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«CURRICULUM VITAE Robert Harris Flashman September 2007 Current Position: Professor and State Specialist in Family Resource Management Kentucky ...»

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“Insurance Video” (1996). Kentucky Cooperative Extension Program. Directed by Robert Flashman. One of six to be selected for development.

“Farm and Family Financial Management Program,” (1990). $2,835 funded by Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service Program Enhancement Grant. Project Director, Robert Flashman. Ranked first among 66 proposals submitted.

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Research Proposal Not Funded in Conjunction With Research Faculty:

“Helping Men Make Informed Prostate Cancer Screening Decisions” (2002). Multi-year project $420,920. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Principal Investigator Mitzi Johnson. Cooperating faculty - Sam Quick and Robert Flashman (5% each, Extension Participation).

“Survey of Public Receptivity to a National Senior Service Bank,” (July 1995). $100,000.

Submitted to Administration on Aging. Co-Written by Jan McCulloch, Stephan Wilson, Sam Quick and Robert H. Flashman.

Editorial and Professional Boards:

• Associate Editor, The Forum For Family and Consumer Issues, North Carolina State University, 2007-2002.

• Editorial Review Board of The Forum For Family and Consumer Issues, North Carolina State University, 2007-1998.

• Editorial Review Board of Advancing the Consumer Interest journal published by American Council on Consumer Interests, 1989, 1988.

• Board of Directors for the American Council on Consumer Interests, 1983, 1982.

Refereed Articles:

Quick, S., Flashman, R, & Hesseldenz, P. (2000) “Showcase USA - Simply Beautiful–Choosing an Uncluttered, Focused, Rich Life.” The Forum For Family and Consumer Issues, Vol. 5, No. 1 Spring.

Taylor, M., Hesseldenz, P., Bastin, S., & Flashman, R. (1999) “An Expanding Role for Extension Agents in the New Millennium: Helping Clients Evaluate Non-Extension Information Sources.” The Forum For Family and Consumer Issues, Vol. 4, No. 3 Fall/Winter.

Flashman, R., Flashman, M., Quick, S., & Noble, L. (1998) “Ethical Wills: Passing on Treasures of The Heart.” The Forum For Family and Consumer Issues, Vol.3, No.2 Fall 1998, pp 3 - 10. Reprinted in the North Carolina Bar Association Publication, Elder Law, November, 1998.

Paynter, M. & Flashman, R. (1990). “Turning a control group into a new audience for CES.” Journal of Extension, Idea Corner, XXVII..

–  –  –

Edmondson, M. E., Forgue, R. E., & Flashman, R. H. (1987). “Usage of and Satisfaction with a State Consumer Protection Agency.” Journal of Consumer Studies and Home Economics, XI, pp. 43-55.

Flashman, R. H., & Quick, S. (1985). “Altruism is Not Dead: A Specific Analysis of Volunteer Motivation.” in Motivating Volunteers, Larry F. Moore, ed. (A refereed article published in a book of readings.) Vancouver Volunteer Centre, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

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Flashman R. with contributions from Ray Forgue and Celia Hayhoe and edited by Jeffery Silverman and Peter Hesseldenz (2000, September). “A Holistic Approach To Consumer Education.” Invited Presentation for the Governor’s Consumer Advisory Board, Frankfort, KY.

Flashman, R., Quick, S. & Hesseldenz, P. (1999, May). “An Overview of Volunteer Service Banks: Kentucky’s Receptivity to Such a Concept.” Invited Presentation for the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission, Special Advisory Commission on Senior Citizens, Frankfort, KY.

Refereed Conference Proceedings:

Flashman, R. and Hayhoe, C (2000).


(p. 44) “Vehicle Title Loans and Payday Lending.”Proceedings: Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education.

Hayhoe, C,. Garner, B,. And Flashman, R. (1998). Decision-Making: Getting Better with Practice.

Proceedings: Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education.

–  –  –

Benson, C. & Flashman, R.H. (1990). Addressing the issue for dependent elderly. Addendum to Proceedings: The Southern Regional Family and Economic Well-Being Conference.

Flashman, R., King B., & Perch, K.L. (1988). Marketing money management education programs:

Extension's challenge for the ’90s. Proceedings: Family Economic Well-Being: Vital Issues and Educational Leadership, pp. 99-102.

