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«Molly Allen Nancy Steblay, Ph.D., Ben Denkinger, Ph.D. Psychology Eyewitness Memory Procedure with Older Adults Older adults make more identification ...»

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Exercise Science Grip, Pinch, and Grab Strength Measure in DIII Wrestlers Following Six Weeks of Hand and Wrestling Training Grappling oriented sports such as Wrestling, Judo, and Jiu-Jitsu rely heavily on grabbing, holding and applying submissions to an opponent. Due to the nature of these sports and their reliance on holds, attaining powerful grip strength has often been seen as a necessity for successful participation.

PURPOSE: Because wrestling is so dependent on hand strength, it is important to determine viable options to strengthen this aspect among these athletes. The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effects of a sport specific hand-wrist training program combined with wrestling training on grip, pinch, and grab strength. METHODS: Eleven elite (aged 20 + 2 yr) NCAA DIII collegiate wrestlers were assessed on their grip (whole hand), pinch (thumb and pointer finger), and grab (thumb and first knuckle of pointer finger) strength using grip and pinch dynamometers. After the initial testing, the participants completed six weeks of pre-wrestling competition training. Training consisted of wrestling technique practice 5x a week, live wrestling 5x a week, endurance lifting 3x a week, and various cardio workouts 5x a week. Additionally, each subject completed a supplemental grip-specific workout consisting of farmer walks, fat grip pull ups, ball squeezes, plate pinches, and band extenders, 2x a week. Following six weeks of training, hand strength was reassessed. Each strength measure was obtained three times on each hand before and after training and average score derived. A repeated measures ANOVA was utilized to determine significance in hand strength before and after competition. RESULTS: Analysis revealed no significant changes in grip, pinch, or grab strength from pre to post training (p.05). The hand grip dynamometer pre measures were 124.82 lbs (±26.58) and grip post scores were 124.38 lbs (±24.0). The pinch pre measures were 18.23 lbs (±2.55) pinch post scores were 18.69 lbs (±2.4). The grab test pre measures were 26.45 lbs (±3.33) and post grab scores were 26.5 lbs (±4.35).

CONCLUSION: This study revealed that participation in a six week grip-specific training program along with a standard wrestling specific training has no significant impact on grip, pinch, or grab strength. Future investigations could focus on off-season assessments and the inclusion of non-participating control subjects, to better evaluate the potential for enhanced grip, pinch, and grab performance.

Courtney Terry, Ashley Johnson James Vela-McConnell, Ph.D.

Sociology Crisis in the Catholic Church: Stigmatized by Scandal The Catholic Church has been stigmatized from the time the news of the sex abuse scandal broke in 2002 and the Church’s status was discredited. The purpose of this study is to analyze the ways in which the media and the public have responded to the scandal. Who is blamed? How is the issue framed?

Press coverage of the scandal by two U.S. news sources is being analyzed: The Washington Post and America Magazine, a highly respected secular news source and a nationwide Catholic publication. The time frame for the articles ranges from 2000-2013. In addition to the articles, the online comments are also being examined, which provide valuable immediate public feedback to the scandal and its press coverage. Analysis includes the level of the institution that is being stigmatized, the ways in which the scandal is framed, and the impact religious identity has on reactions to the scandal.

Sadie Tetrick Mark Engebretson, Ph.D.

Space Physics Observations of Electron Precipitation Correlated with Drift Echoes I worked as a Space Physics research student at Dartmouth College under the supervision of post doc Alexa Halford and BARREL (Balloon Array for Radiation Belt Relativistic Electron Losses) campaign researcher Robyn Millian. BARREL is a research project that is carried out by the Dartmouth Balloon Group. It studies the Earth’s Radiation Belts. I worked on Alexa’s project that dealt with looking at microbursts which are very quick precipitation events. I worked with IDL programming as well as Python to fit the microburst event times as well as full time period of other events that were observed on January 26th of 2013. I was able to use my programming and mathematical skills to fit the events with both an exponential model, which I found the e-folding to be around 27. I also fit the events with a mono-energetic value of 160-170 KeV. I tested other various models such as a Gaussian curve. This relates to the general public because telecommunications and satellites out in space can be greatly affected by changes in the earth's space atmosphere. Understanding how particles interact in space with our atmosphere will improve telecommunications and protect us from damaging effects from the sun and other space elements.

Keng Thao Benjamin L. Stottrup, Ph.D.

Physics The Langmuir Monolayer of Microscopic Particles The Langmuir monolayer system has been used to produce transferrable thin-films at the air-liquid interface for over 100 years. Graphene oxide is a nano-sheet that has exciting applications to thin-films because of its applications in the field of electronics and as a coating material. In our work, we use lycopodium as a model at the air-water interface. The aim of this study is to test cost-effective micronscale particles such as lycopodium and determine how the physical geometry of such macroscopic films is tunable in Langmuir-Blodgett deposition systems. Lycopodium was characterized with traditional Langmuir film balance technique and was further observed with a microscope after transferring the thinfilm onto a glass slide with the Langmuir-Blodgett deposition method. Lycopodium was found to disperse more evenly across the water surface when mixed with methanol. Langmuir-Blodgett dipping was modified to perform vertical dipping at adjustable angles in order to transfer the lycopodium thin-film onto a glass slide. The results indicated that the packing of micron-scale particles allow us to understand how the physical geometry of macroscopic films is changeable in Langmuir-Blodgett deposition systems.

