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«Forms Approved Through 08/31/2018 Instructions for PHS 2590 Revised 03/2016 OMB No. 0925-0002 TABLE OF CONTENTS Notable and Upcoming Changes 1. ...»

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NIH collects personal data through the eRA Commons Person Profile. The data is provided one-time by the individual through a secure, electronic system, is private, and is maintained under the Privacy Act record system 09-25-0036, “Grants: IMPAC (Grant/Contract Information).” When completing the data entry in the Commons Personal Profile, the individual is responsible for providing true, accurate, and complete data. Commons IDs are required for individuals holding the following Commons Roles: PI, Undergraduate, Graduate Student, and Postdoctoral. Responses to certain data in the Personal Profiles are now required to meet NIH reporting requirements to Congress. Note in some cases, an acceptable response is “Do Not Wish to Provide.” All analyses conducted on date of birth, citizenship, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, and/or disadvantaged background data will report aggregate statistical findings only and will not identify individuals. For some programs (e.g., Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards and Research Career Development Awards) citizenship data is required to determine eligibility.

For AHRQ awards, a Commons ID is required for the PI and individuals in a postdoctoral role only.

The PHS also requests the last four digits of the Social Security Number (SSN) for accurate identification of individuals and for management of PHS grant programs. Please be aware that no individual will be denied any right, benefit, or privilege provided by law because of refusal to disclose this portion of the SSN. The PHS requests the last four digits of the SSN under Sections 301(a) and 487 of the PHS Act as amended (42 U.S.C. 241a and U.S.C. 288).

3.2 Government Use of Information Under Privacy Act The NIH maintains application and grant records as part of a system of records as defined by the Privacy Act: NIH 09-25-0036, Extramural Awards and Chartered Advisory Committees (IMPAC 2), Contract Information (DCIS), and Cooperative Agreement Information, HHS/NIH: http://oma.od.nih.gov/public/ms/privacy/pafiles/0036.htm.

3.3 Information Available to the Program Director(s)/Principal Investigator(s) (PD/PIs) Under the provisions of the Privacy Act, program directors/principal investigators may request copies of records pertaining to their grant progress reports from the PHS component responsible for funding decisions. PD/PIs are given the opportunity under established procedures to request that the records be amended if they believe the records are inaccurate, untimely, incomplete, or irrelevant. If the PHS concurs, the records will be amended.

3.4 Information Available to the General Public The PHS makes information about awarded grants available to the public, including the title of the project, the recipient institution, PD/PI, abstract, and amount of the award.

PHS 2590 18 The Freedom of Information Act and implementing DHHS regulations (45 CFR Part 5) require the release of certain information about grants upon request, regardless of the intended use of the information. Generally available for release, upon request are: all funded grant applications and progress reports including their derivative funded revision application progress reports; pending and funded continuation progress reports; progress reports of recipients; and final reports of any review or evaluation of recipient performance conducted or caused to be conducted by the DHHS. Generally not available for release to the public are: competing grant progress reports (initial, competing continuation, and supplemental) for which awards have not been made; evaluative portions of site visit reports; and summary statements of findings and recommendations of review groups. Trade secrets and commercial, financial, or otherwise proprietary information may be withheld from disclosure.

Information, which, if disclosed, would be a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, may also be withheld from disclosure. Although the recipient institution and the principal investigator will be consulted about any such release, the PHS will make the final determination. If a requested document contains both disclosable and nondisclosable information, the nondisclosable information will be redacted and the balance of the document will be released.

3.5 Access to Research Data By regulation (45 CFR 74.36), recipients that are institutions of higher education, hospitals, or non-profit organizations are required to provide, in response to a FOIA request, the research data first produced under the award. Research data” is defined as the recorded factual material commonly accepted in the scientific community as necessary to validate research findings. It does not include preliminary analyses; drafts of scientific papers; plans for future research; peer reviews; communications with colleagues; physical objects (e.g., laboratory samples, audio or video tapes); trade secrets; commercial information; materials necessary to be held confidential by a researcher until publication in a peerreviewed journal; information that is protected under the law (e.g. intellectual property); personnel and medical files and similar files, the disclosure of which would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy; or information that could be used to identify a particular person in a research study.

These requirements do not apply to commercial organizations or to research data produced by State or local governments. However, if a state or local governmental recipient contracts with an educational institution, hospital or non-profit organization, and the contract results in covered research data, those data are subject to these disclosure requirements.

4. Additional Instructions for Preparing PHS 2590 Continuation Career Development Award (CDA) Progress Reports - Not Applicable to NIH and AHRQ The instructions in Sections 1-3 are to be used with these additional instructions to request continuation of career development awards (K series) for agencies other than NIH and AHRQ. For all NIH and

AHRQ Career Development Awards, use the RPPR instructions at:


Awardees should consult the applicable Funding Opportunity Announcement and the awarding Federal agency for any supplemental Instructions.

