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Program Overview

The American Association of Medical Assistants defines Medical Assistants as persons who are,

allied health professionals whose practice it is to function as a member of the health care delivery

team and perform administrative and clinical procedures.

This associate degree program will provide the opportunity for students to learn to perform in at least minimum entering-level positions in medical facilities such as, physicians, chiropractors and podiatrists offices or clinics. Positions available will generally fall into either the front office (administrative) or the clinical areas of a practice.

Administration instruction in appointment scheduling, preparing and maintaining patient and other records, patient and insurance billing, transcription, as well as a variety of computer skills are presented.

Clinical instruction will include taking medical histories, vital signs, assisting the practitioner during patient examinations and minor surgeries, collect and prepare laboratory specimens, and perform basic lab tests.

Special training in phlebotomy, EKG, and first aid, are also included.

The program also includes specialized computer software instruction such as database management, spreadsheet applications, desktop publishing, and graphic presentations, which are covered using the International Computer Drivers License (ICDL) program. Proficiency can result in receiving internationally recognized certifications in each component.

Program completion requires a 160-hour externship in an off-campus medical facility. This externship is included within the two academic years or eight quarters.



Program Outline 96 Credits 1315 Clock Hours Course Code Course Title Credit Hours MS2001 Administrative Medical Assisting 3 MS1005 Anatomy & Physiology, Part 1 3 MS1062 Anatomy and Physiology, Part 2 3 MS2011 Clinical Competencies 3 MS1052 Clinical Medical Assisting 3 MS2010 Clinical Medical Assisting II 3 GE1051 Composition 3 MS2003 Disease Pathology/Lab Tests 3 GE10

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Course Code Explanation: The alpha prefixes indicate the course being taught. The numbering system indicates the level of the course, as follows: 1000 series are beginning classes; 1050 series are intermediate Classes; and 2000 series are advanced classes. It is possible for certain intermediate classes to be prerequisites for beginning classes.



Course Descriptions Listed Alphabetically by Course Name Unless otherwise indicated, all courses are three (3) credit hours


In addition to organizing and assisting in the back office (the clinic), the Medical Assistant can also be responsible for the front office. Here the MA will assist in supply and inventory controls, billing and collections, the practitioner’s scheduling, and may have reception responsibilities.

MS1003 ANATOMY and PHYSIOLOGY I Students are introduced to various aspects of human anatomy and physiology for work in a medical or health-related field. Diseases, anomalies, and present-day medical procedures are studied. Emphasis is on how tissues, organs, and body systems work together to carry on complex activities. Extensive medical terms are highlighted in this course.

MS1051 ANATOMY and PHYSIOLOGY II In this course emphasis will be on the cardiovascular, respiratory, reproductive, special-senses, endocrine, digestive, urinary, and lymphatic systems.

MS2011 CLINICAL COMPETENCIES CPR certification along with Bloodborne Pathogen Standards will be taught during the first week of the quarter. The remainder of the course consists of labs that will serve as a review of clinical and administrative competencies prior to seeking certification


The student will learn to prepare patients for examination or treatment, take vital signs, sterilize instruments and perform simple lab tests, and collect routine laboratory specimens for safe processing while following acceptable aseptic procedures; also, students will learn standard EKG hook-ups and how to provide data for diagnosis and treatment of heart ailments.


This course serves as a capstone learning experience for all clinical procedures in preparation for the externship experience. It is primarily a lab course.

GE1051 COMPOSITION This class integrates writing instruction with reading and editing skills. Students learn to write concisely in direct response to assigned readings.

MS2003 DISEASE PATHOLOGY/LAB TESTS This course will apply the knowledge previously learned in Medical Terminology I and II, and Anatomy and Physiology I and II, to the disease process. Common diseases will be covered in a body systems approach. Laboratory and diagnostic tests will also be applied to each body system. The relationship between diagnostic testing and diagnosis of disease will be explored.


The central theme of the course is the link between humans and their surroundings, specifically the causal interrelationship of humans and the environment.


Using prescribed methodologies, students assist the practitioner in arriving at diagnostic conclusions. Specimens, vital signs, and recognizing emergencies are included.

MS2004 EXTERNSHIP SEMINAR – 1 Credit All externship students will meet for one hour each week to discuss their experiences on their assigned site.

GE1005 INTRODUCTION to COLLEGE MATHEMATICS A realistic comprehensive approach to math as it relates to business and economics Students will learn everyday business situations that need mathematical computations with emphasis on basic mathematical calculations such as mean, median, mode; ratios and proportions; perimeter, circumference, area, and volume; and basic algebraic problem solving.

