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«2013 Annual Report breakthrough technologies and services focused on Dear Fellow Shareholders, addressing specific customer and market needs. Several ...»

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In June 2010, we sold our Photoflash business, which was included in our Environmental Health segment, for $13.5 million, including an adjustment for net working capital, plus potential additional contingent consideration. We recognized a pre-tax gain of $0.5 million in fiscal year 2013 and a pre-tax gain of $2.5 million in fiscal year 2012 for contingent consideration related to this sale.

In August 1999, we sold the assets of our Technical Service business for approximately $250.0 million in cash and the assumption by us of certain liabilities of our Technical Services business. During fiscal year 2013, we recorded a pre-tax loss of $2.1 million for a contingency related to this business.

During fiscal years 2013, 2012, and 2011, we settled various commitments related to the divestiture of other discontinued operations. We recognized a pre-tax gain of $2.1 million in fiscal year 2011. The fiscal year 2011 pre-tax gain included a $4.0 million gain for contingent consideration related to the sale of our semiconductor business in fiscal year 2006, which was partially offset by a pre-tax loss of $1.8 million related to updating the net working capital adjustment associated with the sale of our Illumination and Detection Solutions (“IDS”) business in fiscal year 2010.

We recorded a tax benefit of $1.1 million on discontinued operations in fiscal year 2013, a tax provision of $0.9 million on discontinued operations in fiscal year 2012 and a tax benefit of $4.5 million in fiscal year 2011 on discontinued operations. The recognition of $4.5 million income tax benefit in fiscal year 2011 was primarily the result of a change in estimate related to the federal income tax liability associated with the repatriation of the unremitted earnings of the IDS and Photoflash businesses, as further described in Note 6 to the consolidated financial statements in this annual report on Form 10-K, partially offset by the tax provision on the contingent consideration received in fiscal year 2011 related to the sale of our semiconductor business in fiscal year 2006.

Business Combinations Acquisitions in fiscal year 2013 We completed the acquisition of four businesses for total consideration of $11.4 million, in cash. As of the closing dates, we potentially had to pay additional contingent consideration for the four acquired businesses of up to $2.2 million, which at closing had an estimated fair value of $1.1 million. The excess of the purchase price over the fair value of each of the acquired businesses’ net assets represents cost and revenue synergies specific to us, as well as non-capitalizable intangible assets, such as the employee workforce acquired, and has been allocated to goodwill, none of which is tax deductible. We reported the operations for these acquisitions within the results of our operations from the acquisition dates. As of December 29, 2013, the purchase accounting allocations related to these acquisitions were preliminary.

Acquisitions in fiscal year 2012 Acquisition of Haoyuan Biotech Co., Ltd. In November 2012, we acquired all outstanding stock of Haoyuan.

Haoyuan is a provider of nucleic acid-based blood screening solutions for the blood banking and clinical diagnostics markets. We expect this acquisition to extend our capabilities into nucleic acid blood screening, as well as deepen our position in the growing molecular clinical diagnostics market in China. We paid the shareholders of Haoyuan $38.0 million in cash for the stock of Haoyuan. We recorded a receivable of $2.7 million from the shareholders of Haoyuan as a reduction of purchase price for the settlement of certain contingencies. As of the closing date, we potentially had to pay the shareholders additional contingent consideration of up to $30.0 million, which at closing had an estimated fair value of $1.9 million. The excess of the purchase price over the fair value of the acquired net assets represents cost and revenue synergies specific to us, as well as non-capitalizable intangible assets, such as the employee workforce acquired, and has been allocated to goodwill, none of which is tax deductible. We reported the operations for this acquisition within the results of our Human Health segment from the acquisition date.

We do not consider the acquisitions completed during fiscal years 2013 and 2012 to be material to our consolidated results of operations; therefore, we are not presenting pro forma financial information of operations.

The aggregate revenue and results of operations for the acquisitions completed during fiscal years 2013 and 2012 for the period from their respective acquisition dates to December 29, 2013 and December 30, 2012 were minimal. We have also determined that the presentation of the results of operations for each of those acquisitions, from the date of acquisition, is impracticable due to the integration of the operations upon acquisition.

