2 = 8.33, p = 0.04). In the unadjusted results, AAs and Hispanics were 49%, p = 0.01 and 56%, p = 0.04 less likely to have depression symptoms compared to Whites respectively. In the adjusted model, this was 42%, p = 0.08 and 52%, p = 0.13 respectively.

CONCLUSION: The prevalence of depression symptoms (36.1%) of this sample was greater than that of state prisons (23%). Policies and initiatives aimed at implementing integrative rehabilitation programs must address the lack of MI treatment initiatives and resources to effectively plan community treatment interventions post-release.

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TITLE The Battery Vampire


The EPA estimates that 179,000 tons of batteries are disposed of each year in the United States. Worldwide, that number increases to nearly 10 billion batteries per year. What is even more shocking is that when these disposable batteries cease to provide power to their various devices, they are disposed of with approximately 50% of their energy still remaining. As a result, various harmful chemicals and unnecessary waste are unknowingly being thrown into landfills, causing toxic leaks into the environment surrounding us.

The Battery Vampire, developed by 2ndLife Technology, LLC in Winston Salem, has invented and patented a software chip that can revolutionize the way consumers use batteries in the future. When installed in battery-operated devices, BatteryVampire will double the available energy capacity in a device.

Benefits of BatteryVampire include reduced waste in our landfills, enhanced consumer life experiences, and decreased spending on batteries. In addition, military and other civic organizations will benefit from simultaneous improvements in the range of search and rescue operations while reducing the weight of equipment used during their missions.

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TITLE Faculty Retention and Promotion


This study takes an in-depth look at the promotion and retention patterns of underrepresented minority (URM) faculty at two large research-extensive land grant universities with historical emphases on engineering, agriculture and veterinary medicine. There has been great concern about the “revolving door for underrepresented minority faculty” (Moreno et al. 2006, MIT 2010), with evidence for the view that retention is at least as important as recruiting for faculty from underrepresented groups (Myers and Turner 2004). Moreno et al. (2006) found that nearly three in five new URM faculty hired went to replace URM faculty who had left the institution.

We find that both faculty retention and time to promotion from associate to full professor vary considerably among disciplines. When the probability of leaving the institution is estimated for the entire university, URM faculty appear to be at much higher risk of leaving than other faculty. However, when the analysis is done separately for different disciplines, the difference between URM and other faculty shrinks considerably for some disciplines.

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TITLE Research and Relevance: The Impact of a Master’s Program at an HBCU


We discuss both the research and relevance impact of the NCA&T Applied Mathematics Graduate Master’s Program. Through recent strengthening and successful redesign, the program has significantly increased the country’s pool of minority Ph.D. candidates in Mathematics. It has also provided a qualified group of graduates that continue to be recruited by various research government agencies, by hospital biostatistics and analytics teams, and by community colleges. Therefore, we argue that both research and relevance describe the successful mathematics graduate program at this HBCU in the UNC System.

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TITLE Facilitating Digital Literacy in African American Male Youth: The Utility of Afterschool Programs


The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore computer utilized in the daily lives of seven African-American male youth in the southeastern region of the United States. Critical pedagogy was selected as the theoretical framework using Paulo Freire’s ideas of problem-posing education to promote awareness towards using the computer other than for entertainment purposes. Data were collected from three individual semi-structured interviews, samples of participants’ work, and a video recorded focus group. The data were analyzed using the phenomenological methodology as described by Moustakas (1994). The results from this study indicated that African-American male youth used the computer to typically play video games. But, this study also explored how to transform their technology literacies using targeted software application and technology (e.g., Scratch and XO laptop).

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TITLE Impact of a Summer Fitness Camp on Low-Income Children’s BMI


Low-income children are at increased risk for obesity (Kumanyika & Grier, 2006) with the rate of obesity among minority children being more than double that of white children (Ogden, 2010). Many interventions fail to understand and take into consideration the unique environmental factors that influence behaviors in low-income minority children (Kumanyika & Grier, 2006). This study explored a summer fitness program’s effect on Body Mass Index (BMI in low-income minority children. The Rams Fitness Academy was a childhood obesity intervention implemented in a summer camp setting targeting 10-12 year-old children from low income families. The long-term goal of the proposed project was to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity for minority children from low income families living in Forsyth County, North Carolina. The project tested the feasibility and effectiveness of a 6-week summer fitness & wellness program designed to address the social and environmental barriers that unique to low income families. Participants for the Academy were recruited primarily from the local housing authority areas. Additional recruitment occurred at selected public elementary and middle schools that had at least 95% of their children on free or reduced lunch, as well as, selected local churches located near the targeted housing authority areas. Approximately 120 low income minority children, ages 10-12 were recruited to participate in the summer fitness and wellness camp called Rams Fitness Academy (RFA).

Results included pre- and post-BMI data.

26 www.wssu.edu/thesummit2015 NOTES

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28 www.wssu.edu/thesummit2015

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