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«2013 Annual Report breakthrough technologies and services focused on Dear Fellow Shareholders, addressing specific customer and market needs. Several ...»

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• HER2Sense™ preclinical imaging agent, supporting breast cancer discovery research, which is the first fluorescent, discovery research imaging agent to be based on a commercial therapeutic antibody.

• BacteriSense™ 645 Targeted Fluorescent Imaging Agent, which is used to monitor infections of both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria.

• FolateRSense™ 680 Targeted Fluoresent Imaging Agent, which is used to closely monitor and quantitate tumor growth and metabolism.

• BombesinRSense™ 680 Targeted Fluorescent Imaging Agent, which is used to target and identify bombesin receptors expressed in many types of cancer.

VivoTag® 680XL Protein Labeling Kit, which helps to prepare fluorescently labeled antibodies, • proteins or peptides for small animal in vivo imaging applications.

Lead Discovery™ powered by TIBCO® Spotfire®, which adds chemical intelligence to the TIBCO® • Spotfire® business intelligence platform, enabling scientific professionals to derive new information from chemical structures relevant to experimental data.

Datalytix™, a tool enabling self-service import and manipulation of relevant data into the TIBCO® • Spotfire® software from scientifically significant data sources such as compound registries, biological assay repositories, LIMS and other corporate information systems.

ChemDraw® and Chem3D® mobile apps for the iPad® device, new chemical structure drawing and • visualization apps, available in multiple languages and featuring our Flick-to-Share™ technology.

Brand Names:

Our Human Health segment offers additional products under various brand names, including AlphaLISA®, AlphaScreen®, Asset Genius™, AutoDELFIA®, BACS-on-Beads®, BoBs®, cell::explorer®, Chem3D®, ChemBioOffice®, ChemDraw®, Columbus™, Datalytix™, Dexela® CMOS FPDs™, Elsevier’s Reaxys®, EnLite™, Ensemble® for Biology™, Ensemble® for Chemistry™, Ensemble® for QA/QC, EnSpire®, EnVision®, Evolution™, FMT®, FragilEase™, Genoglyphix®, Geospiza®, GSP®, iLab™, inForm™, IVIS®, JANUS®, LabChip®, LABWORKS® EZ-Reader™, LANCE®, LifeCycle™, Living Image®, MultiPROBE®, NEN®, NTD Labs®, Nuance®, Oncoglyphix™, Opera®, Operetta®, Pannoramic™, plate::explorer®, Quantum™, Sciclone®, Search Genius™, Signature Genomics®, Signature Precision Panel™, Signature PrenatalChip®, SignatureChip®, Specimen Gate™, TIBCO® Spotfire®, Tri-Carb®, TRIO™, Twister®, UltraVIEW® VoX™, VariSpec™, Vectra®, ViaCord®, VICTOR™, ViewLux®, VivoTag®, Volocity®, Wizard®, XRD™, XRpad™ and Zephyr®.

Environmental Health Segment Our Environmental Health segment provides products, services and solutions to facilitate the creation of safer food and consumer products, more secure surroundings and efficient energy resources. The Environmental Health segment serves the environmental, industrial and laboratory services markets. Our Environmental Health segment generated revenue of $956.5 million in fiscal year 2013.

Environmental Market:

For the environmental market, we develop and provide analytical technologies, solutions and services that enable our customers to understand the characterization and health of many aspects of our environment, including air, water, soil and food.

Our technologies are used to detect and help reduce the impact products and industrial processes may have on our environment. For example, we have solutions to help ensure compliance with regulatory standards that protect the purity of the world’s water supply by detecting harmful substances, such as trace metal, organic, pesticide, chemical and radioactive contaminants.

We provide a variety of solutions that detect the presence of potentially dangerous materials, including adulterants in food such as melamine in milk, to enable our customers to protect their products against contaminants. Our solutions are also used to identify and prevent counterfeiting of medicine, toxic metals in toys and many other consumer products. Our methods and analyses are transferable throughout the supply chain so our customers are able to keep pace with industry standards as well as governmental regulations and certifications.

Industrial Market:

We provide analytical instrumentation for the industrial market which includes the chemical, petrochemical, lubricant, electronics, semiconductor and quality assurance industries.

Laboratory Services Market:

We have approximately 1,500 service personnel to support our customers throughout the world and to help them improve the productivity of their labs. Our OneSource® laboratory service business strategy is aligned with customers’ needs to accelerate science as our service portfolio enables efficiency gains within their labs.

Principal Products:

Our principal products for Environmental Health applications include the following:

The Clarus® series of gas chromatographs, gas chromatographs/mass spectrometers and the • TurboMatrix™ family of sample-handling equipment, which are used to identify and quantify compounds in the environmental, forensics, food and beverage, hydrocarbon processing/biofuels, materials testing, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.

