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«Help System Table of Contents 1 INTRODUCTION 2 GETTING STARTED! 2.1 Installation 2.2 Wizard 2.3 Browse Method: 2.4 Search Method: 2.5 Surface Scan ...»

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3.2 Viewing Deleted Files Once you have indexed a drive, Pandora Recovery will allow you to view deleted files before you decide you want to recover them by using “Quick Viewer”. In order to find your deleted file(s) faster selecting the “Show Deleted Items Only” icon can help you by only displaying files that have been deleted.

Quick View:

To use quick viewer you can select deleted file and or click the Quick Viewer icon or right click on deleted file and select “Quick View”. Quick View will then display a preview of deleted file. An example is shown below of an image file that was deleted. Note that not all files can be viewed in this manner, specifically large files.

Deleted Files Have Different Appearances:

Deleted files or folders have different appearance in Browse tab than existing ones. See the picture shown below.

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= Deleted files and folders have Red Cross over the icon.

Red = File is an overwritten deleted file, whose clusters are partially reused (overwritten) by other files. When a file has been deleted, the disk space occupied by the file can be reused by file system. The file system can reallocate this space for data of newly created files. So the deleted file becomes overwritten. There are more chances that an overwritten file is corrupted and can not be recovered successfully. You can recover overwritten files but there are no guarantees that they will be recovered successfully or in their entirety.

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3.3 Recovering Deleted Files Once you have indexed (Browse method) your hard drive or have used one of our scan methods – Browse, Search, or Surface Scan and have found a deleted file, Pandora Recovery can recover those deleted files by doing the following.

1. Right click on deleted file and select “Recover” or select deleted file and click the recover icon. The window

below will be displayed:

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► Browse – This button allows you to select the location of where you want to recover delete file(s). You should recover deleted file to a different hard drive then where it originally was located on.

► Help – This button takes you to our help system.

► Recover Now – This button will attempt to recover deleted file(s) and display a progress window.

2. Click Recover Now to begin the recovery process. The window below will be displayed.

Once the recovery process has been completed you can click on the “Close” button.

To view your recovered deleted file, go to the location where you recovered the file to.

4 OPTIONS Pandora Recovery options are located under “Tools” of the tool bar menu.

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►Show Wizard at Start up – This check box gives you the option to disable or enable Wizard from automatically starting once you have opened Pandora Recover.

►Save drive indexing cache to disk – This check box gives you the option to disable or enable from saving indexing to your cache.

►Logging – This gives you the option to choice the type of logging and size limit you which to have on your log file.

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Allows you to configure how auto-update functions. If desired, you can completely disable auto-update and then manually check for updates by pressing the Check for updates button.


To Uninstall Pandora Recovery please do the following:

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System Requirements:

► Windows XP SP 1 or higher, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server or Windows Vista


Please visit the support section our website for further assistance. http://www.PandoraRecovery.com/support/

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Questions About File Recovery Questions About NTFS Questions About Drive Indexing Questions About Browsing Questions About Deleted Files Search Questions About Quick Viewer Questions About Disk Surface

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I've deleted very important information. What should I do to keep it safe from corruption?

You are not encouraged to create new files on the disc where the information was originally located. Do not run applications that may create files on the disc where the information was located (like Web browsers, image and text editors and so on).

I reformatted the disk drive. Can I recover information using Pandora Recovery?

Yes, you can; however, please use our Surface Scan Method.

What file systems are supported by Pandora Recovery?

Currently Pandora Recovery supports NTFS file system. You can recover deleted files only from disc drives that are formatted using NTFS.

Can I recover deleted files from the disk formatted using FAT32 file system?

This version of Pandora Recovery allows you recover deleted files only from NTFS-formatted drives.

Should I recover file attributes and alternative data streams?

Yes, this useful information should be recovered. Alternative streams often contain file metadata, while file attributes contain information about how files are displayed in Windows Explorer.

Why can't I recover alternative data streams to a FAT32-formatted disc drive?

FAT32 doesn't support alternative streams. When you try to recover a file containing more than one stream, only its unnamed data stream will be recovered.

Why shouldn't I recover deleted files to the same disc drive they were originally located?

The data of newly created files may overwrite the data of deleted files. That may cause permanent loss of data.

Where should I recover my deleted files to?

You should recover files to a different disk drive. For example, if you need to recover deleted files from disc C:,

recover them to D:\Recovered Files folder. If the destination folder doesn't exist, Pandora Recovery will create it automatically.

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When I recover a group of deleted files or folders with similar names, it renames some of them. Why so?

