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«Molly Allen Nancy Steblay, Ph.D., Ben Denkinger, Ph.D. Psychology Eyewitness Memory Procedure with Older Adults Older adults make more identification ...»

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Zyzzogeton Presenters and Abstracts

Eric Alfuth

Benjamin L. Stottrup, Ph.D.


Creating Laboratory Equipment for Biophysics Research and Education Using a 3D Printer

Maker and DIY projects and resources have exploded in popularity and accessibility. We describe the

development of a Langmuir trough system and accessories by undergraduates. LabVIEW provided the

base user interface while Arduino micro-controllers were used as the interface electronics. We present a

cost effective way to build a modular and disposable Teflon trough. We demonstrate that Arduino and LabVIEW interface effectively. Using a home built 3D computer-controlled router we are able to build barriers and other necessary elements.

Molly Allen Nancy Steblay, Ph.D., Ben Denkinger, Ph.D.

Psychology Eyewitness Memory Procedure with Older Adults Older adults make more identification errors than younger adults when asked to identify a culprit from a police lineup. These errors increase the chance that an innocent person will be accused of a crime.

Therefore, it is important to determine a lineup procedure that reduces identification errors when police are working with older adult eyewitnesses. The purpose of this laboratory study is to compare the accuracy of younger (18-30 years of age) versus older (60-80 years of age) eyewitnesses under conditions of best lineup practice. This study is a 2 x 2 x 2 factorial research design. The identification accuracy of older and younger eyewitnesses will be compared using the sequential (images viewed one at a time) versus simultaneous (images viewed all at once) lineup procedures, with either the culprit present or absent from the lineup. Participants view a short video of a simulated crime. They then try to identify the culprit from a six-person lineup. Data collection is currently ongoing. The data will be analyzed using chi-square tests.

Heath Anderson Stuart Stoller, Ph.D.

Business The Beer Ratio Our research hypothesizes that a beer-friendly country in Europe should adopt the Euro as its national form of currency when the price per pint in that country is of equal value to the price per pint in Germany.

If there is a discrepancy in these prices when a country converts to the Euro, the cost of living in that country will gradually increase over time.

Karla Guadalupe Arredondo-Payan Lars Christiansen, Ph.D.

Sociology Living Under The Shadows: A North Minneapolis Perspective The purpose of this study is to examine the links that exist between the negative perceptions of North Minneapolis with the lifestyles of residents and how these perceptions are created, specifically through the media. Qualitative data such as interviews, random survey, content analysis, and field observations are used to profile whether or not the lifestyles of residents in North Minneapolis are affected by the negative perceptions and to determine what causes these negative views. Qualitative analysis revealed that media perceptions play a key role in influencing people in creating and accepting the negative views of North Minneapolis. However, the interviews presented the concept of North Minneapolis being like any other community in the world and had no distinguishable characteristics that would make it stand out for the media to create negative stories and views of the community. Furthermore, family dynamics play a key role in the acceptance or rejection of the negative stereotypes that are argued by some to mold individuals in the neighborhood.

Nadine Ashby Matthew Beckman, Ph.D.

Biology Cloning and Characterization of the Expression of gooseberry from Daphnia magna Daphnia magna are invertebrates that are primarily found in freshwater lakes and ponds. Historically, daphnids have been used to conduct toxicology studies as a biological indicator. The growth or decline of the Daphnia population can be used to indicate the quality of the water in which they live. Being that Daphnia are cyclopean organisms, we hope that, in studying the normal development of the cyclopean eye, we will be able to gain some insight into how abnormalities in eye development can lead to certain midline disorders. Based on the known D. magna gene models for Pax-family members, PCR primers were designed to clone fragments of the Pax2 and Pax6-like gene fragments in D. magna. This broad PCR screen yielded a strong candidate gene which was pursued further. Based on the multiple sequence alignment to known Pax genes, the gene I cloned in this work is gooseberry, which is similar to several genes in the Pax family. Using the gooseberry gene fragment as a template, RNA probes were created for in situ hybridization. I am currently in the process of performing in situ hybridization experiments to determine the spatial and temporal distribution of gooseberry. In summary, a partial clone of the gooseberry gene from D.magna was cloned and characterized. Future studies will focus on determining its pattern of expression.

Vision Bagonza, Eleni Beyene, Blair Stewig Joan Kunz, Ph.D., Benjamin L. Stottrup, Ph.D.

Biophysics, Chemistry Comparison of Isomeric Hydroxycholesterol systems of 20-, 25-, and 27-OH cholesterol systems using Langmuir Monolayer approach to observe phase changes Biophysicists in the field of membrane biophysics play a vital role in providing preliminary information needed to further studies in protein sheets and monolayer assembly. This paper involves the initial analysis of 20-hydroxycholoesterol, as a follow up study from 25- and 27-hydroxycholesterol. Data collection and analysis was by means of a Langmuir trough and fluorescent microscope, to assess the interaction of this lipid with DMPC at the air-water interface at varying pressures and areas. Initial findings show 20-OH exhibiting contrasting, as well as similar characteristics from both cholesterol and other hydroxysterols. Overall differences were observed in size distribution, transition pressures as well as nature and shape of domains at different pressures and mostly at the transition pressures. 20-OH is also more susceptible than other sterols to oxidation at the air-water interface, causing its transition pressure to change very quickly. The 20-OH system behaves like cholesterol in its arrangement into lipid domains at low pressures, but the domains appear similar to other hydroxysterol domains at higher pressures.

