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«Version 04/15 Table of Contents ( Page 1. Introduction 2. Explanation of Symbols 3. Intended Use 4. Product Description 5. Scope of Delivery 6. ...»

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( Remote Control „HT-6“ 2,4 GHz

Item no. 1310037

Version 04/15

Table of Contents (


1. Introduction

2. Explanation of Symbols

3. Intended Use

4. Product Description

5. Scope of Delivery

6. Safety Information

a) General Information

b) Operation

7. Notes on Batteries and Rechargeable Batteries

8. Charging Rechargeable Batteries

9. Transmitter Controls

10. Setting Up the Transmitter

a) Inserting the Batteries

b) Switching on the Transmitter

c) Modifying the Throttle Function

d) Setting the Control Stick Length

11. Setting up the Receiver

a) Connecting the Receiver

b) LED Display

c) Mounting the Receiver

d) Installing the Servos

e) Checking the Servo Function

12. Programming the Remote Control

13. The System Setting Menu „System Setup“

a) Model Memory Selection „Model Select“

b) Model Name Setting „Model Name“

c) Model Type Selection „Type Select“

d) Copying Model Memory „Model Copy“

e) Deleting Model Memory „Model Reset“

f) Receiver Programming „RX Setup“

Digital Coding „AFHDS 2A“

Receiver Voltage „RX Battery“

Failsafe Setting „Failsafe“

Sensor List „“Sensor List“

Servo Control Frequency „Servos Freq“


g) Operation as Trainer Transmitter „Trainer Mode“

h) Operation as Student Transmitter „Student Mode“

i) Control Stick Assignment „Sticks Mode“

j) Display Brightness „LCD Brightness“

k) Transmitter Software Version „Firmware Ver.“

l) Transmitter Software Update „Firmware Update“

m) Reset to Factory Settings „Factory Reset“

14. The Function Setting Menu „Functions Setup“

a) Servo Direction Setting „Reverse“

b) Servo End Deflection Setting „End Points“

c) Servo Control/Test „Display“

d) Encoder Assignment „Aux. Channels“

e) Basic Trim „Subtrim“

f) Dual Rate/Exponential Setting „Dual Rate/Exp.“

g) Throttle Curve Setting „Throttle Curve“

h) Pitch Curve Setting „Pitch Curve“

i) Swash Plate Servo Setting „Swash AFR“

j) Mixer Programming „Mix“

k) Delta Mixer „Elevon“

l) V-Tail Mixer „V Tail“

m) Gyro Sensitivity Setting „Gyroscope“

n) Switch Assignment „Switches Assign“

o) Throttle switch „Throttle Hold“

15. Remote Control Operation

16. Binding Function

17. Maintenance and Care

18. Declaration of Conformity (DOC)

19. Disposal

a) General Information

b) Batteries and Rechargeable Batteries

20. Troubleshooting

21. Technical Data

a) Transmitter

b) Receiver

1. Introduction Dear Customer, thank you for purchasing this product.

This product complies with the statutory national and European requirements.

To maintain this status and to ensure safe operation, you as the user must observe these operating instructions!

These operating instructions are part of this product. They contain important notes on commissioning and handling. Also consider this if you pass on the product to any third party.

Therefore, retain these operating instructions for reference!

All company names and product names are trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

If there are any technical questions, please contact:

International: www.conrad.com/contact United Kingdom: www.conrad-electronic.co.uk/contact

–  –  –

The symbol with the exclamation mark points out particular dangers associated with handling, function or operation.

The „arrow“ symbol indicates special advice and operating information.

3. Intended Use The 6-channel remote control „HT-6“ is solely designed for private use in the field of model construction and the operating times associated with it. This system is not suitable for industrial use, such as controlling machines or equipment.

Any use other than that described above can damage the product and involves additional risks such as short circuit, fire, electric shock, etc. The product must not be technically changed or converted! The safety information must be observed at all times!

Observe all safety information in these operating instructions. They contain important information on handling of the product.

You are solely responsible for the safe operation of your remote control and your model!

4. Product Description The „HT-6“ remote control system is a radio remote control system ideally suited for model planes or helicopters.

The 6 proportional channels allow you to use the steering function and control function independently from each other.

The remote control also features several mixing and memory functions needed for the different models. The settings of up to 20 different models can be saved in the remote control system.

In addition the remote control unit offers the option of calling different flight modes and thus set individual rudder deflections for specific flight phases such as take-off or landing.

Thanks to pioneering 2.4 GHz radio transmission with return channel, you can read current values, such as the receiver voltage or the quality of the radio control, comfortably at the display of your remote control transmitter. In connection with a receiver with I-BUS system and the corresponding sensor modules (each not enclosed), further measured values such as temperature, rotating speed or speed can be recorded and transmitted to the transmitter.

