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«2013 Annual Report breakthrough technologies and services focused on Dear Fellow Shareholders, addressing specific customer and market needs. Several ...»

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Intellectual Property We own numerous United States and foreign patents and have patent applications pending in the United States and abroad. We also license intellectual property rights to and from third parties, some of which bear royalties and are terminable in specified circumstances. In addition to our patent portfolio, we possess a wide array of unpatented proprietary technology and know-how. We also own numerous United States and foreign trademarks and trade names for a variety of our product names, and have applications for the registration of trademarks and trade names pending in the United States and abroad. We believe that patents and other proprietary rights are important to the development of both of our reporting segments, but we also rely upon trade secrets, know-how, continuing technological innovations and licensing opportunities to develop and maintain the competitive position of both of our reporting segments. We do not believe that the loss of any one patent or other proprietary right would have a material adverse effect on our overall business or on any of our reporting segments.

In some cases, we may participate in litigation or other proceedings to defend against or assert claims of infringement, to enforce our patents or our licensors’ patents, to protect our trade secrets, know-how or other intellectual property rights, or to determine the scope and validity of our or third parties’ intellectual property rights. Litigation of this type could result in substantial cost to us and diversion of our resources. An adverse outcome in any litigation or proceeding could subject us to significant liabilities or expenses, require us to cease using disputed intellectual property or cease the sale of a product, or require us to license the disputed intellectual property from third parties. We are currently involved in a lawsuit involving claims of violation of intellectual property rights. See “Item 3. Legal Proceedings” for a discussion of this matter.

Backlog We believe that backlog is not a meaningful indicator of future business prospects for either of our business segments due to the short lead time required on a majority of our sales. Therefore, we believe that backlog information is not material to an understanding of our business.

Competition Due to the wide range of our products and services, we face many different types of competition and competitors. This affects our ability to sell our products and services and the prices at which these products and services are sold. Our competitors range from large foreign and domestic organizations, which produce a comprehensive array of goods and services and that may have greater financial and other resources than we do, to small firms producing a limited number of goods or services for specialized market segments.

We compete on the basis of service level, price, technological innovation, operational efficiency, product differentiation, product availability, quality and reliability. Competitors range from multinational organizations with a wide range of products to specialized firms that in some cases have well-established market niches. We expect the proportion of large competitors to increase through the continued consolidation of competitors.

We believe we compete effectively in each of the areas in which our businesses experience competition.

Research and Development Research and development expenditures were $133.0 million during fiscal year 2013, $132.6 million during fiscal year 2012, and $115.8 million during fiscal year 2011.

We have a broad product base, and we do not expect any single research and development project to have significant costs. We directed our research and development efforts in fiscal years 2013, 2012, and 2011 primarily toward the diagnostics and research markets within our Human Health segment, and the environmental, and laboratory service and support markets within our Environmental Health segment, in order to help accelerate our growth initiatives. We expect to continue our strong investments in research and development to drive growth during fiscal year 2014, and to continue to emphasize the diagnostics and research markets within our Human Health segment, and the environmental, industrial and laboratory services markets within our Environmental Health segment.

Environmental Matters Our operations are subject to various foreign, federal, state and local environmental and safety laws and regulations. These requirements include those governing uses, emissions and discharges of hazardous substances, the remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater, the regulation of radioactive materials, and the health and safety of our employees.

We may have liability under the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act and comparable state statutes that impose liability for investigation and remediation of contamination without regard to fault, in connection with materials that we or our former businesses sent to various third-party sites. We have incurred, and expect to incur, costs pursuant to these statutes.

We are conducting a number of environmental investigations and remedial actions at our current and former locations and, along with other companies, have been named a potentially responsible party (“PRP”) for certain waste disposal sites. We accrue for environmental issues in the accounting period that our responsibility is established and when the cost can be reasonably estimated. During fiscal year 2013, we accrued an additional $5.7 million related to a particular site for increased monitoring and mitigation activities, of which $4.6 million was recorded in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2013. We have accrued $13.5 million as of December 29, 2013, which represents our management’s estimate of the cost of the remediation of known environmental matters, and does not include any potential liability for related personal injury or property damage claims. This amount is not discounted and does not reflect the recovery of any material amounts through insurance or indemnification arrangements. These cost estimates are subject to a number of variables, including the stage of the environmental investigations, the magnitude of the possible contamination, the nature of the potential remedies, possible joint and several liability, the time period over which remediation may occur, and the possible effects of changing laws and regulations. For sites where we have been named a PRP, our management does not currently anticipate any additional liability to result from the inability of other significant named parties to contribute. We expect that the majority of such accrued amounts could be paid out over a period of up to ten years. As assessment and remediation activities progress at each individual site, these liabilities are reviewed and adjusted to reflect additional information as it becomes available. There have been no environmental problems to date that have had, or are expected to have, a material adverse effect on our consolidated financial statements. While it is possible that a loss exceeding the amounts recorded in the consolidated financial statements may be incurred, the potential exposure is not expected to be materially different from those amounts recorded.