These findings have led us to believe it could be an intermediary molecule between hydroxysterols and cholesterol. 20-OH cholesterol is not commonly found within mammalian cells, however, understanding of the implications of it’s differences with other isomeric hydroxylsterols could be instrumental on understanding 25-OH, which is the most biologically relevant molecule of the hydroxysterols.

Hannah Bech Mary Lanzerotti, Ph.D.

Physics, Sociology Oral History Project: Oral Histories of Distinguished Leaders: Inspiring the Next Generation of Young People in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) My research is an extension of Dr. Mary Lanzerotti’s previous research with other undergraduate students that involved the preparation, conduct, and transcription of oral history interviews of distinguished female leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Oral histories are an established form of historical record keeping, and these interviews are intended to archive the trajectories of women who have broken barriers in their field. This research is a collaboration with Dr. Lanzerotti’s contacts at the IEEE History Center in New Jersey. The previous oral histories, when completed, transcribed, and approved, have been archived both at the IEEE History Center (New Jersey) and digitally on the online IEEE Global History Network. This research involves my interviewing a female leader in STEM, whose name cannot be disclosed until her approval of the interview transcript. I was trained by Dr. Sheldon Hochheiser from the IEEE History Center in oral history interview techniques. The interview is transcribed and submitted to the subject for approval. This research will result in a completed oral history to be archived through the IEEE History Center and the IEEE Global History Network.

Yasmin Abdulaya, Mathia Colwell, Amanda DeChaney, Jasmine Eltawely, Adrian Lowe, Juliabeth Ritchie, Hassan Sankoh, Raesean Sneed Matthew Beckman, Ph.D.

Biology Auggies Imaging in Action: Fluorescence Deconvolution Microscopy In Biology Courses A new fluorescence imaging workstation acquired in May of 2014 by the college for the Biology Department has shed light on new opportunities for inquiry and learning in courses and faculty-student research. We present the results of research projects that were carried out using the Leica DMI6000B fluorescence deconvolution microscope in Genetics (BIO255) and Advanced Cellular and Molecular Biology (BIO471). Students learned how to use this sophisticated imaging tool and generated the images presented here. Some of these images are near-publication quality, if not publication quality. The facultystudent project that was embedded in the laboratory section of BIO471 yielded data that confirmed a previous finding. In summary, students confirmed that the basal bead of the chemosensory antennae of Daphnia magna is stained with a specific actin-binding fluorescent ligand—FITC-Phalloidin. Control experiments performed without the FITC-phalloidin showed no staining at comparable exposure times and demonstrated the specificity of this probe. A second student-driven project in BIO471 involved expressing tubulin-mCherry or actin-GFP, cytoskeletal proteins that are fused to a fluorescent reporter protein to determine their distribution within HeLa and HEK293 cells in culture. Finally, smaller studentdriven projects in BIO255 utilized the microscope in genetic screens performed by students to better understand the mode of transmission of genes with fluorescent reporters. This new microscope offers ample opportunities for real-time or static imaging at the subcellular level using three fluorescent channels. The present data demonstrates the feasibility of utilizing this tool in laboratory courses with students at various stages in their major course studies.

Michelle Berry Mzenga Wanyama, Ph.D.

English Damning Zora: The Literary Muffling of Race in Hurston’s Writing Richard Wright’s review of Their Eyes Were Watching God grants that Zora Neale Hurston has the ability to write but that the novel “carries no theme, no message, no thought.” Many scholars in the past have disagreed with Wright’s review by suggesting that Hurston’s desire to write about themes other than race is valid. I aim to show that Wright and these other scholars fail to see race as the dominant, undergirding theme in this novel. Thus, my objective in this research is to find the message Wright could not, and add my voice to efforts that seek to liberate Hurston from being seen as the race-traitor Wright deemed her to be. I assert that Wright wanted to find a message involving the question of race in Hurston’s novel but could not because of the foregrounded love story, the meandering narrative, and the vernacular speech patterns used by the characters. To counter Wright’s review, I conduct a close reading of Their Eyes. I then supplement my work with secondary sources to carve out a more comprehensive understanding of what Hurston achieves in this great novel. My findings suggest that the narrative is a story of love sabotaged by race, especially the impact of slavery. I maintain that Hurston’s capacity to write, specifically using and celebrating, the Black vernacular, emphasizes her message and entices her audience to read the narrative more closely.

Fikre BeyeneDavid Murr, Ph.D.PhysicsInvestigation of Magnetospheric Events

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