CA1001 INTRODUCTION to COMPUTER CONCEPTS This hands-on computer course requires students to work through a series of tutorial based on the Microsoft Office Suite. It culminates in an opportunity for the ICDL (International Computer Driver’s License) certification.

MS1054 INTRODUCTION to DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES Students will learn to assist the practitioner in appraising the health status of patients through the application of diagnostic concepts and procedures, with prescribed diagnostic tests, follow-up care, and treatment.

MS1001 INTRODUCTION to MEDICAL ASSISTING In this course, students will learn of the career opportunities available to a graduate medical assistant. It will explore how the MA prepares a patient for examination or treatment, how to take vital signs, how to sterilize instruments and perform simple lab tests, electrocardiograms, and otherwise assist as needed.

JO2001 JOB ORIENTATION The student will focus on effective job-search skills. Specifically, the course covers job-search methods, researching jobs, networking, using the telephone, interviewing, resume preparation, cover letters and follow-up letters, effective time-management strategies, and personal characteristics (dress, attitude). Each student is required to prepare a portfolio.

MS2005 MEDICAL ASSISTING EXTERNSHIP – 5 Credits This externship experience is designed to complete the formal part of the classroom education the student has received. It is intended to bring real-world applications to the things the student studied in the medical assisting curriculum. A full 160 hours are required (approximately 16 hours per week for 10 weeks of the final quarter).

MS1006 MEDICAL CODING - ICD for MEDICAL ASSISTANTS This course introduces diagnostic coding. Medical coding is defined as the translation of diagnoses, procedures, and services into numeric and/or alphanumeric components for statistical reporting to insurance carriers so that they can reimburse the medical practice. Legal and ethical issues applicable to health information are also covered.

MS1007 MEDICAL CODING-CPT / HCPCS for MEDICAL ASSISTANTS This course introduces CPT coding and will enhance coding skills by addressing specific coding issues within particular areas. HCPCS national codes were developed to report services that include injectable drugs, ambulance services, prosthetic devices, and other selected provider services. The course emphasizes CPT/HCPCS coding proficiencies for the medical assistant.

MS1055 MEDICAL FORMS and RECORDS The focus is on medical forms and records used in hospitals and physician’s offices. Experience is gained by preparing the forms used for Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Workmen’s Compensation, hospital, office, and long-term care admission and discharge MS1056 MEDICAL LAW and ETHICS Students will learn to recognize the ethical and legal responsibilities in patient management and in the physician’s practice, adhering to legal and governmental safety standards for patient care and record maintenance. Emphasis will be placed on HIPAA rules and regulations.

MS1004 MEDICAL MATH This course will concentrate on basic math used in medicine, specifically, decimals, fractions and the metric scale.

MS1002 MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY I This is an introduction to professional medical terminology. The course is designed to develop one of the most basic skills in the allied health fields. Emphasis is placed on the meanings of Latin and Greek word parts that allow the student to understand complex medical terms.

MS1059 MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY II This course builds on the foundation built in Medical Terminology I. It will include more topical terminology as it relates to medical specialty areas as well as terms specific to osteopathic and podiatric practitioners.

MS1060 PHARMACOLOGY I The general principles of drug action, methods of administration, metabolism, excretion, and clinical application will be presented. Essential elements of math principles and dosage calculations will be explored. Also, a survey of several drug categories i.e., cardiovascular medications, antibiotics, neuromuscular blockers, anticoagulants and diuretics are included.

MS1061 PHARMACOLOGY II The general principles of drug action, methods of administration, metabolism, excretion, and clinical application will be presented. Essential elements of math principles and dosage calculation will be explored. Also, a survey of sever drug categories, i.e., cardiovascular medications, antibiotics, neuromuscular blockers, anticoagulants, and diuretics are included.

MS2012 PHLEBOTOMY This course provides instruction in the skills needed for proper collection of blood and other specimens used for diagnostic testing. Emphasis is placed on ethics, legalities, medical terminology, patient interaction, data management, and universal precautions. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate competence in the theoretical and comprehensive areas of phlebotomy technology.

GE1006 POLITICAL SCIENCE This course allows for in-depth discussion and analysis of major contemporary, social, economic, and political issues, their effect on the current world situation, and their potential effect on future generations.

GE 1003 PSYCHOLOGY This general psychology course introduces students to the study of psychology as a science.

Emphasis is placed on the scientific method, major psychological concepts, critical thinking/problem solving skills, social behavior, diversity, and cognitive principles.

GE1004 SPEECH Improving oral communication is the aim of this course. Impromptu, extemporaneous, and persuasive speeches will enable participants to gain the confidence necessary to become clear, concise, and effective in expressing their ideas.

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