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«1 Introduction The censor package allows a convenient redaction/censor capability to be employed, for those who need to protect restricted ...»

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In order to produce the uncensored, restricted output, the unrestricted source file must be moved into the restricted/secure environment and be subject to a small amount of additional editing. Once in the restricted environment, the source (.tex file) may be edited such that the censored keyword identifiers are filled in with their restricted values and, in the process, changing the \censor* and \censorbox* commands to \censor and \censorbox, respectively. This and the addition of the \StopCensoring command to the file will produce the

uncensored, restricted result:


–  –  –

The {\Missile} missile, with charge diameter (CD) of {\Size}~mm, revealed a penetration capability ranging from 1.19--1.37~CD in three recent tests into armor steel, as detailed in Table 1.

\begin{table}[ht] \begin{center} \textbf{Table 1. {\Missile} Missile Test Data}\\ {\TableOne} \end{center} \end{table}


The Liberty missile, with charge diameter (CD) of 80 mm, revealed a penetration capability ranging from 1.19–1.37 CD in three recent tests into armor steel, as detailed in Table 1.

–  –  –

The only changes required of the document were at the very beginning, among the keyword identifiers. The primary text of the source document remained unaltered. Note also that the censored, unrestricted output may also be obtained from the no-longer-unrestricted source by removing the \StopCensoring command at the beginning of the file.

It is not envisioned that the \blackout or \xblackout commands, discussed in the prior section, are used in this mode, where the source file is in an unsecure environment.

4 Censor Marks The censor (blacking) mark is a \rule which has a depth −0.3ex (i.e., below the baseline), and a height of 2.1ex, by default. The characteristics of that rule may be changed by setting the following two lengths.

\censorruledepth=length \censorruleheight=length In addition, it was mentioned that periods are not censored, so as to preserve the ability of L TEX to produce censored output of identical spacing to the A uncensored output. If, however, the preservation of space is not essential, and the user does not wish to have periods appear in the censored output, the definition \censordot, by default \def\censordot{.} can be redefined as a blank space, as a null character, or something else, at the users’ discretion.

5 Summary & Miscellany The complete set of commands available to the censor package, to bring about

text redaction, are:

\censor{text} \censor*{width mult.} \censorbox[pre-commands]{object box} \censorbox*[pre-commands]{width mult.}{height mult.}{depth mult.} \blackout{extended text passage} \xblackout{extended text passage} \bpar (retained for backward compatibility only) \StopCensoring \RestartCensoring \censorruledepth=length \censorruleheight=length \def\censordot{. or character} The star (*) version of the commands is envisioned when the source document is being created in an unsecure environment, whereas, the unstarred version is when the document source may be created in a secure environment. In the star (*) commands, width multipliers are given in ex’s, whereas height and depth multipliers are given in multiples of \baselineskip. The depth indicates the distance below the baseline where the bottom of a boxed object is to be placed (this command has a more direct effect for inline use, whereas use within environments is often overridden by the environment). The use of precommands will typically be fontsize commands, so that measurements of ex’s and \baselineskip are done in a relevant fontsize.

The \bpar command is no longer needed, as of V3.10. It is now made equivalent to \par.

Censoring may be dynamically turned off and on in a document with the use of the \StopCensoring and \RestartCensoring commands, respectively. The default is censoring ‘on.’ I have found that, in certain cases (for example, with captions created using the boxhandler package), the censorbox command needs to be protected by way of \protect\censorbox{...}.

It is preferable not to apply \censor to whitespace, or text justification could be adversely affected. If one wishes to censor a multi-word phrase, such as “Little

Bo Peep,” it is recommended to do it as follows:

\blackout{Little Bo Peep}

If such a phrase is to be used repeatedly through a document, it is most convenient to place it as a keyword identifier:

\def\Name{\blackout{Little Bo Peep}}

such that subsequent reference is done indirectly:

We examine the life of {\Name} in this report (Even so, it should be noted that censoring can still affect text justification, because censored words are never hyphenated across line boundaries, whereas the original text may have been.)

The source code for censor is so short as to be included below:

% censor.sty \def\censorversionnumber{3.21} \ProvidesPackage{censor} [2013/06/24 \censorversionnumber Provides capability for redaction of sensitive information] % % This work may be distributed and/or modified under the % conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, either version 1.3 % of this license or (at your option) any later version.

% The latest version of this license is in % http://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt % and version 1.3 or later is part of all distributions of LaTeX % version 2005/12/01 or later.

% % This work has the LPPL maintenance status ‘maintained’.

% % The Current Maintainer of this work is Steven B. Segletes.


