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«Dissertation Zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades Doctor rerum agriculturarum (Dr. rer. agr) eingereicht an der Landwirtschaftlich-Gärtnerischen ...»

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–  –  –

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that, I_______________________________________s/o_________________________________

___ adult, holding CNIC ___________________________________R/o ______________________

___________________________________________________________________ appoint, Nominate and constitute ______________________________________s/o ____________________ holding CNIC ___________________________________ R/o _______ ___________________________________________________________________________

__, to be my true and lawful attorney in my name and on my behalf to do and cause to be done the following acts, deeds things and matters and to execute and enjoy the following powers and


1. To supervise manage and look after all over interest in the above said case.

2. To contest the case MRC No. 2193/85 and to deposit monthly rent in the Court on our behalf.

3. To appear in the Civil Court appellate, provisional and before all relevant Courts and to file such applications and make such statements as may be deemed necessary and expedient in the Court.

4. To sign, verify, execute, present, attest and prosecute the above mentioned case and to file plaints petitions applications revisions appeals statements, objections, affidavits, as and when necessary for the proper at jurisdiction of the property involved in the above mentioned case.

5. To receive notices from Courts are Government offices and to attend all judicial, nonjudicial or extra judicial proceedings in which our participation or attendance may be necessary.

6. To file documents papers in Court and receive them.

7. To summon witnesses and examine them on our behalf and also cross-examine witnesses produced against us.


8. To make statements, and file affidavits and give evidence on our behalf in all matters, cases proceedings in any Court or tribunal.

9. To contest and defend suits, applications cases and matters that may be filed are pending in the Courts has mentioned above.

10. To represent us in all matters and affairs relating to the aforesaid case and to make any application in our name and on our behalf pertaining to the above mentioned case And Generally to act in relation to our said case as fully and effectually in all respects as our selves could do and that whatever our said Attorney for the time being acting under or by virtue of these presents shall lawfully do or cause to be done, we, the above named executants do hereby agree to ratify / allow and confirm the same.

–  –  –

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that, Name of Donor ______________________________________________________Address of Donor________________________________________________________ undersigned do hereby appoint, Nominate and constitute Name of Donee ______________________________________________________ Address of Donee ______________________________________________________ to be our true and lawful attorney in our name and on our behalf to do and cause to be done the following

acts, deeds things and matters and to execute and enjoy the following powers and rights:

1. To take control management and supervision of all matter concerning along with installation, equipment with the above said property.

2. To accept, receive, realize, recover all money including rents, emoluments that may be receivable by me and to give a valid discharge thereof and in like manner to make payment of money payable by me, including taxes, surrender any of my money to any other person or persons who may entitled to receive the same from me.

3. To appear and apply in before all Civil, Criminal, Revenue Courts before all Government, Revenue, Income Tax and all other Office/Offices and to presents, file, defend, oppose, made compromise, answer, reply all proceedings, they are authorized to withdraw any suit pending, demands, requisitions or claims that may be instituted against me and on a similar manner to institute against me and in a similar manner to institute Demand, Requisitions, Claims, Applications, Petitions, Appeals, Revisions and other proceedings in respect of any of my right relating therein.

4. To Sell, Transfer Assign, Convey, Let, Mortgage, Pledge the above said property for the purpose of clarification wherever the context my properties or similar expressions xxviii in the following clauses would mean only the above SAID PROPERTY and including installed equipment at the above said Flat.

5. In case of death, serious disease, physical or mental disability of one of the Attorneys, the other one who is also co-attorney will do/perform, all the acts, deed on my behalf and I will bind all of his acts and deeds.

6. That once such genuine purchaser/buyer is sought attorney shall have the power to execute Sale Deed or any relevant document in this connection and shall finalize mode of payment.

7. To appear before any Registrar/Sub-Registrar and present documents for registration and also acknowledged execution for me and on my behalf of any agreement, conveyance, mortgage and receive the money on my behalf and give valid receipt thereof.

8. To enter into contracts and agreements on my behalf in respect of sale of the above SAID PROPERTY and to perform, complete and enforce performance of the said agreements and contracts and to execute all necessary deeds, documents and writing in that behalf.

9. To delegate any or all of their powers, functions and duties hereunder to any other person or persons and all acts of the said Attorneys or Attorney(s) so appointed will be binding upon me as if the said Attorney(s) or Attorneys was/were appointed by me.

10. It is also specifically stated therein my said Attorneys will exercise the powers contained herein, in their absolute discretion without any let hindrance or objection or obstruction from any person or persons claiming for and/or through me.

AND GENERALLY to perform and execute all the lawful deeds, acts and things which my said attorneys will do fit for the due and proper exercise of my right in all matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

AND I do hereby ratify and agree to ratify and confirm that all acts, deeds, things and matters that my said Attorneys may lawful do in respect of my all rights or cause to be done under or by virtue of these presents.

–  –  –

________________________ _____________________

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