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«2013 Annual Report breakthrough technologies and services focused on Dear Fellow Shareholders, addressing specific customer and market needs. Several ...»

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We rely on several centralized information technology systems throughout our company to provide products and services, keep financial records, process orders, manage inventory, process shipments to customers and operate other critical functions. Our information technology systems may be susceptible to damage, disruptions or shutdowns due to power outages, hardware failures, computer viruses, attacks by computer hackers, telecommunication failures, user errors, catastrophes or other unforeseen events. If we were to experience a prolonged system disruption in the information technology systems that involve our interactions with customers or suppliers, it could result in the loss of sales and customers and significant incremental costs, which could adversely affect our business. In addition, security breaches of our information technology systems could result in the misappropriation or unauthorized disclosure of confidential information belonging to us or to our employees, partners, customers or suppliers, which could result in our suffering significant financial or reputational damage.

We have a substantial amount of outstanding debt, which could impact our ability to obtain future financing and limit our ability to make other expenditures in the conduct of our business.

Our debt level and related debt service obligations could have negative consequences, including:

• requiring us to dedicate significant cash flow from operations to the payment of principal and interest on our debt, which reduces the funds we have available for other purposes, such as acquisitions and stock repurchases;

• reducing our flexibility in planning for or reacting to changes in our business and market conditions; and

• exposing us to interest rate risk since a portion of our debt obligations are at variable rates.

In addition, we may incur additional indebtedness in the future to meet future financing needs. If we add new debt, the risks described above could increase.

Restrictions in our senior unsecured revolving credit facility and other debt instruments may limit our activities.

Our senior unsecured revolving credit facility and our 5% senior unsecured notes due in 2021 (the “2021 Notes”) include restrictive covenants that limit our ability to engage in activities that could otherwise benefit our

company. These include restrictions on our ability and the ability of our subsidiaries to:

• pay dividends on, redeem or repurchase our capital stock,

• sell assets,

• incur obligations that restrict our subsidiaries’ ability to make dividend or other payments to us,

• guarantee or secure indebtedness,

• enter into transactions with affiliates, and

• consolidate, merge or transfer all, or substantially all, of our assets and the assets of our subsidiaries on a consolidated basis.

We are also required to meet specified financial ratios under the terms of certain of our existing debt instruments. Our ability to comply with these financial restrictions and covenants is dependent on our future performance, which is subject to prevailing economic conditions and other factors, including factors that are beyond our control, such as foreign exchange rates, interest rates, changes in technology and changes in the level of competition. In addition, if we are unable to maintain our investment grade credit rating, our borrowing costs would increase and we would be subject to different and potentially more restrictive financial covenants under some of our existing debt instruments.

Any future indebtedness that we incur may include similar or more restrictive covenants. Our failure to comply with any of the restrictions in our senior unsecured revolving credit facility, our 2021 Notes or any future indebtedness may result in an event of default under those debt instruments, which could permit acceleration of the debt under those debt instruments, and require us to prepay that debt before its scheduled due date under certain circumstances.

Our results of operations will be adversely affected if we fail to realize the full value of our intangible assets.

As of December 29, 2013, our total assets included $2.6 billion of net intangible assets. Net intangible assets consist principally of goodwill associated with acquisitions and costs associated with securing patent rights, trademark rights, core technology and technology licenses, net of accumulated amortization. We test certain of these items—specifically all of those that are considered “non-amortizing”—at least annually for potential impairment by comparing the carrying value to the fair market value of the reporting unit to which they are assigned. All of our amortizing intangible assets are also evaluated for impairment should events occur that call into question the value of the intangible assets.

Adverse changes in our business, adverse changes in the assumptions used to determine the fair value of our reporting units, or the failure to grow our Human Health and Environmental Health segments may result in impairment of our intangible assets, which could adversely affect our results of operations.

Our share price will fluctuate.

Over the last several quarters, stock markets in general and our common stock in particular have experienced significant price and volume volatility. Both the market price and the daily trading volume of our common stock may continue to be subject to significant fluctuations due not only to general stock market conditions but also to a change in sentiment in the market regarding our operations and business prospects. In addition to the risk factors discussed above, the price and volume volatility of our common stock may be affected


• operating results that vary from the expectations of securities analysts and investors,

• the financial performance of the major end markets that we target,

• the operating and securities price performance of companies that investors consider to be comparable to us,

• announcements of strategic developments, acquisitions and other material events by us or our competitors, and

• changes in global financial markets and global economies and general market conditions, such as interest or foreign exchange rates, commodity and equity prices and the value of financial assets.

