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«Health and Social Care Professionals Council An Chomhairle um Ghairmithe Sláinte agus Cúraim Shóisialaigh Panels of Assessors - Recruitment & ...»

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Panel of Assessors

Health and Social Care Professionals Council

An Chomhairle um Ghairmithe Sláinte agus Cúraim Shóisialaigh

Panels of Assessors

- Recruitment & Selection

- Roles and Responsibilities

- Code of Conduct

Health and Social Care Professionals Council Page 1 of 9

Panel of Assessors


1. General Principles

2. Purpose

3. Objectives

4. Equal Opportunities and Diversity

5. Recruitment

6. Selection Criteria

7. Appointments

8. Terms of Engagement and Confidentiality Agreement

9. Induction and Training

10. Roles and Responsibilities

11. General

Code of Conduct (approved by Council 27/02/2014)

Schedule for Assessor Payments 2014

Assessor Invoice 2014

Health and Social Care Professionals Council Page 2 of 9 Panel of Assessors

1. General Principles 1.1. CORU aims to have sufficient Panel of Assessors members for each regulated profession, who are suitably trained to perform their role, to assist the registration boards and Council to meet their obligations.

2. Purpose 2.1. The purpose of this policy is to:

2.1.1. Provide a fair and systematic basis for selecting the most suitable candidates and to ensure all selection procedures are carried out fairly and equitably.

2.1.2. Provide equality of opportunity for all candidates and to avoid unfair discrimination in any ground.

2.1.3. Clearly outline the requirements of assessors in their delivery of assessments as assigned from time to time by registration boards.

3. Objectives 3.1. CORU is committed to ensuring that selection is undertaken in a professional manner enabling the appointment of a high standard of Assessor.

3.2. CORU is setting out the roles and responsibilities for all panel of assessor members in order to achieve a high and consistent standard of assessments on behalf of registration boards.

4. Equal Opportunities and Diversity The Selection process will be reviewed regularly to ensure that it fulfils requirements in respect of equal opportunities and diversity.

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5.1. Panel of Assessor vacancies will be advertised on the CORU website; they may also be advertised in the relevant media if considered appropriate and sent to relevant bodies e.g. professional body and employers, for circulation to members and staff.

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6. Selection Criteria Applications will be reviewed against selection criteria below as set out by Council (general) and Registration Boards (profession specific as applicable).

6.1. All members of Panels of Assessors must have applied for Registration within 180 days of the register opening for the profession.

6.2. From 180 days after the opening of the register for the profession, only registered assessors may carry out assessment assignments on behalf of the Board.

6.3. Registered members of the Panel, who retire from the practice of their profession, may remain on the Panel for two years after retirement, once they retain their registration.

6.4. It will be a requirement to be registered in the State in order to continue to be a member of the Panel. Panel of Assessor Members will be either (a) Practitioners in the profession or (b) Educators in the profession

6.5. Each Registration Board may appoint a selection panel to conduct shortlisting and interviews (if required).

7. Appointments

7.1. Appointments will be subject to Council approval on the request of the Registration Board.

7.2. CORU may seek and check references or conduct validation of the information provided by interested parties.

8. Terms of Engagement and Confidentiality Agreement

8.1. Upon appointment, assessors will be required to sign a terms of agreement and a confidentiality agreement with CORU.

9. Induction and Training

9.1. All assessors will be provided with appropriate training prior to undertaking any assignments.

–  –  –

10. Roles and Responsibilities 10.1. Normally, assessors will be engaged to work in pairs of one Educator and one Practitioner, to assess and make recommendations to the Board on applications for recognition, aptitude tests and tests of professional competence and other assignments as may be determined by the Registration Board. Assessors will also be engaged in assessing applications through the Returners to Practice route.

10.2. Assessors will also be assigned work individually for the assessment of CPD logs and completed periods of adaptation.

10.3. Members of the Panel may be selected to be part of the Education Panel for conducting approval and monitoring of education programmes assignments.

10.4. Assessors are expected to complete assignments within the timeframe set out by CORU.

10.5. Assessors assigned in pairs will be required to work together and make appropriate arrangements for the completion of an assignment.

10.6. A complete assessment report on every assignment, signed by the assessor(s) (as applicable) with a clear recommendation, will be submitted to CORU for presentation to the board.

10.7. Assessment Report Forms should be completed electronically and may be submitted to CORU electronically (signed and scanned), or by post (printed and signed).

10.8. Assessors will be paid the rates laid down by Council. These rates may be amended from time to time on the approval by Council. Assessors will be required to invoice CORU for their fee, on completion of an assignment, on the template Assessor Invoice form provided.