PHS 2590 19

4.1 Specific Instructions 4.1.1 Detailed Budget for Next Budget Period FORM PAGE 2 Personnel Base the awardee's salary and fringe benefits request on a full-time, 12-month appointment following the guidelines in the appropriate career award instructions. Support for other personnel and amounts in other budget categories may be requested in accordance with applicable CDA guidelines.

4.1.2 Biographical Sketch


Complete for new senior/key personnel and other significant contributors if allowable under guidelines for the appropriate K award.

4.1.3 Other Support Provide Other Support information for the career award recipient, sponsor/mentor(s), co-sponsors and senior/key personnel only if changed from the previous submission. For the purposes of the noncompeting continuation progress report, other support information is only required on active support for these individuals. There is no form page for Other Support. Provide the information in the format shown in the example on the 2590 Forms Page (http://grants.nih.gov/grants/funding/2590/2590.htm).

4.1.4 Progress Report Summary Follow the instructions for regular research projects found in Section 2.6, Progress Report Summary, using the outline for items A-F. Complete information on human subjects and/or vertebrate animals only if the awardee has participated in research involving human subjects or vertebrate animals that has not been reported within the progress report of any other PHS-supported project. In addition, complete Items G-J below. The awardee completes Items G, H, and I; the mentor or supervisor who has the responsibility for the awardee’s research career development completes Item J. The Progress Report Summary, including Items G-J, should not exceed four pages.

G. Research Development.

Briefly describe the awardee’s involvement in activities during the past year designed to increase research skills. Include formal course work, progress toward a research-related degree (if applicable), informal instruction in specific research skills, scientific seminars and meetings, training in the responsible conduct of research, visits to other laboratories, etc. Describe instruction, or participation as a course director, etc. in the case of senior career awardees, in both formal and informal instruction in responsible conduct of research in the past budget period, if applicable. If instruction, or participation as a course director, etc., occurred in a prior budget period, the PI should note the date of occurrence. Any activities undertaken to individualize instruction appropriate to the career stage of the PI should be discussed. (Additional detailed guidance on this requirement is found in Part III, Section 1.16 of the Supplemental Grant Instructions for All Competing Applications and Progress Reports.) Indicate any changes in senior/key personnel and other significant contributors (department head, sponsor, and collaborators) during the past year.

PHS 2590 20 H. Other Activities.

Briefly describe the awardee's involvement in activities other than research and research training during the past year. Describe activities such as teaching, clinical care, professional consultation, service on advisory groups, and administrative activities. Indicate percent of time spent in each of these activities and the relationship to the awardee's research career development.

For awards that include a requirement to mentor others (e.g., K05 and K24), indicate the percent of time devoted to mentoring activities, individuals mentored during the reporting period, the frequency and kinds of mentoring, financial and other support provided to mentees, and the productivity of the mentoring relationship.

I. Research Development and Other Activities Planned for the Next Year.

Provide information on similar activities (to those provided in Item G and Item H for the past year) planned for the next year. Awardees should provide a timeline for these activities, including plans to apply for subsequent grant support. Recipients of transition awards (e.g., K22, K99) should report on their progress in identifying an independent research position. Additionally, awardees charged with mentoring others (e.g., K05, K24) should provide information describing planned mentoring activities and proposed mentees (e.g., backgrounds, interests, professional levels, etc.) sufficient to evaluate the quality of the mentoring.

J. Mentor's Report.

Prepare a statement assessing the awardee's progress and performance during the past year, both in research and in terms of development into an independent investigator in the area of the award. Include information on the availability of support for the candidate’s research project during the next budget segment. For applicable career transition awards (e.g., K22, K99), describe the awardee’s efforts to transition into a permanent research position and the sponsor’s contributions to that process.

4.1.5 Study Subjects Provide the number of human subjects only if the career awardee has participated in research involving human subjects that has not been reported within the Progress Report of any other PHSsupported project.

–  –  –

FORM PAGE 6 Facilities and Administrative (Indirect) costs on career awards will be awarded at 8 percent of modified direct costs.

4.1.7 All Personnel Report Complete form page 7, including the awardee and mentor(s), if applicable, and any other individual with one person month effort or more.

This is the last page of the progress report; number all pages consecutively.

5. Additional Instructions for Preparing a Progress Report for an Institutional Research Training Grant, PHS 2590 21 Including Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards - Not Applicable to NIH and AHRQ Progress reports to continue support of a PHS Institutional Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (Kirschstein-NRSA) or non-NRSA research training grant to any agency other than NIH and AHRQ must be submitted on PHS 2590 forms. For all NIH and AHRQ NRSA or non-NRSA

research training grants, use the RPPR instructions at:


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