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«FR 2125/E Fritteuse Deep-Fryer Produktbeschreibung / Product description D GB 1 Bedieneinheit control element 2 Gehäuse casing 3 Deckel cover 4 ...»

-- [ Page 2 ] --

Öffnen Sie den Deckel und heben Sie ihn aus dem Scharnier. Heben Sie dann den Frittierbehälter heraus, indem Sie ihn am Rand fassen. Seien Sie vorsichtig, wenn Öl im Behälter ist. Leeren Sie das Öl in einen geeigneten Behälter.

Ziehen Sie dann die Bedieneinheit nach vorne aus der Fritteuse. Diese darf nicht nass werden. Zur Reinigung von Frittierkorb, Frittierbehälter, Deckel, Gehäuse und Zubehör empfehlen wir Handwäsche in heißem Spülwasser. Bei einer Reinigung in der Spülmaschine kann das verwendete Salz die Oberflächen angreifen.

Die Führungsschienen des Deckels dienen gleichzeitig als Kondensat-Auffangbehälter.

Entleeren Sie regelmäßig das sich darin ansammelnde Wasser.

Benutzen Sie keine scharfen Gegenstände, Bürsten oder Scheuermittel. Achten Sie darauf, alle Teile sorgfältig abzutrocknen, besonders die Kontakte zum Heizelement.

Setzen Sie nach dem Reinigen die Fritteuse wieder in umgekehrter Reihenfolge des Auseinanderbaus richtig zusammen. Dabei muss die Verriegelung am Heizelement (Frittierbehälter, Unterseite vorne) korrekt in den Verschluss einrasten.

Den Dauerfilter im Deckel können Sie nach Bedarf entnehmen und mit heißem Wasser und einer Bürste reinigen.

Achtung: Die Fritteuse muss vor jeder Inbetriebnahme vollständig trocken sein.

–  –  –

Technical data Only connect the appliance to an isolated ground receptacle installed according to regulations.

The rated voltage must comply with the details on the rating label. Only connect to alternating current!

–  –  –

Scope of supply Check the scope of supply for completeness as well as the soundness of the product and all components (see description page 2) immediately after unpacking.

Packing material Do not simply throw the packing material away but recycle it.

Deliver paper, cardboard and corrugated cardboard packing to collecting facilities.

Also put plastic packing material and foils into the intended collecting basins.

In the examples for the plastic marking: PE stands for polyethylene, the code figure 02 for PE-HD, 04 for PE-LD, PP for polypropylene, PS for polystyrene.

–  –  –

General safety advices • Always keep children under 8 away from the product and the power cord.

• Children from the age of 8 must be supervised when cleaning or maintaining the appliance.

• Children from the age of 8 and persons not having the knowledge or experience in operating the appliance or having handicaps of physical, sensorial or mental nature must not operate the appliance without supervision or instruction by a person, responsible for their safety. Do not leave the appliance unattended during operation!

• Children should be supervised in order to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

• Packing material like e. g. foil bags should be kept away from children.

• Do not operate this unit with an external timer or a separate telecontrol system.

• Prior to each use, check the appliance and the attachments for soundness, it must not be operated if it has been dropped or shows visible damage. In these cases, the power supply must be disconnected and the appliance has to be checked by a specialist.

• When laying the power cord, make sure that no one can get entangled or stumble over it in order to avoid that the appliance is pulled down accidentally.

• Always have the power cord completely unwound from the cord department when using the deep-fryer. Keep the power cord away from hot surfaces, sharp edges and mechanical forces. Check the power cord regularly for damage and deteriorations. Damaged or entangled cords increase the risk of an electric shock.

• Do not misuse the power cord for unplugging the appliance!

• Never immerse the control element, power cord and power plug in water for cleaning.

• Do not store the appliance outside or in wet rooms.

• This electrical appliance complies with the relevant safety standards. In case of signs of damage to the appliance or the power cord, unplug the appliance immediately. Repairs may be affected by authorised specialist shops only. Improper repairs may result in considerable dangers for the user.

• Improper use and disregard of the instruction manual void all warranty claims.

Safety advices for using the appliance WARNING: Hazard of injury and burns! The appliance’s surfaces, inspection window, frying container with heating element, frying basket, grease/oil, food and other accessories are getting hot during use and firstly stay hot even after switch-off.

Hot steam may escape when lifting the cover!

Thus, act with care!

• We recommend using pot cloths for protection!

• Never cover the permanent filter (cover). Do not use the appliance’s surface as depositing rack or worktop as it will get hot during use! As protection against fire, do generally not place objects made of paper, plastic, fabric or other inflammable materials on hot surfaces!

• Before filling grease/oil in, frying container and cover must be dry!

• For being connected to the control element, the contact points at the bottom of the frying container must be clean, dry and free of grease or oil residues.

• Observe the MIN and MAX marking.

• Never use the deep-fryer without grease/oil.

• Used or dirty grease/oil can ignite itself when overheated. Thus, replace grease/oil in time.

• Wet food must be dapped dry before frying. Remove loose ice. Close the cover during frying, lower the basket slowly into the hot grease/oil and pay attention to splattering grease/oil!

• Do not transport the appliance when hot. Appliance, grease/oil as well as all accessories must have cooled down completely before cleaning or moving them!

