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«Tobias Schmidt (Deutsche Bundesbank) Wolfgang Sofka (Department of Organisation and Strategy, CentER, CIR, Tilburg University) Discussion Paper ...»

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12 2010 User costs of housing when households face Tobias Dümmler a credit constraint – evidence for Germany Stephan Kienle

–  –  –

04 2011 Classical time-varying FAVAR models – S. Eickmeier estimation, forecasting and structural analysis W. Lemke, M. Marcellino

–  –  –

03 2010 Purchase and redemption decisions of mutual Stephan Jank fund investors and the role of fund families Michael Wedow 04 2010 What drives portfolio investments of German banks in emerging capital markets? Christian Wildmann

–  –  –

06 2010 Performance and regulatory effects of non-compliant loans in German synthetic mortgage-backed securities transactions Gaby Trinkaus

–  –  –

09 2010 Do banks benefit from internationalization? C. M. Buch Revisiting the market power-risk nexus C. Tahmee Koch, M. Koetter

–  –  –

Visiting researcher at the Deutsche Bundesbank The Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt is looking for a visiting researcher. Among others under certain conditions visiting researchers have access to a wide range of data in the Bundesbank. They include micro data on firms and banks not available in the public.

Visitors should prepare a research project during their stay at the Bundesbank. Candidates must hold a PhD and be engaged in the field of either macroeconomics and monetary economics, financial markets or international economics. Proposed research projects should be from these fields. The visiting term will be from 3 to 6 months. Salary is commensurate with experience.

Applicants are requested to send a CV, copies of recent papers, letters of reference and a

proposal for a research project to:

Deutsche Bundesbank Personalabteilung Wilhelm-Epstein-Str. 14 60431 Frankfurt GERMANY

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