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«Molly Allen Nancy Steblay, Ph.D., Ben Denkinger, Ph.D. Psychology Eyewitness Memory Procedure with Older Adults Older adults make more identification ...»

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Consistent with other studies, wave occurrence peaked sharply around the magnetic equator and occurred both inside and outside of the plasmapause. Waves occurred at all local times but were more common from noon to dusk, and often occurred within three hours after substorm injections. Most recent studies of harmonic waves have used instruments restricted to higher frequencies, while harmonics identified in this study were found at lower frequencies. Comparisons with higher frequency data indicated these low-harmonic waves sometimes occurred independently of higher-harmonic waves, demonstrating the importance of including this population of waves in further studies of radiation belt dynamics.

Awale Osman Adriane Brown, Ph.D.

Communication Studies The institutionalization of Women’s Studies Women’s studies is an integral department in the American higher education community. The aim of this study is to understand the institutionalization of women’s studies in the academic community, track its growth in the last several decades, trace the emergence of gender and masculinity studies and engage with discourses about the future of this discipline. My research examines existing literature, mostly secondary sources, to glean answers to the above mentioned questions. The results show that the establishment of women’s studies as a discipline continues to evolve and face myriad challenges at diverse higher education institutions (two-year, four-year and graduate school). Some programs have transitioned into gender and/or masculinity studies; others were downsized to certificates and smaller programs rather than full departments. Despite these challenges, there are still over 700 women’s studies programs in colleges and universities around the world. Additionally, practitioners of women’s studies continue to conduct research and publish prolifically.

Melissa PascoeMelissa Hensley, Ph.D.Social WorkRule 25 Assessment and Adult Men

When looking at the epidemiology of substance abuse, adult men experience higher rates of substance abuse than adult women (Shead M.SC. & Hodgins, PhD, 2006).Proper screening for substance abuse can help determine a diagnoses and course of treatment from those suffering from a substance abuse disorder. Overall, men present very different behaviors and symptoms of substance abuse than women.

Substance abuse assessment tools vary from state-to-state. In Minnesota, the Rule 25 Substance Abuse Assessment tool is used. The purpose of the Rule 25 is to give a preliminary diagnosis as per the DSM IV-TR and help an individual secure funding for their treatment (Substance Abuse Counselor interview).

But does the Rule 25 do an accurate job of screening adult men? Through in-depth interviews and reviewing current literature, I analyzed interview notes with the current literature on effective substance abuse assessments. It was revealed that the Rule 25 does not account for some of the common ways substance abuse manifests in adult men, thus potentially compromising the quality of diagnoses and treatment the client may need.

Weixin Peng Stella Hofrenning, Ph.D.

Economics An Analysis of Community College Transfer Students Completion of a 4-Year Degree From the mid-60s to early 2000s, enrollment in community colleges had been increasing at a rate of 5% annually compared to 2.1% for four year institutions. Recent reports from the National Center for Education Statistics and the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center for 2011 and 2012 finds decline in enrollments for community colleges. The lower enrollment figures could be attributed to a decreased number of high school graduates and fewer adults who can afford additional job training. Also, recent tuition increases may have contributed to fewer students seeing community colleges as a good option (Community College Review). The role of community colleges is to prepare students for “transfer” study at four-year colleges. Over one-third of students who ever enroll in community colleges later attend a four-year college (Adelman 2004). Much research has examined transfer graduation rates relative to “native” students, in other words, students who began their education at a four year college. Hillmer (1997) and Lee, Mackie-Lewis and Marks (1993) found that the graduate rates for transfer students and native students are similar. However, Nutting (2004) and Sandy, Gonzalez and Hilmer (2005) find that transfer students are significantly less like to complete a 4-year college degree than native students. My research will compare whether a student completed a bachelor’s degree or not, for students who transferred to Augsburg College with students who began their degrees at Augsburg College. A logit regression is used to calculate probabilities. Several explanatory variables such as race, gender, student scores on ACT exams, grades and parent education are included. This research is important because it has implications for policies directed to increase the role of two-year colleges as a way to increase the number of students graduating from four year colleges.

Susanna Petaisto Henry Yoon, Ph.D.

Biopsychology Longitudinal Association between Reduced P3 Brain Amplitude and ADHD Comorbidity Previous cross-sectional research from the Minnesota Twin Family Study (MTFS) indicates that significant reduction in the amplitude component of the P300 (or P3) event-related potential waveform can effectively index youth at risk for externalizing disorders. Specifically, reduced P3 amplitude identified 11-year-old subjects with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) combined with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and/or Conduct Disorder (CD), i.e., “ADHD-comorbid”, but not in those diagnosed with ADHD alone (i.e., “ADHD-pure”). This suggests that the ADHD-comorbid group reflects a particularly severe variant of ADHD associated with a spectrum of disorders characterized by disinhibition. In the current study, we propose to investigate these associations longitudinally using a community-based sample of uniformed-age participants who were previously assessed as part of the MTFS. Diagnostic and EEG data will be analyzed from assessments made at ages 11, 14, 17, 20, and 24. P3 data were captured using the visual rotated heads oddball task, and this data will be modeled using growth curves to reflect P3 amplitude trajectories associated with three groups based on diagnostic status at age 11: 1) ADHD-pure, 2) ADHD-comorbid, or 3) Controls (no ADHD, ODD, and CD). Based on previous work, we hypothesize that the trajectories associated with the ADHD-comorbid group will continue to be significantly reduced compared to Controls over the approximate 13-year assessment span. Overall, it is anticipated that this investigation will further support the notion that P3 amplitude reduction is a developmentally-stable index that taps into a neurobiological substrate associated with disinhibitory disorders.

