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«2013 Annual Report breakthrough technologies and services focused on Dear Fellow Shareholders, addressing specific customer and market needs. Several ...»

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• changes in the level of economic activity in regions in which we do business,

• changes in general economic conditions or government funding,

• settlements of income tax audits,

• expenses incurred in connection with claims related to environmental conditions at locations where we conduct or formerly conducted operations,

• differing tax laws and changes in those laws, or changes in the countries in which we are subject to taxation,

• changes in our effective tax rate,

• changes in industries, such as pharmaceutical and biomedical,

• changes in the portions of our revenue represented by our various products and customers,

• our ability to introduce new products,

• our competitors’ announcement or introduction of new products, services or technological innovations,

• costs of raw materials, energy or supplies,

• changes in healthcare or other reimbursement rates paid by government agencies and other third parties for certain of our products and services,

• our ability to realize the benefit of ongoing productivity initiatives,

• changes in the volume or timing of product orders,

• fluctuation in the expense related to the mark-to-market adjustment on postretirement benefit plans

• changes in our assumptions underlying future funding of pension obligations, and

• changes in assumptions used to determine contingent consideration in acquisitions.

A significant disruption in third-party package delivery and import/export services, or significant increases in prices for those services, could interfere with our ability to ship products, increase our costs and lower our profitability.

We ship a significant portion of our products to our customers through independent package delivery and import/export companies, including UPS and Federal Express in the United States; TNT, UPS and DHL in Europe; and UPS in Asia. We also ship our products through other carriers, including national trucking firms, overnight carrier services and the United States Postal Service. If one or more of the package delivery or import/ export providers experiences a significant disruption in services or institutes a significant price increase, we may have to seek alternative providers and the delivery of our products could be prevented or delayed. Such events could cause us to incur increased shipping costs that could not be passed on to our customers, negatively impacting our profitability and our relationships with certain of our customers.

Disruptions in the supply of raw materials, certain key components and other goods from our limited or single source suppliers could have an adverse effect on the results of our business operations, and could damage our relationships with customers.

The production of our products requires a wide variety of raw materials, key components and other goods that are generally available from alternate sources of supply. However, certain critical raw materials, key components and other goods required for the production and sale of some of our principal products are available from limited or single sources of supply. We generally have multi-year contracts with no minimum purchase requirements with these suppliers, but those contracts may not fully protect us from a failure by certain suppliers to supply critical materials or from the delays inherent in being required to change suppliers and, in some cases, validate new raw materials. Such raw materials, key components and other goods can usually be obtained from alternative sources with the potential for an increase in price, decline in quality or delay in delivery. A prolonged inability to obtain certain raw materials, key components or other goods is possible and could have an adverse effect on our business operations, and could damage our relationships with customers.

We are subject to the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission requiring disclosure as to whether certain materials known as conflict minerals (tantalum, tin, gold and tungsten), which may be contained in our products are mined from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and adjoining countries. As a result of these rules, we may incur additional costs in complying with the disclosure requirements and in satisfying those customers who require that the components used in our products be certified as conflict-free, and the potential lack of availability of these materials at competitive prices could increase our production costs.

The manufacture and sale of products and services may expose us to product liability claims for which we could have substantial liability.

We face an inherent business risk of exposure to product liability claims if our products, services or product candidates are alleged or found to have caused injury, damage or loss. We may in the future be unable to obtain insurance with adequate levels of coverage for potential liability on acceptable terms or claims of this nature may be excluded from coverage under the terms of any insurance policy that we can obtain. If we are unable to obtain such insurance or the amounts of any claims successfully brought against us substantially exceed our coverage, then our business could be adversely impacted.

If we fail to maintain satisfactory compliance with the regulations of the United States Food and Drug Administration and other governmental agencies in the United States and abroad, we may be forced to recall products and cease their manufacture and distribution, and we could be subject to civil, criminal or monetary penalties.

