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4. Concluding remarks So far, no Danish CPI has been available for the period prior to 1815. This paper has offered a new consumer price index for Denmark 1502-2007. For the post-1815 period the index is based on existing CPI figures whereas new data has been constructed for the pre-1815 period.

For the earliest years 1502-1712 the new CPI covers only the price of corn, whereas the period 1712-1800 is based on the comprehensive price material collected in relation to the Danish Price History Project 1660-1800, which was completed in 2004.

If one define price stability as an inflation rate around 2 per cent per annum, or lower, the past five centuries in Denmark has been dominated by price stability. The average inflation rate in the period 1503-2007 has been 1.7 per cent per annum. Disregarding actual war periods there seems only to have been one major exception from the overall picture of stability: The first four decades after the end of the Second World War where inflation expectations lost their anchor.

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