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«Safety of Conversion Facilities and Uranium Enrichment Facilities Specific Safety Guide No. SSG-5 IAEA SAFETY RELATED PUBLICATIONS IAEA SAFETY ...»

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• In conversion facilities, the first step is to carry out dry mechanical cleaning, to minimize the generation of liquid waste. The uranium resulting from the dry mechanical cleaning process should be recovered.

• In diffusion enrichment facilities, ClF3 or F2 is used to convert solid uranium fluorides (e.g.UF4, UF5, UO2F2) into gaseous UF6. In addition, flushing with a gas (e.g. N2 or dry air) that does not react with UF6 and other gases present in the facility should be used to remove the residual UF6 and HF. The UF6 and other gases are pumped and recovered in cold traps and chemical traps. If the complete recovery of uranium compounds by the use of ClF3 or F2 is not feasible, dry mechanical decontamination should be performed.

• In centrifuge enrichment facilities, gaseous UF6 is pumped out and recovered in cold traps. In addition, flushing with an inert gas (e.g. N2) should be used to remove the residual UF6 and HF.

— Any grounds (surface and subsurface), groundwater, parts of buildings and equipment contaminated with radioactive material or chemical material and their levels of contamination should be identified by means of comprehensive site characterization;

— The facility should be decontaminated to the levels required by the regulatory body for cleanup operations or the lowest reasonably achievable level of residual contamination;

— Risk assessments and method statements for the licensing of the decommissioning process should be prepared.


8.4. The decommissioning of the facility should contain the following successive steps: dismantling, dry cleaning and further dismantling (for conversion facilities and diffusion enrichment facilities only) and wet cleaning.

8.5. It should be ensured that personnel carrying out the decommissioning of the facility have the necessary training, qualifications and experience for such work.

These personnel should have a clear understanding of the management system under which they are working to maintain acceptable environmental conditions and to implement the relevant environmental, health and safety standards.

8.6. Paragraphs III.34 and III.35 of Appendix III of Ref. [1] establish the requirements for active decommissioning.

8.7. In the decommissioning process, particular consideration should be given


— Preventing the spread of contamination by means of appropriate techniques and procedures;

— Appropriate handling and packaging of waste as well as planning for the appropriate disposal of radioactive waste;

— Safe storage of contaminated material and radioactive waste that cannot be decontaminated or disposed of immediately.


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Note: Safety function includes: (1) Criticality prevention; (2) Confinement to protect against internal exposure and chemical hazards; (3) Protection against external exposure.

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Note: Safety function includes: (1) Criticality prevention; (2) Confinement to protect against internal exposure and chemical hazards; (3) Protection against external exposure.

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An asterisk denotes a corresponding member. Corresponding members receive drafts for comment and other documentation but they do not generally participate in meetings. Two asterisks denote an alternate.

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