10.9. Assessors are advised that their fees may be subject to Professional Services Withholding Tax (PSWT) (see 11.5).

10.10. Assessors will be required to complete periodic feedback forms which will enable CORU to identify ways and means of improving all aspects of the processes involved.

–  –  –

11.1. All applicants are required to declare any potential conflict of interest when applying for assessor roles. Once appointed, if there is a perceived conflict of interest related to an assignment this must be declared.

11.2. All assessors are required to sign and abide by confidentiality agreements.

11.3. All assessors are required to abide by the Code of Conduct for Assessors.

11.4. Payments to assessors are subject to the “one person one salary” principle, as recommended by the Review Body on Higher Remuneration in the Public Sector in 1972 and accepted by the Government. Public service employees who undertake assessment assignments outside their normal working week are eligible for payment.

11.5. Payments for the approval and monitoring of education programmes assignments are subject to Professional Services Withholding Tax (PSWT). All other payments to assessors are excluded from PSWT.

11.6. All payments will be made in accordance with Department of Finance circulars. Please note PSWT will be deducted from travel and subsistence claims for assessors who carry out approval and monitoring of education programmes assignments.

–  –  –

Introduction CORU appoints a Panel of Assessors for each Registration Board to undertake assignments

on behalf of the board and make recommendations on the following matters:

- Return to Practice applications S91 Applications – sufficiently relevant qualifications Recognition of International Qualifications applications

- Completed Period of Adaptation reports

- Assessments of Professional Competence

- Aptitude Tests

- CPD Audits

- Engagement in the practice of the profession

- Such other assessments as may be determined by the Board or Council (In addition, some Panel members may be selected in line with criteria to assist in the Approval and Monitoring of Education Programmes.) CORU is an open and transparent organisation. Assessors should be aware that high standards of conduct and personal integrity are essential to maintaining public confidence and for that reason CORU operates this Code of Conduct which will be applicable to Assessors.

General Principles Illegal, dishonest, inappropriate or unethical conduct on the part of Assessors may result in the termination of any contract/ service agreement between the Assessor and CORU.

In carrying out the Services referred to in the within Agreement, Assessors must:

 Act in good faith, with honesty, integrity and probity;

 Be aware of CORU’s objective of protecting the public;

 Treat others equally, fairly, and with respect; and  Take personal responsibility for adhering to this Code of Conduct.

Assessors must not:

 Act in a manner which may bring CORU into disrepute; or  Misuse their position for personal gain or to promote their own/other interests.

–  –  –

Non-Discrimination Assessors must treat others with dignity and fairness. Assessors must not discriminate against anyone because of their gender, family status, civil status, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, race, or membership of the Traveller Community as identified under the Equal Status Act as updated from time to time.

Conflicts of Interests Assessors must disclose any interest which they may have (or might be seen to have) in the outcome of any decision on a recommendation in which they are asked to participate.

Assessors must also disclose any interest that could otherwise prejudice any service they are asked to perform.

Assessors must consider potential conflicts of interest at the earliest stage possible and declare any interest as soon as they realise it is necessary to do so. An Assessor must not participate in any decision on a recommendation or perform any other service until the potential conflict is resolved.

Assessors must recognise that:

- In dealing with conflicts of interest, the test to be applied is not whether an interest would influence their decision on a recommendation, but whether a member of the public, acting reasonably, may think that it might have such an influence;

- Similar considerations apply to the interests of a spouse or close relative, as a member of the public, acting reasonably, may regard those interests as effectively being the interests of the Assessor; and

- The key principle is the need for transparency in respect of any interest which may be regarded by a member of the public, acting reasonably, as potentially affecting the assessors’ objectivity.

An Assessor who is unclear about any potential conflict of interest should seek guidance from CORU.

Confidentiality Assessors must not disclose or make any other use of confidential information to which they have access other than for a proper purpose relating to the performance of services for CORU or as required by law.

Assessors must take appropriate steps to ensure that confidential papers and information are stored and disposed of securely.

Assessors must promptly notify CORU of any breach in confidentiality of which they become aware. An Assessor who is unclear about the status of any information should seek guidance from CORU.

–  –  –

Performance Assessors agree to perform their services within the timescale set by CORU and to a reasonable and appropriate standard.

An Assessor who is unable to provide services which are requested by CORU must notify the relevant CORU employee as soon as possible.

An Assessor who is unable to provide services for a prolonged period should notify CORU.

Assessors must inform CORU and may not be asked to perform services for CORU if they are the subject of any fitness to practice or other investigations that could, inter alia, bring CORU into disrepute.

Training CORU provides Assessors with access to training courses to enable them to keep up to date with good practice.

In the event that CORU considers that an Assessor is not up to date with good practice it may terminate its contract with the Assessor.

Fees and Expenses Assessors must comply with CORU’s policies and procedures for the payment of fees and expenses.

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