• Observe the following before setting up the appliance:

o Place the appliance on a heat-resistant, stable and even surface (no varnished surfaces, no table cloths etc.).

o Make sure there is enough distance to inflammable objects.

o Place it beyond children’s reach.

o Keep an appropriate ventilation distance around the appliance to avoid damage by heat or fat splatters and to grant an unobstructed working area. Unhindered air supply has to be ensured.

o Do not operate the appliances in the vicinity of sources of heat (oven, gas flame etc.) or in explosive environments, where inflammable liquids or gases are located.

Caution! If the grease/oil ignites because of overheating, close the cover and pull the mains plug.

Caution! Never extinguish fire with water!

• To safely ensure switch-off after each use turn the temperature control knob counter-clockwise to the minimum position, then pull the mains plug.

• Do not use the appliance as space heater.

Attention: In order to minimise the hazard of injury by becoming entangled in or by tripping over excessively long power cords, this appliance comes with a short cord attached. The use of extension cords is not recommended for deep-fryers.

Operation Remove all packaging from both appliance and equipment. Before using for the first time clean the appliance according to the „Cleaning and maintenance“ instructions.

Open the cover by pressing the release knob.

The deep-fryer features a basket-lift facility. Locking the basket handle in place with an upward movement will automatically lift up the frying basket. Then remove the frying basket from the the deep-fryer.

Pour good-quality frying oil into the frying container until it reaches between the MIN and MAX mark (approx. 2.2 l). Never operate the appliance without or with insufficient oil in the frying container. Close the cover.

Connect the appliance to the electrical outlet. The red pilot lamp will come on.

Switch on the deep-fryer by turning the temperature control knob clockwise to the desired temperature (see frying time and temperature chart). The green pilot lamp will light up indicating that the heating element is activated. When the temperature has been reached the thermostat will interrupt the power supply and the green pilot lamp will go out.

When the temperature starts to drop, both heating element and pilot lamp will turn on again automatically.

Place the foods to be fried into the frying basket. Beforehand, dab dry the foods using some kitchen paper.

Open the cover and place the basket into the frying container by lowering the handle into the provided guide.

Close the cover. Now lower the basket into the oil by pressing the release button and folding down the handle.

Now the temperature should be reduced to 170 °C maximum.

When the frying process is finished, lift up the frying basked by expanding the basket handle with an upward movement and allow the fat to drip off. Open the cover. Now the food is ready for serving.

Switch off the appliance turning the temperature control knob anticlockwise to the minimumposition and pull the mains plug.

–  –  –

The basic rule of thumb is: The foods to be fried must be floating in the fat/oil freely to guarantee proper frying results with foods turning out crisp and evenly brown.

Tip: For uniform frying results cut the food into pieces of equal size making sure those do not become too thick. Fry by portions. Reduce the quantity of food, especially when frying frozen food.

What frying oil to choose Primarily opt for special frying oil: sun flower oil, peanut oil, grape seed oil, palm oil, maize germ oil...

If you prefer solid fat, cut the fat into pieces and place those into the frying container but never into the frying basket. Let the fat melt at a temperature of 150 °C. For frying your food observe the recommendations provided by the fat manufacturer.

Attention: Do not mix different sorts of fat. Used fat or oil should not be disposed of with your organic or household waste. Please turn to your local authorities to find out about the appropriate collecting points.

Tip: You can extend the oil‘s shelf-life if doing without salting or flavouring the fried foods over the uncovered frying container. Filtering the oil and keeping it in the fridge after use will have a positive effect on its shelf-life. Dispose of the oil after every 8th use.

Cleaning and maintenance Your deep-fryer features a Total-Clean system. This means it can be completely disassembled for a most convenient cleaning procedure.

Always pull the mains plug and let the appliance cool down before cleaning it!

Release and unhinge the cover. Then take out the frying container holding it at its rim.

Use caution when there is oil inside the container. Dispose of the oil pouring it in a suitable container.

Withdraw the control element from the deep-fryer pulling to the front. The control element must not become wet.

We recommend cleaning the frying basket, frying container, cover and accessory parts in hot, soapy water as the salt used for cleaning in the dishwasher might strain the surfaces.

The guide rails at the cover simultaneously serve as condensate collection area. Regularly dispose of the water gathered there.

Do not use sharp objects, brushes or abrasives. Take care to dry all the parts thoroughly, particularly the contacts joining the heating element.

After cleaning make sure the deep-fryer is properly re-assembled in the reverse order of its disassembly. To do so, the locking mechanism at the heating element (frying container, at the front of bottom side) must properly engage with the shutter.

The permanent filter provided in the cover can be removed as required and cleaned in hot water using a brush.

Attention: The deep-fryer must be completely dry before each time of use.

Service und Garantie (gültig nur innerhalb Deutschlands) Sehr geehrter Kunde, ca. 95% aller Reklamationen sind leider auf Bedienungsfehler zurück zu führen und könnten ohne Probleme behoben werden, wenn Sie sich telefonisch mit unserer für Sie eingerichteten ServiceTelefonnummer in Verbindung setzen. Wir bitten Sie daher, bevor Sie Ihr Gerät an Ihren Händler zurückgeben, diese Telefonnummer anzuwählen. Hier wird Ihnen, ohne dass Sie Wege auf sich nehmen müssen, schnell geholfen.

Die Rommelsbacher ElektroHausgeräte GmbH gewährt Ihnen, dem privaten Endverbraucher, auf die Dauer von zwei Jahren ab Kaufdatum eine Qualitätsgarantie für die in Deutschland gekauften Produkte.

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