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«Christina Gerberding (Deutsche Bundesbank) Franz Seitz (University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden) Discussion Paper Series 1: Economic Studies No ...»

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Woodford, M. (2006), How important is money in the conduct of monetary policy?, Paper presented at the Fourth ECB Central Banking Conference on “The Role of Money, Money and Monetary Policy in the Twenty-First Century”, November 9Figure 1: Initial and ex post estimates of the output gap, Germany 1974-1998*


–  –  –



1) The measurement errors are defined as the differences between the ex post figures (March 1999 vintages) and the initial figures.

* The calculation is based on Bundesbank estimates of potential output.

Table 1: Statistics on historical errors in the measurement of key macro variables

–  –  –

Figure 4: Measurement error in the output gap when the ex post series is based on the September 2005 series of GDP data*


–  –  –

*With the revised series calculated by detrending the September 2005 vintage of GDP data with an HPfilter.

Table 2: Alternative estimates for the degree of output gap uncertainty

–  –  –

Figure 5: Optimised coefficients for different forms and degrees of output gap uncertainty – Taylor rule Figure 5: Optimised coefficients for different forms and degrees of output gap uncertainty – speed limit policy Figure 6: Comparing the central bank losses under different forms and degrees of output gap uncertainty Figure 7: Efficiency frontiers Figure 8: Comparing the central bank losses under different parameters

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8 2006 The coordination channel of foreign exchange Stefan Reitz intervention: a nonlinear microstructural analysis Mark P. Taylor

–  –  –

14 2006 Inflation and relative price variability in the euro Dieter Nautz area: evidence from a panel threshold model Juliane Scharff

–  –  –

22 2006 Real-time forecasting and political stock market Martin Bohl, Jörg Döpke anomalies: evidence for the U.S. Christian Pierdzioch

–  –  –

34 2006 Macroeconomic fluctuations and bank lending: S. Eickmeier evidence for Germany and the euro area B. Hofmann, A. Worms

–  –  –

44 2006 Precautionary saving and income uncertainty in Germany – new evidence from microdata Nikolaus Bartzsch 45 2006 The role of technology in M&As: a firm-level Rainer Frey comparison of cross-border and domestic deals Katrin Hussinger

–  –  –

08 2007 An assessment of the trends in international price competitiveness among EMU countries Christoph Fischer 09 2007 Reconsidering the role of monetary indicators for euro area inflation from a Bayesian Michael Scharnagl perspective using group inclusion probabilities Christian Schumacher 10 2007 A note on the coefficient of determination in Jeong-Ryeol Kurz-Kim regression models with infinite-variance variables Mico Loretan

–  –  –

14 2007 Does anticipation of government spending matter? Jörn Tenhofen Evidence from an expectation augmented VAR Guntram B. Wolff

–  –  –

19 2007 The rationality and reliability of expectations reported by British households: micro evidence James Mitchell from the British household panel survey Martin Weale

–  –  –

23 2007 International investment positions and Michael Binder exchange rate dynamics: a dynamic panel analysis Christian J. Offermanns

–  –  –

29 2007 The timeless perspective vs. discretion: theory and monetary policy implications for an open economy Alfred V. Guender 30 2007 International cooperation on innovation: empirical Pedro Faria evidence for German and Portuguese firms Tobias Schmidt

–  –  –

11 2006 Limits to international banking consolidation F. Fecht, H. P. Grüner 12 2006 Money market derivatives and the allocation Falko Fecht of liquidity risk in the banking sector Hendrik Hakenes

–  –  –

08 2007 Time-varying contributions by the corporate bond and CDS markets to credit risk price discovery Niko Dötz 09 2007 Banking consolidation and small business K. Marsch, C. Schmieder finance – empirical evidence for Germany K. Forster-van Aerssen 10 2007 The quality of banking and regional growth Hasan, Koetter, Wedow 11 2007 Welfare effects of financial integration Fecht, Grüner, Hartmann 12 2007 The marketability of bank assets and managerial Falko Fecht rents: implications for financial stability Wolf Wagner

–  –  –

Visiting researcher at the Deutsche Bundesbank The Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt is looking for a visiting researcher. Among others under certain conditions visiting researchers have access to a wide range of data in the Bundesbank. They include micro data on firms and banks not available in the public.

Visitors should prepare a research project during their stay at the Bundesbank. Candidates must hold a Ph D and be engaged in the field of either macroeconomics and monetary economics, financial markets or international economics. Proposed research projects should be from these fields. The visiting term will be from 3 to 6 months. Salary is commensurate with experience.

Applicants are requested to send a CV, copies of recent papers, letters of reference and a

proposal for a research project to:

Deutsche Bundesbank Personalabteilung Wilhelm-Epstein-Str. 14 60431 Frankfurt GERMANY

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