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«Zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades eines Dr.rer.nat vom Fachbereich Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen der Universität Dortmund genehmigte ...»

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The experimental work was then continued using a TLC piece to evaluate the desorption behavior of the analytes with the presence of TLC material.

A graphite suspension containing graphite /glycerol /methanol was —————————————————————————————————

- 74 Conclusions

————————————————————————————————— adopted as matrix to function as an energy absorber and transfer medium.

The work showed that the technique was able to directly acquire molecules from the bulk of TLC material and an additional extraction step was not necessary.

A plate scanning system was subsequently developed based on the same principle to realize the projective intention. Different samples containing only a single compound or a complex mixture were scanned after chromatographic separation and promising results were obtained. Both vertical and horizontal scan modes were carried out for different applications: lane after lane scanning for the analysis of complex or unknown samples; or scanning across several lanes orthogonally for high throughput analysis. The graphite assisted desorption was still advantageous in this case, which resulted in a 30 times lower requirement for power density. Furthermore, homemade TLC plates with embedded graphite particles were prepared based on a simple protocol. Despite the simple preparation procedure, the TLC plates showed good separation and desorption properties. If TLC plates with embedded graphite particles would become commercially available in the future, laser diode desorption-APCI-MS analysis would be facilitated and the pretreating time shortened.

At last, a suitable quantification method was developed. The internal standard was added into the mobile phase and distributed homogenously on the plate after development. This procedure reduces the error resulting from the different surface conditions on the plate, and more important, abandoned the requirement of the internal standard to have identical chromatographic property as the analyte molecules.


- 75 References


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- 76 References

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