Files within one folder must have unique names. This condition is not always true for deleted files; because of that reason Pandora Recovery renames the files to make their names unique within a folder.

I have many deleted files with the same names. How can I determine which one I need to recover?

You can recover all files and then open each one using the appropriate application. By opening each file you can determine which one you need by its content. You may also use Quick Viewer to determine which file you need to recover.

Can I recover an encrypted file using Pandora Recovery?

Yes, Pandora Recovery allows you recover files encrypted by EFS, the Encrypting File System.

How does Pandora Recovery recover encrypted files? Does it decipher them?

Pandora Recovery doesn't decipher contents of encrypted files. Instead of that it copies content of an encrypted file in raw mode as data back-up applications do.

Can I recover encrypted files belonging to other users?

You can not recover encrypted files that are owned by other users.

I have recovered an encrypted file, but it contains junk. Why did this happen?

This may happen because of following reasons:

1. The contents of the file were overwritten by other files.

2. The $EFS attribute of the file was corrupted.

3. If you recover files that are owned by another user, EFS can't decipher its content. That is why you may see junk.

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In what operating systems is NTFS used?

NTFS is the default file system in all modern operating systems from Microsoft, such as Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.


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What are $DATA and $FILE_NAME attributes?

Do not confuse NTFS file attributes with Archive, Hidden, System (and others) attributes. The NTFS file system views each file (or folder) as a set of file attributes. Elements such as the file's name, its security information, and even its data, are all file attributes. $FILE_NAME attribute contains information about file's name, creation/modification date and so on. $DATA attribute may contain data of file's unnamed or alternative data stream. Learn more about NTFS attributes in NTFS File Types article on www.ntfs.com.

What is an alternative file stream?

In NTFS, all files have at least a file stream also called unnamed $DATA stream. Unnamed stream contains data of the file. Alternative streams usually contain file-related metadata. For example, MP3 music file may contain unnamed stream, where data are stored, and one or several additional streams where composition genre, album name and author's name are stored.

What are Archive, Hidden, System (and others) file attributes?

Each file or folder on a disk has none, one or several assigned attributes, such as Archive, Hidden, System, Not Content Indexed and so on. For example a file having Hidden attribute isn't displayed in Windows Explorer view.

Pandora Recovery can restore original attributes of a deleted file or folder. Do not confuse such file attributes with NTFS file attributes ($DATA, $FILE_NAME and so on).

What is $EFS attribute?

$EFS attribute contains information needed by EFS, the Encrypting File System, to decipher contents of an encrypted file. If $EFS attribute is missing or corrupted, the file can't be decrypted.

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What happens when Pandora Recovery indexes my drive?

When indexing, Pandora Recovery collects information from your disk's file allocation table (MFT, the Master File Table). MFT contains information about both existing and deleted files. Pandora Recovery creates index of all deleted files in memory and can save indexing information to disk for later use.

Why can't it index my CD-ROM disc and my floppy disk?

Your CD-ROM disc is formatted in CDFS file system, and your floppy disk has FAT12 file system. Both CDFS and FAT12 are not supported by this version of Pandora Recovery.

What is the difference between physical disk and logical disk?

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Physical disk is the hardware located inside of your computer. When you install operating system on your computer, you can create one or several logical discs on one physical disc. Logical discs usually have a letter assigned, for

example, C:.

What happens if I uncheck 'Save drive indexing cache to disk' flag in General tab of Options dialog?

Pandora Recovery saves drives indexing information as hidden files to its installation directory. It is done to switch between discs more quickly and to not index disc each time you choose to open its content in Browse tab. If you uncheck this flag, Pandora Recovery won't save indexing information to disc. But it will require more time when you switch between discs in Browse tab.

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Why are some of the disc drives grayed out? Can I open their contents?

No, you can not open contents of grayed disc drives, because they are formatted using a file system other than NTFS.

What happens when I click 'Show Deleted Items Only' toolbar button?

When you press this button, Pandora Recovery hides all folders that do not contain deleted files and shows only deleted files in current folder.

What files are contained in 'Orphan Folders' seen in root folder of my disk?

Orphan Folders can contain deleted files only. They are virtual folders, which means, they do not physically exist.

Can orphan folders be recovered?

Yes, you can recover contents of an Orphan Folder.

Where do 'Orphan Folders' appear from?

During indexing, Pandora Recovery tries to reconstruct the original location of deleted files. In several cases it is impossible. In such cases deleted files are placed to virtual deleted folders called Orphan Folders. Orphan Folders are always placed into the root folder of the disc so that it can be quickly accessed.

Why some files are displayed in green and blue?

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