The LC display is easily readable and the easy-to-use buttons permit simple, quick and safe data input. Thanks to electronic trimming, the rudders are always in the correct position. The last set position is assumed automatically when the remote control is switched on!

The ergonomic casing can be held and operated comfortably and allows you to safely control the model.

The 2.4 GHz-receiver warrants best reception for secure signal transmission.

For operation, 4 AA/mignon batteries (e.g. Conrad item no.: 652507, pack of 4, order 1x) are required for the transmitter. Where no flight controller with BEC switch is used, you also need 4 AA/mignon batteries for the receiver (e.g.

Conrad item no. 652507, order once) or 4 AA/mignon rechargeable batteries with the corresponding battery holder.

Alternatively, 4- or 5-cell NiMH receiver batteries can also be used with the switch cable.

5. Scope of Delivery • Remote control transmitter • Remote control receiver • Binding plug • Operating instructions

6. Safety Information In case of damage caused by non-compliance with these operating instructions, the warranty/guarantee will expire. We do not assume any liability for consequential damage!

We do not assume any liability for property damage and personal injury caused by improper use or non-compliance with the safety instructions! In such cases the warranty/guarantee is voided.

Normal wear and tear in operation and damage due to accidents (like the receiver aerial being torn off, the receiver casing broken etc.) are excluded from the warranty.

Dear customer, these safety instructions are not only for the protection of the product but also for your own safety and that of other people. Therefore, read this chapter very carefully before taking the product into operation!

a) General Information • The unauthorised conversion and/or modification of the product is prohibited for safety and approval reasons (CE).

• This product is not a toy and not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

• The product must not get damp or wet.

• Taking out private liability insurance is recommended. If you already have one, get some information on whether or not the operation of a radio-operated model is covered by your insurance.

• Do not connect the drive motor to electric models before the receiver system has been installed completely. This ensures that the drive motor does not start unintentionally.

• Do not leave packaging material unattended. It may become a dangerous toy for children.

• Please check the functional safety of your model and of the remote control system each time before you use the model. Watch out for visible damage such as defective plug connections or damaged cables. All movable parts on the model have to be running smoothly. However, there must be no tolerance or ‚play‘ in the bearing.

• The operation and handling of RC models must be learned! If you have never controlled such a model, start especially carefully to get used to how it responds to the remote commands. Do be patient!

• Should questions arise that are not answered with the help of this operating manual, contact us (contact information, see chapter 1) or another expert.

b) Operation • If you do not yet have sufficient knowledge on how to deal with remote-controlled models, please contact an experienced model sportsman or a model construction club.

• When putting the device into operation, always turn on the transmitter first. Then switch on the receiver in the model.

Otherwise, the model might show unpredictable responses!

• Before operating the model, check whether the stationary model reacts as expected to the commands of the remote control.

• When you operate the model, always make sure that no parts of your body, other people or objects come within the dangerous range of the motors or any other rotating drive parts.

• Improper operation can cause serious damage to people and property! Always make sure that the model is in your line of sight and do not operate it at night.

• Only operate your model if your ability to respond is unrestricted. Fatigue or the influence of alcohol or medication can lead to wrong responses.

• Operate your model in an area where you do not endanger any persons, animals or objects. Only operate it on private sites or in places which are specifically designated for this purpose.

• In case of a fault stop operating your model straight away and remove the cause of malfunction before you continue to use the model.

• Do not operate your RC system during thunderstorms, beneath high-voltage power lines or in the proximity of radio masts.

• Never switch off the remote control (transmitter) while the model is in use. To switch off the model, always switch off the motor first, then switch off the receiver. Only then may the remote control be switched off.

• Protect the remote control from dampness and heavy dirt.

• Do not expose the remote control to direct sunlight or excessive heat for a long period of time.

• If the batteries in the remote control are low, the range decreases. If the receiver batteries or rechargeable battery in the receiver are low, the model will not respond correctly to the remote control.

If this is the case, stop flying immediately. Replace the batteries with new ones or recharge the rechargeable batteries.

• Do not take any risks when operating the product! Your own safety and that of your environment depends completely on your responsible use of the model.

7. Notes on Batteries and Rechargeable Batteries • Keep batteries/rechargeable batteries out of the reach of children.

• Do not leave any batteries/rechargeable batteries lying around openly. There is a risk of batteries being swallowed by children or pets. If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately!

• Batteries/rechargeable batteries must never be short-circuited, disassembled or thrown into fire. There is a danger of explosion!

• Leaking or damaged batteries/rechargeable batteries can cause chemical burns to skin on contact; therefore, use suitable protective gloves.

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