As of December 29, 2013 the purchase price allocation for the Haoyuan acquisition was final. The preliminary allocation of the purchase price for acquisitions completed in fiscal year 2013 were based upon an initial valuation. Our estimates and assumptions underlying the initial valuation are subject to change within the measurement period, which is up to one year from the acquisition date. The primary areas of the preliminary purchase price allocation that are not yet finalized relate to the fair value of certain tangible and intangible assets acquired and liabilities assumed, assets and liabilities related to income taxes and related valuation allowances, and residual goodwill. We expect to continue to obtain information to assist in determining the fair values of the net assets acquired at the acquisition date during the measurement period. During the measurement period, we will adjust assets or liabilities if new information is obtained about facts and circumstances that existed as of the acquisition date that, if known, would have resulted in the recognition of those assets and liabilities as of that date. Adjustments to the preliminary allocation of the purchase price during the measurement period require the revision of comparative prior period financial information when reissued in subsequent financial statements. The effect of adjustments to the allocation of the purchase price made during the measurement period would be as if the adjustments had been completed on the acquisition date. The effects of any such adjustments, if material, may cause changes in depreciation, amortization, or other income or expense recognized in prior periods. All changes that do not qualify as adjustments made during the measurement period are included in current period earnings.

Allocations of the purchase price for acquisitions are based on estimates of the fair value of the net assets acquired and are subject to adjustment upon finalization of the purchase price allocations. The accounting for business combinations requires estimates and judgments as to expectations for future cash flows of the acquired business, and the allocation of those cash flows to identifiable intangible assets, in determining the estimated fair values for assets acquired and liabilities assumed. The fair values assigned to tangible and intangible assets acquired and liabilities assumed, including contingent consideration, are based on management’s estimates and assumptions, as well as other information compiled by management, including valuations that utilize customary valuation procedures and techniques. Contingent consideration is measured at fair value at the acquisition date, based on the probability that revenue thresholds or product development milestones will be achieved during the earnout period, with changes in the fair value after the acquisition date affecting earnings to the extent it is to be settled in cash.

Increases or decreases in the fair value of contingent consideration liabilities primarily result from changes in the estimated probabilities of achieving revenue thresholds or product development milestones during the earnout period. We may have to pay contingent consideration, related to all acquisitions with open contingency periods, of up to $31.3 million as of December 29, 2013. As of December 29, 2013, we had recorded contingent consideration obligations relating to our acquisitions of Dexela Limited, Haoyuan and Tetra Teknolojik Sistemler Limited Sirketi, with an estimated fair value of $4.9 million. The earnout periods for each of these acquisitions do not exceed three years from the acquisition date. If the actual results differ from the estimates and judgments used in these fair values, the amounts recorded in the consolidated financial statements could result in a possible impairment of the intangible assets and goodwill, require acceleration of the amortization expense of definite-lived intangible assets, or the recognition of additional consideration which would be expensed.

In connection with the purchase price allocations for acquisitions, we estimate the fair value of deferred revenue assumed with our acquisitions. The estimated fair value of deferred revenue is determined by the legal performance obligation at the date of acquisition, and is generally based on the nature of the activities to be performed and the related costs to be incurred after the acquisition date. The fair value of an assumed liability related to deferred revenue is estimated based on the current market cost of fulfilling the obligation, plus a normal profit margin thereon. The estimated costs to fulfill the deferred revenue are based on the historical direct costs related to providing the services. We do not include any costs associated with selling effort, research and development, or the related fulfillment margins on these costs. In most acquisitions, profit associated with selling effort is excluded because the acquired businesses would have concluded the selling effort on the support contracts prior to the acquisition date. The estimated research and development costs are not included in the fair value determination, as these costs are not deemed to represent a legal obligation at the time of acquisition. The sum of the costs and operating income approximates, in theory, the amount that we would be required to pay a third-party to assume the obligation.

Contingencies, Including Tax Matters We are conducting a number of environmental investigations and remedial actions at our current and former locations and, along with other companies, have been named a potentially responsible party (“PRP”) for certain waste disposal sites. We accrue for environmental issues in the accounting period that our responsibility is established and when the cost can be reasonably estimated. During fiscal year 2013, we accrued an additional $5.7 million related to a particular site for increased monitoring and mitigation activities, of which $4.6 million was recorded in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2013. We have accrued $13.5 million as of December 29, 2013, which represents our management’s estimate of the cost of the remediation of known environmental matters, and does not include any potential liability for related personal injury or property damage claims. This amount is not discounted and does not reflect the recovery of any material amounts through insurance or indemnification arrangements. These cost estimates are subject to a number of variables, including the stage of the environmental investigations, the magnitude of the possible contamination, the nature of the potential remedies, possible joint and several liability, the time period over which remediation may occur, and the possible effects of changing laws and regulations. For sites where we have been named a PRP, our management does not currently anticipate any additional liability to result from the inability of other significant named parties to contribute. We expect that the majority of such accrued amounts could be paid out over a period of up to ten years. As assessment and remediation activities progress at each individual site, these liabilities are reviewed and adjusted to reflect additional information as it becomes available. There have been no environmental problems to date that have had, or are expected to have, a material adverse effect on our consolidated financial statements. While it is possible that a loss exceeding the amounts recorded in the consolidated financial statements may be incurred, the potential exposure is not expected to be materially different from those amounts recorded.

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