Hannah Thiry Matthew Beckman, Ph.D.

Biology Developmental Expression of the Daphnia magna Hedgehog Gene Daphnia magna are freshwater cyclopic crustaceans that have been studied by ecologists, toxicologists, and geneticists for decades. However, to our knowledge, no molecular genetics research has been done involving the development of the single cyclopic eye. To better understand embryonic eye development in Daphnia magna, the spatial localization and temporal expression profile of the hedgehog gene was studied using In Situ Hybridization (ISH). In order to perform in situ hybridizations, riboprobes specific to the hedgehog mRNA were generated using in vitro transcription. This riboprobe binds to the complementary strand of mRNA within the D. magna embryo and can be visualized. My preliminary data indicates that the hedgehog gene is expressed in the anterior midline in developing embryos up to approximately 10 hours. Future experiments will be conducted to confirm these preliminary findings and improve out understanding of the spatial localization and temporal expression of the hedgehog gene.

Juan Tigre-Lazo Benjamin Stottrup, Ph.D.

Physics Comparison of Line Tension Measurement Techniques in Phase Separated Multi-Component Lipid Monolayers Langmuir monolayers of multi-component lipid compositions have been used to study the mixing behavior of sterol-phospholipid systems. Using traditional Langmuir pressure-area isotherms and fluorescence microscopy techniques we compare line tension measurements using two methods of image analysis.

Line tension between coexisting phases of sterol-rich and sterol-poor domains can be extracted from a Fourier analysis of domain boundary fluctuations (J. Phys. Chem. B, 111:11091-11094). These measurements will be compared to a recently developed non-perturbative technique based on domain size distribution (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 110:13272-1327). Until now these two measurement techniques have not been compared on the same data set. The compositions studied include 30:70 mixtures of cholesterol and DMPC, DLPC, and DCPC. As well as 25:75 mixtures of 25-hydroxycholesterol DMPC systems.

Michael Torreson Kathryn Swanson, Ph.D.

English Improving and Expanding the Available Resources at the Augsburg College Writing Lab For my research project, I have been evaluating the resources and materials available to students and tutors in the writing lab in order to understand what resources can be improved upon and to figure out what else needs to be added. The writing lab is one of the most heavily utilized services on campus, and the tutors have to aid many students in resolving issues with their writing on a daily basis. Our goal is not only to show students how to improve their papers, but it is also to help students improve their writing skills. My goal, then, has been to ensure that the current resources we have in the writing lab are helpful and informative and to produce new materials for information important to writing. I will also be putting materials online in order to make important information accessible for students.

Emily Uecker Christina Erickson, Ph.D.

Social Work Diffusing Individually Mandated Stress: Using A Community Peace Model to Increase Participation in Healthcare Coverage Under the Individual Mandate of the Affordable Care Act The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is quickly changing the landscape of the healthcare and health insurance industry for providers and consumers alike. Unfortunately, executing the individual mandate of this act proved more difficult than expected due to difficult to reach populations and technological malfunctions. In Minnesota, many people faced difficulties enrolling in the state's insurance marketplace, MNsure, which only further complicated an already confusing healthcare and healthcare coverage system. Social workers and other human service professionals worked as certified navigators individually and through community organizations to aid persons in enrolling in affordable health insurance plans. Portico Healthnet, a community organization in St. Paul, Minnesota that has spent the last fifteen working to help people find affordable health care partnered with The Wakanheza Project, a community peacemaking initiative that began out of an antiviolence initiative through St. Paul-Ramsey County Public Health aiming to reduce stress in organizations and communities, shortly before MNsure rollout began. Based off a qualitative study conducted in June of 2014 by Dr. Christina Erickson and Emily Uecker, this presentation will explain through the metaphor of the video game Block Dude created by Brandon Sterner that in the context of healthcare organizations, use of additional training on the emotional and environmental situations people face such as The Wakanheza Project ensures smoother practices admits inherently stressful situations and a more successful enrollment overall.

Mari Uema Andrew Aoki, Ph.D.

Political Science Political Mobilization of Young Adults of Color in the Twin Cities Area In an earlier era, political parties seem to have played an important role in incorporating the so-called “new immigrants”. In recent decades, however, a number of studies have concluded that parties are no longer playing such a central role in drawing new Americans into the political process, and that community-based organizations have stepped in to fill that void. Our research investigates whether this is the case in the Twin Cities area.

Cain Valtierrez Benjamin L. Stottrup, Ph.D.

Physics Assembly of Graphene-Oxide Langmuir Films Graphene-Oxide (GO) monolayers are an unconventional form of soft material. It is of great importance to investigate GO’s colloidal assembly on the air/water interface through the Langmuir-Blodgett technique for applications such as electronics, polymer composites and energy storage. Characterization of GO’s surface activity, monolayer stability against compression and reversibility, and sheet morphology provide an insight to the way that these sheets are assembled. GO’s amphiphilicity can be varied with the degree of surface ionization because of GO’s carboxylic edge groups and hydrophobic basal plane, which dictate the macroscopic edge-to-edge and face-to-face interactions. These interactions are observed when GO monolayers are compressed leading to sheet folding and wrinkling that can be visualized through various microscopy techniques. Furthermore, a quantitative isothermal line fitting comparison between polydisperse and homogenous GO is discussed.

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