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«Jugend von heute - Chance für morgen Today's Youth - Tomorrow's Wealth Jeunesse d'aujourd'hui - Chance pour demain 23. Internationaler Workshop für ...»

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BRWF Vision BRWF envisions a society among refugee community's equity and sustainability. The future is one where ignorance, poverty, disease and powerless shall have been eradicated (minimized) and development takes place within the environment's carrying capacity.

It has a network of seven sub-offices headed by BRWF secretaries at the cam level an in central office it is headed by BRWF coordinator representing over 108.000 Bhutanese refugees living in seven camps.

Project Background Today 108.000 Bhutanese refugees are living in the refugee camp in Nepal spending an uncertain future for the past 17 years. From among all 50 % of them are YOUTHS (male and female between the age of 18-45 years). BRWF has been implementing different types of Supplementary Income Generating Activities (SIGA), e.g. hand 100m, chalk making, washing soap and Community Awareness Activities, e.g. Gender Sensitization Training, Sexual Gender-Base Violence (SGBV) among the Bhutanese refugee camp since 1992.

However, till today thousand of Bhutanese refugee youths, especially the school dropped out girls; living in Bhutanese refugee camps are lingering within or around the camps without any job or source of income. They have become the high risks of being spoiled by themselves or be infected by communicable disease like HIV etc.

As such, with reference to the discussion made and the sharing of different ideas and the experiences during this 23 rd International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth 2007, it is now realized the following problems in out Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal.

• Need of vocational training for Bhutanese refugee youths

• Need of motivation and realization of vocational training to all young people living in Bhutanese refugee camps Therefore, I on behalf of BRWF have decided to have this project as sensitization on vocational training for Bhutanese refugee youths to make all the youth realized the necessity of vocational training.

Expected Outcome of project Bhutanese refugee youths will be motivated for vocational training, realize the necessity of it and hundreds of Bhutanese refugee youth will start applying for different types of life skill training as per their need.

Objectives of the project

• To motivate Bhutanese refugee youths for skill training and work

• To make Bhutanese refugee youth realize the necessity of the vocational training for them

• To find out the actual type of the vocational training in which Bhutanese youth are interested

• T 0 make them employed

• To provide the Bhutanese refugee youth with skills by which they can survive

–  –  –

Action plan (activities arrangement) " BRWF executive meeting will be called by the first week of August 2007 to discuss about the concept of this project and make them understand clearly " Aseparate unit (section of the program) will be created under BRWF as vocational training for Bhutanese youths " The new unit will be responsible for the implementation of this project " A section in-charge and an assistant will be appointed for the smooth implementation of this project " All female will be selected and appointed in all 7 camps " The whole targeted participants will be invited in groups of 30 people for one day and will get orientation about motivation and sensitization of vocational training. The orientation in the respective camp lasts one day from 9 am to 4 pm. Participants will be provided just with plain lunch and tea. No stationary will be used.

" In total there will be 96 orientation groups in which 2880 youths will be sensitized.

" The appointed facilitator and the BRWF secretary of the respective will be the closest monitoring persons of the workshop, its smooth implementation and reporting to central VT in-charge who will verify and submit to BRWF program manager for further reporting Expected Output

At the end of the workshop the following things will be seen:

" A lot of refugee youths are interested in different types of vocational trainings " Hundreds of refugee youths visit our BRWF offices in all the camps and even in centraloffice " BRWF and other refugee supporting agencies will have the information about the interests of the refugee youths " BRWF will start preparing and creating more vocational training centers " BRWF and other Bhutanese refugee organizations will start looking for more donors for vocational training by the beginning of 2008

- 36 Siauliai Region Young Farmers Club Audrone Asauskaite, Litauen

About our club:

Our club is established on 28 th March in 2006. We are working just for a year and a half, but we managed to do many things needed to our region's farmers. Not to stop doing things from which we get benefit, this year we still have to make some opportunities for our members to improve that we can make our best just working together. We have some ideas which we need in short time to become real.


First of all, we were just started (on 4th of July) making our club's website. When we will finish and it will work properly, there we will keep all important information, our constitution after we are working. Also in this website all our member could make charts, discussions; there even should be pi ace where all buying and selling would be advertised. There all our guests could see what we have done through all our work and take information about how to become a member of our club. If somebody wants to become one of our 'Siauliai Region Young Farmers Club' members, there would also be contacts of all five board members'.

Why do we need this?

We want to have our own website because from early spring till late autumn it is very difficult for us to meet each other. In the website, every farmer could come whenever he wants and says his opinion to every problem. It also won't be a problem if he comes in late evening, matted or unwashed. It won't save only our money, but also time.

How will we do this?