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Perch, K.L. & Flashman, R. (1985). Knowledge of men and women about consumer credit laws,

insurance, and estate planning: A preliminary investigation and analysis. Proceedings:

American Council on Consumer Interest, pp. 265-272.

Quick, S., Nall, M. & Flashman, R. (1985). Revitalizing rural America: SOS learning networks.

Proceedings: National Rural Teacher Education Conference.

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preparation for emergencies: A preliminary comparison of sex differences. Proceedings:

Financial Counseling Consortium, pp. 67-76.

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Paynter, M.A., Flashman, R. & Forgue, R.E. (1982). Citizen's opinion: Should consumer education be required of high school students and how prepared is the next generation.

Proceedings: Southeastern Regional Association of Family Economics-Home Management, pp. 140-144.

Paynter, M.A., Flashman, R., Brewer, G.J. (1981). Unavailable advertised specials: An evaluation and recommendation for change of an FTC regulation. Proceedings: American Council on Consumer Interests, pp. 165-169.

–  –  –

Flashman, R., & Retrum, R.O. (1978). Evaluation: A critical component of organized consumer protection. Proceedings: American Council on Consumer Interests, pp. 38-41.

Conference Proceedings—Invited Papers:

Flashman, R., and Perch, K. (1991). Outline of presentation for the Annual Conference, Kansas City, Missouri. Innovative Financial Counseling: Implications for Extension’s future involvement in reaching families at risk, pp. 31-32.

Flashman, R. (1986). Discussion: Policy and the consumer. Proceedings: American Council on Consumer Interest, pp. 30-31.

Flashman, R. (1981). The '80s: Challenges to American families and Cooperative Extension Service and what Extension is currently doing to meet these challenges. Proceedings: Family Economics-Home Management Section of the American Home Economics Association, pp.


Flashman, R., Gibeau, A. & Quick, S. (1981). SOS learning networks: A new direction for the Cooperative Extension Service. Proceedings: Southeastern Regional Association of Family Economics-Home Management, pp. 180-186.

Other Publications/Multimedia Productions Funded By Grants:

Quick, S & Flashman, R. Project Directors of National version of 33 publications “GriefWork:

Guides for Survival and Growth Series” (1998). partially funded by the Funeral Directors Association of Kentucky.

Quick, S., & Flashman, R. Project Directors “GriefWork: Guides for Survival and Growth Audio Cassette Series” (1998). Partially funded by the Funeral Directors Association of Kentucky & Bell South.

Quick, S., & Flashman, R. (1992). Facts about Aging Computer Program. Lexington, KY:

Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service Catalog #81. Funded by Center on Rural Elderly.

Quick, S., & Flashman, R. (1992). Senior Series, Diskette Version. Lexington, KY: Kentucky Cooperative Extension Press. Funded by Center on Rural Elderly.

Perch, K., & Flashman, R. (1988). Financial Counselor's Manual. Fayette Financial Counseling Services, Inc. Funded by Fayette County Government.

–  –  –

Quick, S., Flashman, R., & Gibeau, A. (1984, June). SOS learning networks: An idea whose time has come. The Futurist, pp. 20-22.

Flashman, R. (1982). SOS learning network revitalizing rural America. Extension Review, 53, (4), p. 42.

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Hensley, J., Gibeau, A., Quick, S. & Flashman, R. People Power: A Multimedia Presentation Introducing the SOS Learning Network Concept. Funded by the US Department of Education.

Grant Reports:

Flashman, R. (1994). Meeting the Credit needs of Migrants, Financial report. University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.

Flashman, R. (1993). Meeting the Credit Needs of Migrants, Evaluation of Program and Quarter Reports. University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.

Selected Citations:

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Little Rock, AR. April 2004.

“Simple Living: Choosing an Uncluttered, Focused, Rich Life,” adapted from “Simply Beautiful,” by Quick, S., & Flashman, R. Oregon State University Extension Service. Sustainable Living Project. Corvallis, OR. c. 2003.

–  –  –

Bartlett, Louisville Courier Journal, Louisville, KY, July 25, 2002.

“The Virtues and Values of an Ethical Will: It Offers Spiritual Wealth and Helps Estate Planning,” by Kate Murphy, Business Week online, April 8, 2002.

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