Jens Pinther Robert Cowgill, Ph.D.

English/Theatre LGBT Stand-Up Comics: The Contact Zone of Comedic Performance This project analyzes autoethnographic texts—engagements with the dominant culture’s representations of a marginalized culture—performed by LGBT stand-up comedians and other comics. The article argues that “autoethnography” is a term that has been stretched out and expanded too far, and proposes an alternative word to consider instead of “autoethnography” for cases that do not deal specifically with ethnic marginalization. Through humor, LGBT comics have an opportunity to criticize societal claims and stereotypes using the unique power dynamics of stand-up comedy in a way that would not normally be possible in other contexts. Additionally, this article draws distinctions among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender autoethnographies, underscoring the idea that not every part of the LGBT acronym should be considered identical when considering techniques of performance.

Boo SegersinDarcey EngenTheatreProfessional Theater in Rural Minnesota

This summer I was able to work with a unique theater company, Sod House Theater. Each summer, Sod House takes a group of highly trained and professional actors to multiple communities in rural Minnesota where they work with local talent to create a cite-specific production. In addition to performing, Sod House also holds theater classes for children, performance-based memory workshops for people in senior living, as well as providing workshops in acting and directing for people of all ages. Last summer we had the opportunity to visit Crookston, Blue Earth, and Lake Benton where we put on a revised version of Henrik Ibsen's Peer Gynt. As a student of performing arts, I was able to see the intricacy of running one's own theater company, get a glimpse into the life of many professional working actors, and learn more about how to create and teach art with people of any age group.

Raesean Sneed Shahryar Kianian, Ph.D.

Biology Testing Wheat Alloplasmic Lines For Genetic Resistance Against a Variety of Wheat Leaf Rusts A key feature of eukaryotic evolution is the endosymbiotic relationship between certain cytoplasmic organelles (i.e. mitochondria and chloroplasts) and the nucleus. These subcellular structures posses a tightly coordinated communication system that regulate gene expression. This system can be disrupted by substituting the cytoplasmic organelles of a domesticated wheat line with identical structures from wild type relative, forming an alloplasmic line. This formation can yield negative phenotypes (male sterility, lower seed yield) and positive phenotypes (improved seed yield, improved stress tolerance). Pilot studies suggest that some alloplasmic lines display improved resistance against a variety of leaf and stem rusts.

This study aims to identify particular alloplasmic lines with improved resistance against a group of domestic leaf rusts via screening. The purity of the hybrid lines were verified using high-density 90,000 single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping array. Our results suggest that certain alloplasic lines exhibit improved genetic resistance against the selected leaf rust races.

Samantha Swanson, Caroline Wochnick Mary Lanzerotti, Ph.D.

Physics Topological Properties of Ripple Carry Adders for Chip Designs This poster presents topological properties and connectivity of three ripple-carry adders. The three adders are a full adder cell (1-bit), a 2-bit ripple-carry adder, and a 3-bit ripple-carry adder. The topological properties are extracted from these adders, where the genus is the key interest of this study. This poster also presents the method by which the properties are extracted, any patterns or other interesting information that has been noticed, and conclusions that can be drawn from the data.

Zachary Swingen Michael Wentzel, Ph.D.

Chemistry Modification and Green Synthesis of Sustainable Tri-block Copolymers The importance of green polymer synthesis and sustainable polymers is the focus in a new experiment developed as a guided inquiry polymer lab for undergraduate organic chemistry courses at all types of institutions. The lab highlights the fact that various monomeric incorporation of L-lactide and δdodecalactone are related to the physical and mechanical properties a polymer displays. This experiment not only introduces students to the fundamentals of polymer chemistry, but also instills quantitative data analysis techniques through analysis of 1H NMR spectrums of the synthesized polymer to calculate the composition and molecular weight of the product.

Alicia Tate Nidanie Henderson-Stull, Ph.D.

Biology The Expression and Purification of Cellular Sarcoma Kinase from Fission Yeast The cellular Sarcoma (c-Src) protein kinase has important roles in the life cycle of many cells in the human body, including cell growth and movement. If the proper feedback, either negative or positive, is not received to keep the enzyme regulated, oncogenic behavior is observed. Understanding the structure of Src protein could lead to better treatment options for patients with many different cancers because Src has a critical role in metastasis. Understanding the intact protein could lead to a better understanding of how improperly regulated Src causes cancer and improve medicines. I will discuss our efforts to purify amounts of Src from Schizosaccharomyces pombe (S. Pombe).

Tommy Teigen Anthony Clapp, Ph.D.

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