We may become subject to new or unforeseen environmental costs or liabilities. Compliance with new or more stringent laws or regulations, stricter interpretations of existing laws, or the discovery of new contamination could cause us to incur additional costs.

Employees As of December 29, 2013, we employed approximately 7,600 employees in our continuing operations.

Several of our subsidiaries are parties to contracts with labor unions and workers’ councils. As of December 29, 2013, we estimate that we employed an aggregate of approximately 1,400 union and workers’ council employees. We consider our relations with employees to be satisfactory.

Financial Information About Reporting Segments We realigned our organization at the beginning of fiscal year 2013, to allow us to implement our strategy and propel our vision to improve global health by innovating technologies that help make healthcare more effective, affordable and accessible around the world. Our Informatics business, as well as our field service on products previously sold by our former Bio-discovery business, were moved from our Environmental Health segment into our Human Health segment. The results reported for fiscal year 2013 reflect this new alignment of our operating segments. Financial information relating to fiscal years 2012 and 2011 has been retrospectively adjusted to reflect the changes to the operating segments.

We have included the expenses for our corporate headquarters, such as legal, tax, audit, human resources, information technology, and other management and compliance costs, as well as the activity related to the markto-market adjustment on postretirement benefit plans, as “Corporate” below. We have a process to allocate and recharge expenses to the reportable segments when these costs are administered or paid by the corporate headquarters based on the extent to which the segment benefited from the expenses. These amounts have been calculated in a consistent manner and are included in our calculations of segment results to internally plan and assess the performance of each segment for all purposes, including determining the compensation of the business leaders for each of our reporting segments.

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(1) Pre-tax impairment charges have been included in the Human Health and Environmental Health operating income from continuing operations. We recognized a $6.7 million pre-tax impairment charge in the Human Health segment in fiscal year 2013. We recognized $73.4 million of pre-tax impairment charges in the Human Health segment and also recognized $0.7 million of pre-tax impairment charges in the Environmental Health segment in fiscal year 2012. We recognized a $3.0 million pre-tax impairment charge in the Human Health segment in fiscal year 2011.

(2) Activity related to the mark-to-market adjustment on postretirement benefit plans have been included in the Corporate operating loss from continuing operations, and together constituted pre-tax income of $17.6 million in fiscal year 2013, a pre-tax loss of $31.8 million in fiscal year 2012, and a pre-tax loss of $67.9 million in fiscal year 2011.

–  –  –

Financial Information About Geographic Areas Both of our reporting segments conduct business in, and derive substantial revenue from, various countries outside the United States. During fiscal year 2013, we had $1,330.6 million in sales from our international operations, representing approximately 60% of our total sales. During fiscal year 2013, we derived approximately 48% of our international sales from our Human Health segment, and approximately 52% of our international sales from our Environmental Health segment. We anticipate that sales from international operations will continue to represent a substantial portion of our total sales in the future.

We are exposed to the risks associated with international operations, including exchange rate fluctuations, regional and country-specific political and economic conditions, foreign receivables collection concerns, trade protection measures and import or export licensing requirements, tax risks, staffing and labor law concerns, intellectual property protection risks, and differing regulatory requirements. Additional geographic information is discussed in Note 23 to our consolidated financial statements included in this annual report on Form 10-K.

Item 1A. Risk Factors The following important factors affect our business and operations generally or affect multiple segments of

our business and operations:

If the markets into which we sell our products decline or do not grow as anticipated due to a decline in general economic conditions, or there are uncertainties surrounding the approval of government or industrial funding proposals, or there are unfavorable changes in government regulations, we may see an adverse effect on the results of our business operations.

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