To finish all is started, we will take our club members' suggestions, ideas, person who is making it for us - sequence and accuracy. All this time, when our site is making we try to take consultations from other people who are doing similar thing, also from other farmers' who has some suggestions how it should look like. All this we need not to make mistakes, to apply everything new that can help for us to communicate on this way.

Where is it going to be hosted?

Our own website is going to be hosted in World Wide Web.

When it become real?

How I have mentioned, this process was started on 4th of July. We asked some firms to create a logo for 'Siauliai Region Young Farmers Club' and on 28 th of July (when I come back) we will decide which from five we choose. Through all this time we had 25 suggestions how our logo should look like and with all members voting, we left only five. The final decision will make board members. After we will decide which logo to take, we will also have to finish process which was started when we had an idea that our club needs a website. That is all site structure, colours, exposition and some other things. After all we will decide, we have to try it to use and if everything is ok for us we make the last variant wh ich should be finished about the end of October.

Who is responsible of this?

I am not the only one person who is trying to do this job. All of our board members are working hard to make it as quickly as it is possible. All our club members also are trying to help us saying their opinion and suggestions. We also know who will make our website for us; I think it will be done in planed time, because everything is going in time and our wish becoming bigger to use it.


–  –  –


• It is expected that the donor organization or even the personnel would take initiation of this project with in Bhutanese refugee camp, where more than 50.000 youths are living together and spending an uncertain live.

• I would be happy even if I can have more suggestion and comment on this issue or the inquiries if any one has.

–  –  –

Courses After we finish making our website, I will try to organize some courses which have to help our members to become more sophisticated in life. At first I shall try to organize course how to behave in some situations with important persons. Secondly, 1'11 try to find special ist for how to deal with reporters, that they couldn't change our ideas in the way they want to show.

Why do we need this?

Sometimes farmers have problems how to behave with official guests and reporters because of ignorance, people think that farmers are vulgar and impolite. I want to know it for myself and think that it will help for all of our club members to become more polite in all situations.

We don't know sometimes how to behave or deal in gentle way, so we need help from specialists in this situation. When we know how everything should go on, than reports won't contort the real situation and being a farmer can become one of goodwill profession because than not all other business people can even concurrent in being polite with government or some other important persons.

How will we do this?

To organize these courses, I will need a support from almost all members because they don't want to take them it won't be useful. Also every member, who will want to take part in these learning processes, will have to pay some money or maybe we will try to ask to help from some fund from government.

For these courses we need to find really good specialists to help uso For the first course we will need an etiqueUe expert and for the second one we need maybe very good reporter or persons who really know how it is going on. When we find them, than we can decide what time we will organize these courses. After this we will have to find the conference hall where to meet, to learn everything, decide the time and at last - to inform all members about these courses.

Where is it going to be underway?

It will be organized in the town Siauliai or in the village Gruzdziai.

When it becomes real?

At the end of October we should finish our website and after this we can start organizing some courses. It should start about October and finish till the end of the year.

Who is responsible of this?

In this job I will be the most responsible person. I also will ask other members to help me by suggesting, saying their opinion.

What benefit we can gel from this?

After these courses we should behave more polite, also smarter and the reporters won't have a chance to change the reality of young farmers.

–  –  –


Ameliorer le systeme de recrutement, de formation, d'installation et de suivi des jeunes de Tshanfeto.

Mon but est de le rendre plus efficace, pas trop lourd financierement et reproductible ailleurs.


Notre systeme actuel est certes efficace mais il a besoin d'etre revue apres 7 annees de fonctionnement de la Ferme. Fort de cette experience du seminaire international ou jais rencontre d'autres experiences, cest une periode favorable pour le faire.

Les benefices seront un taux d'installation durable plus eleve et la reproduction facile de notre systeme ailleurs par d'autres personnes.


Nous procederons d'abord par une evaluation de notre systeme de formation actuel.Cette evaluation nous permettra d'analyser les forces et les faiblesses de notre systeme et nous lui apporterons des solutions adequates pour I'ameliorer.

La premiere phase de notre travail sera d'abord la mise en place d'une methode de travail.Cette methode prendra en compte les facteurs eies du developpement durable et sera faite dans cet esprit.

Nous opterons pour une methode participative.


10 au 30 aoat: mise en place de la methode de travail Septembre: Mise Ei I'epreuve de la methode Octobre - Novembre: Travail sur le terrain et mise en place d'un livre blanc.

Oecembre: Mise en place du nouveau systeme d'insertion des jeunes de Tshanfeto.


Centre de Formation Tshanfeto Villages environnants Qui?

Le travail sera fait sous ma direction.

Seront impliques dans le travail 3 formateurs permanents de Tshanfeto, I'association des anciens stagiaires de Tshanfeto, les habitants des villages concernes et le RAPROJECI.

Quel soutien/support?

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