Our operations are subject to regulation by different state and federal government agencies in the United States and other countries, as well as to the standards established by international standards bodies. If we fail to comply with those regulations or standards, we could be subject to fines, penalties, criminal prosecution or other sanctions. Some of the products produced by our Human Health segment are subject to regulation by the United States Food and Drug Administration and similar foreign and domestic agencies. These regulations govern a wide variety of product activities, from design and development to labeling, manufacturing, promotion, sales and distribution. If we fail to comply with those regulations or standards, we may have to recall products, cease their manufacture and distribution, and may be subject to fines or criminal prosecution.

We are also subject to a variety of laws, regulations and standards that govern, among other things, the importation and exportation of products, the handling, transportation and manufacture of toxic or hazardous substances, and our business practices in the United States and abroad such as anti-bribery, anti-corruption and competition laws. This requires that we devote substantial resources to maintaining our compliance with those laws, regulations and standards. A failure to do so could result in the imposition of civil, criminal or monetary penalties having a material adverse effect on our operations.

Changes in governmental regulations may reduce demand for our products or increase our expenses.

We compete in markets in which we or our customers must comply with federal, state, local and foreign regulations, such as environmental, health and safety, and food and drug regulations. We develop, configure and market our products to meet customer needs created by these regulations. Any significant change in these regulations could reduce demand for our products or increase our costs of producing these products.

The healthcare industry is highly regulated and if we fail to comply with its extensive system of laws and regulations, we could suffer fines and penalties or be required to make significant changes to our operations which could have a significant adverse effect on the results of our business operations.

The healthcare industry, including the genetic screening market, is subject to extensive and frequently changing international and United States federal, state and local laws and regulations. In addition, legislative provisions relating to healthcare fraud and abuse, patient privacy violations and misconduct involving government insurance programs provide federal enforcement personnel with substantial powers and remedies to pursue suspected violations. We believe that our business will continue to be subject to increasing regulation as the federal government continues to strengthen its position on healthcare matters, the scope and effect of which we cannot predict. If we fail to comply with applicable laws and regulations, we could suffer civil and criminal damages, fines and penalties, exclusion from participation in governmental healthcare programs, and the loss of various licenses, certificates and authorizations necessary to operate our business, as well as incur liabilities from third-party claims, all of which could have a significant adverse effect on our business.

Economic, political and other risks associated with foreign operations could adversely affect our international sales and profitability.

Because we sell our products worldwide, our businesses are subject to risks associated with doing business internationally. Our sales originating outside the United States represented the majority of our total revenue in fiscal year 2013. We anticipate that sales from international operations will continue to represent a substantial portion of our total revenue. In addition, many of our manufacturing facilities, employees and suppliers are located outside the United States. Accordingly, our future results of operations could be harmed by a variety of

factors, including:

• changes in foreign currency exchange rates,

• changes in a country’s or region’s political or economic conditions, particularly in developing or emerging markets,

• longer payment cycles of foreign customers and timing of collections in foreign jurisdictions,

• trade protection measures and import or export licensing requirements,

• differing tax laws and changes in those laws, or changes in the countries in which we are subject to tax,

• adverse income tax audit settlements or loss of previously negotiated tax incentives,

• differing business practices associated with foreign operations,

• difficulty in transferring cash between international operations and the United States,

• difficulty in staffing and managing widespread operations,

• differing labor laws and changes in those laws,

• differing protection of intellectual property and changes in that protection,

• increasing global enforcement of anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws, and

• differing regulatory requirements and changes in those requirements.

If we do not retain our key personnel, our ability to execute our business strategy will be limited.

Our success depends to a significant extent upon the continued service of our executive officers and key management and technical personnel, particularly our experienced engineers and scientists, and on our ability to continue to attract, retain, and motivate qualified personnel. The competition for these employees is intense. The loss of the services of key personnel could have a material adverse effect on our operating results. In addition, there could be a material adverse effect on us should the turnover rates for key personnel increase significantly or if we are unable to continue to attract qualified personnel. We do not maintain any key person life insurance policies on any of our officers or employees.

Our success also depends on our ability to execute leadership succession plans. The inability to successfully transition key management roles could have a material adverse effect on our operating results.

If we experience a significant disruption in, or breach in security of, our information technology systems, or if we fail to implement new systems, software and technologies successfully, our business could be adversely affected.

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