• The Flexar™ series of liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry instruments, which are controlled by the Chromera® chromatography data system and incorporate an ergonomic industrial design to deliver a wide range of pressure and detector options to address the application needs of high pressure liquid chromatography laboratories. These systems are used to identify and quantify compounds for applications in the environmental, food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

The AxION® 2 TOF MS platform, which helps companies deliver highly sensitive and accurate • measurements to help ensure quality products and services to consumers across the environmental, food and pharmaceutical sectors and is used for the identification of unexpected compounds in samples, providing a high level of resolution and mass accuracy.

Our atomic spectroscopy family of instruments, including the AAnalyst™/PinAAcle® series of atomic • absorption spectrometers, the Optima® family of inductively coupled plasma (“ICP”) optical emission spectrometers and the NexION® family of ICP mass spectrometers, which are used in the environmental and chemical industries, among others, to determine the elemental content of a sample.

• Our infrared spectroscopy family, including the Spectrum Two™ spectrometer, a compact and portable instrument which is used for high-speed infrared analysis for unknown substance identification, material qualification or concentration determination in fuel and lubricant analysis, polymer analysis and pharmaceutical and environmental applications and the Frontier™ spectrometer, which is designed to provide high sensitivity and performance for safe drug development and for determining chemical and material properties in a variety of samples, including consumer products.

• The LAMBDA™ UV/Vis series, which is used to measure liquids, solids, pastes and powder samples and for regulatory tests requiring variable bandwidths.

• The DSC™ 8000 and 8500, which feature a second generation, power controlled double furnace designed to provide fast heating and cooling rates required to accurately understand how materials behave under different conditions.

• The DMA™ 8000, a thermal analysis system, which is used by scientists in the polymers, composites, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries for applications ranging from simple quality control to advanced research.

• The OilExpress™ 4 Oil Condition Monitoring Systems, which combine the high-performance Spectrum Two™ FT-IR spectrometer with an OilPrep™ oil dilution system to quickly analyze contaminants in oil.

OneSource® Laboratory services made up of a comprehensive portfolio of multivendor instrument • management, QA/QC, lab relocation and regulatory compliance services. OneSource programs are tailored to the specific needs and goals of individual customers.

New Products:

New products introduced or acquired for Environmental Health applications in fiscal year 2013 include the


• The DariyGuard™ Milk Powder Analyzer, an infrared spectrometer specifically developed for food suppliers and manufacturers to help ensure the safety and quality of milk powder in their supply chains.

• The GC SNFR™ Olfactory Port accessory to our GC product line, which provides a complete aroma characterization solution that seamlessly integrates sensory evaluation with GC and GC/MS analytical data

• TMA 4000, a thermomechanical analysis system enabling customers to measure expansion of small components.

The AxION® Direct Sample Analysis system, which is an innovative technology that reduces or • eliminates sample preparation steps and eliminates the need for front-end gas or liquid chromatography separation for direct sample introduction to a mass spectrometer.

OneSource® Scientific IT Solutions, which is a series of informatics-based consulting, planning and • management offerings to assist in laboratory productivity.

• Supra-d™ QuEChERS™ Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction solution for sample preparation in pesticide residue analysis to test the safety of fruit and vegetables.

AxION® eDoor™, which is a multi-vendor, web-based open access software that is designed to help • manage multiple locations, chemists, instrument types and applications and includes “walk up” sample introduction with results delivered via Web, email and PDA.

Brand Names:

Our Environmental Health segment offers additional products under various brand names, including AxION®, Chromera™, Clarus®, Flexar™, Frontier™, HyperDSC®, LAMBDA™, NexION®, OilExpress™, OilPrep™, OneSource®, Optima™, Spectrum™, Supra-clean®, Supra-d™, Supra-poly®, Ultraspray® and Ultratune®.

Marketing All of our businesses market their products and services primarily through their own specialized sales forces. As of December 29, 2013, we employed approximately 3,600 sales and service representatives operating in approximately 35 countries and marketing products and services in more than 150 countries. In geographic regions where we do not have a sales and service presence, we utilize distributors to sell our products.

Raw Materials, Key Components and Supplies Each of our businesses uses a wide variety of raw materials, key components and supplies that are generally available from alternate sources of supply and in adequate quantities from domestic and foreign sources. We generally have multi-year contracts, with no minimum purchase requirements, with certain of our suppliers. For certain critical raw materials, key components and supplies required for the production of some of our principal products, we have qualified only a limited or a single source of supply. We periodically purchase quantities of some of these critical raw materials in excess of current requirements, in anticipation of future manufacturing needs. With sufficient lead times, we believe we would be able to qualify alternative suppliers for each of these raw materials and key components. See the applicable risk factor in “Item 1A. Risk Factors” for an additional description of this risk.

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