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«ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR CLINICAL TRIALS PERFORMED IN CHILDREN Recommendations of the Ad hoc group for the development of implementing guidelines ...»

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What is the requirement from at national level:

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In case of disagreement between the 2 parents, do you have specific provisions (law or guidelines) to deal with such disagreement?

What are these provisions?

2) Specific national provisions for child’ s assent Do you have a law, addressing assent from a child participating in a trial?

Do you have national guidelines addressing assent from a child participating in a trial?

Consent refers to legal representatives, as opposed to assent which refers to minors Guideline means implemented at national level, excludes local recommendations.

–  –  –

If yes, from which age?

In relation to development milestone (eg, from school age)?

Is there a need for written child’s assent?

If yes, from which age?

3) Neonates Do you have laws or national guidelines to confer additional protection to neonates?

4) Adolescents Do you have a law stating that adolescents can consent independently?

Do you have a national guideline stating that adolescents can consent independently?

If yes, from which age?

Is there a possibility for adolescents to overrule their parents’s decisions (or legal representatives’s decision) Is the investigator obliged to follow the parent(s)’s decision?

Is the investigator obliged to follow the adolescent’s decision?

Do they have the right to privacy vis-à-vis parents (or legal representatives) in a clinical trial (e.g., for contraceptive use, Sexually Transmitted Diseases)?

5) Emergency trials Do you have a law on consent in emergency trials?

Do you have a guideline on consent in emergency trials?

–  –  –

6) Other questions:

Can parents contact directly Ethics Committees to obtain information?

Is there a role for national authorities when there is disagreement between parents and investigators?

Is an investigator required to provide information to parents in case of a negative opinion of Ethics Committee during trial?

–  –  –

Special conditions (trial characteristics) for consent from only one parent Special conditions for consent from only one parent

–  –  –

Agreement between parents and adolescents should be reached if parents negative and adolescent positive This was understood in most cases as respect of refusal from adolescent to participate (and not the possibility for an adolescent to consent when parents don’t)

–  –  –

List of issues to be taken into consideration for planning a paediatric study:

Identification and scientific validity of the study question to be answered Justification of the study to be performed in children and in the proposed age groups

–  –  –

The potential risks (real and theoretical) have been weighed against the expected benefits for the children enrolled in the clinical trial. The balance of risks versus expected benefits should be positive for the clinical trial.

The competence of the responsible study investigator and his/her team and the infrastructure of the institution or primary care practice that should be experienced in paediatric research in general and in particular in the field of the applied project.

The pre-clinical safety and efficacy data (investigator's brochure, available literature) that are preconditions for a paediatric clinical trial The clinical results of adult studies (literature, investigator's brochure), if any.

–  –  –

Comprehensive, understandable Informed Consent and Information sheets for legal representatives Understandable age specific Informed Assent and Information sheet for children

–  –  –

World Medical Association. Declaration of Helsinki: Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects. Revision 2002.

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CPMP/ICH/2711/99. http://www.emea.eu.int/pdfs/human/ich/271199EN.pdf CIOMS guidelines (CIOMS IV Working group)

–  –  –

CESP Guidelines

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–  –  –


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–  –  –

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–  –  –

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–  –  –

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