Dividends on our common stock could be reduced or eliminated in the future.

On October 24, 2013, we announced that our Board had declared a quarterly dividend of $0.07 per share for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2013 that will be payable in February 2014. On January 24, 2014, we announced that our Board had declared a quarterly dividend of $0.07 per share for the first quarter of fiscal year 2014 that will be payable in May 2014. In the future, our Board may determine to reduce or eliminate our common stock dividend in order to fund investments for growth, repurchase shares or conserve capital resources.

Item 1B. Unresolved Staff Comments Not applicable.

Item 2. Properties

As of December 29, 2013, our continuing operations occupied 2,398,511 square feet in over 106 locations.

We own 285,770 square feet of this space, and lease the balance. We conduct our operations in manufacturing and assembly plants, research laboratories, administrative offices and other facilities located in 14 states and 35 foreign countries.

Facilities outside of the United States account for approximately 1,407,197 square feet of our owned and leased property, or approximately 59% of our total occupied space.

Our real property leases are both short-term and long-term. We believe that our properties are wellmaintained and are adequate for our present requirements.

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Item 3. Legal Proceedings Enzo Biochem, Inc.

and Enzo Life Sciences, Inc. (collectively, “Enzo”) filed a complaint dated October 23, 2002 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, Civil Action No. 02-8448, seeking injunctive and monetary relief against Amersham plc, Amersham BioSciences, PerkinElmer, Inc., PerkinElmer Life Sciences, Inc., Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, Sigma Chemical Company, Inc., Molecular Probes, Inc., and Orchid BioSciences, Inc. The complaint alleges that we breached our distributorship and settlement agreements with Enzo, infringed Enzo’s patents, engaged in unfair competition and fraud, and committed torts against Enzo by, among other things, engaging in commercial development and exploitation of Enzo’s patented products and technology, separately and together with the other defendants. We filed an answer and a counterclaim alleging that Enzo’s patents are invalid. In 2007, after the court issued a decision in 2006 regarding the construction of the claims in Enzo’s patents that effectively limited the coverage of certain of those claims and, we believe, excluded certain of our products from the coverage of Enzo’s patents, summary judgment motions were filed by the defendants. The case was assigned to a new district court judge in January 2009 and in March 2009, the new judge denied the pending summary judgment motions without prejudice and ordered a stay of the case until the federal appellate court decided Enzo’s appeal of the judgment of the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut in Enzo Biochem vs. Applera Corp. and Tropix, Inc. (the “Connecticut Case”), which involved a number of the same patents and which could materially affect the scope of Enzo’s case against us. In March 2010, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed-in-part and reversed-in-part the judgment in the Connecticut Case. The district court permitted us and the other defendants to jointly file a motion for summary judgment on certain patent and other issues common to all of the defendants.

On September 12, 2012, the court granted in part and denied in part our motion for summary judgment of noninfringement. On December 21, 2012, we filed a second motion for summary judgment on claims that were not addressed in the first motion, which the court also granted in part and denied in part. The case is expected to go to trial in March 2014.

We believe we have meritorious defenses to the matter described above, and we are contesting the action vigorously. While this matter is subject to uncertainty, in the opinion of our management, based on its review of the information available at this time, the resolution of this matter will not have a material adverse effect on our consolidated financial statements included in this annual report on Form 10-K.

We are also subject to various other claims, legal proceedings and investigations covering a wide range of matters that arise in the ordinary course of our business activities. Although we have established accruals for potential losses that we believe are probable and reasonably estimable, in the opinion of our management, based on its review of the information available at this time, the total cost of resolving these other contingencies at December 29, 2013 should not have a material adverse effect on our consolidated financial statements included in this annual report on Form 10-K. However, each of these matters is subject to uncertainties, and it is possible that some of these matters may be resolved unfavorably to us.

Item 4. Mine Safety Disclosures Not applicable.

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