% 1.00 - Initial release % 2.00 - Added \blackout % 2.10 - Allowed \blackout to cross paragraph boundaries with use of % \bpar. Stopped censoring periods, in order to preserve % end-of-sentence spacing, which differs from inter-word spacing.

% 3.00 - \censorbox introduced to handle figures, tables, etc.

% 3.10 - Made \blackout work with \par in argument. Introduced % \xblackout % 3.20 - Specify depth/height of censor rule. Introduced \def\censordot{} % 3.21 - Fixed bug regarding \xblackout rules remaining after a % \StopCensoring \usepackage{pbox} \usepackage{ifnextok} \newlength\censorruledepth \newlength\censorruleheight \censorruledepth=-0.3ex% -0.3ex DEFAULT \censorruleheight=2.1ex% 2.1ex DEFAULT \def\censordot{.}% versus \def\censordot{ }% \newcommand\censorrule[1]{\protect\rule[\censorruledepth]{#1}{\censorruleheight}} \newcommand\censor{\@ifstar{\@cenlen}{\@cenword}} \newcommand\@cenlen[1]{\censorrule{#1 ex}} \newcommand\@cenword[1]{\censorrule{\widthofpbox{#1}}} \newcommand\un@censor{\@ifstar{\un@cenlen}{\un@cenword}} \newcommand\un@cenlen[1]{\protect\underline{\hspace{#1 ex}}} \newcommand\un@cenword[1]{#1} \newcommand\StopCensoring{% \let\censor\un@censor% \let\censorbox\un@censorbox% \let\xblackout\blackout% } \newcommand\RestartCensoring{% \renewcommand\censor{\@ifstar{\@cenlen}{\@cenword}}% \renewcommand\censorbox{\@ifstar{\censor@dim}{\censor@box}}% \let\xblackout\sv@xblackout% } \let\sv@tilde~ \def\stringend{$} \long\def\blackout#1{\def~{-}\censor@Block#1\stringend\let~\sv@tilde} \long\def\censor@Block{\IfNextToken\stringend{\@gobble}% {\IfNextToken\@sptoken{ \bl@t{\censor@Block}}% {\bl@t{\censor@Block}}}} % V2.00 DEFINITION:

% \def\bl@t#1#2{\censor{#2}#1} % V2.10 DEFINITION (MADE \long IN V3.1):

\long\def\bl@t#1#2{\if\bpar#2\par\else\if.#2\censordot\else\censor{#2}\fi\fi#1} %\def\bpar{_} %V3.00 DEFINITION \let\bpar\par %AS OF V3.1, CAN HANDLE \par \long\def\xblackout#1{\rule{0ex}{0ex}% \def~{-}% \def\@justpar{F}% \def\@justperiod{F}% \def\@justspace{F}% \xcensor@Block#1\stringend% \let~\sv@tilde% } \let\sv@xblackout\xblackout \long\def\xcensor@Block{\IfNextToken\stringend{\@gobble}% {\IfNextToken\@sptoken{ \def\@justspace{T}\xbl@t{\xcensor@Block}}% {\xbl@t{\xcensor@Block}}}} \newlength\periodrlap\setlength\periodrlap{1.6ex} \newlength\afterperiodlap\setlength\afterperiodlap{1.2ex} \newlength\lletterlap\setlength\lletterlap{0.55ex} \newlength\rletterlap\setlength\rletterlap{0.55ex} \newlength\afterspacelap\setlength\afterspacelap{0.0ex} \def\@periodrlap{\rlap{\censorrule{\periodrlap}}} \def\@afterperiodlap{\llap{\censorrule{\afterperiodlap}}} \def\@lletterlap{\llap{\censorrule{\lletterlap}}} \def\@rletterlap{\rlap{\censorrule{\rletterlap}}} \def\@afterspacelap{\llap{\censorrule{\afterspacelap}}}

–  –  –

\newcommand\censorbox{\@ifstar{\censor@dim}{\censor@box}} \newcommand\censor@dim[4][]{{#1% \rule[-#4\baselineskip]{#2ex}{#3\baselineskip}}} \newcommand\censor@box[2][]{#1\setbox0\hbox{#2}% \rule[-\the\dp0]{\the\wd0}{\the\ht0+\the\dp0}} \newcommand\un@censorbox{\@ifstar{\un@censor@dim}{\un@censor@box}} \newcommand\un@censor@dim[4][]{{#1% \fbox{\rule[-#4\baselineskip]{0ex}{#3\baselineskip} \rule{#2ex}{0ex}}}} \newcommand\un@censor@box[2][]{#1#2} % NOTE: A \protect\censorbox{} MAY BE REQUIRED INSIDE SOME ENVIRONMENTS \endinput

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